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  1. Is there a way to quickly toggle the KER window? Currently I think I have to click the KER button on mod toolbar, then its control panel pops up to the left (99% of the time obstructed by other stuff) and only there I can hide/show the window. I wish there was some hotkey shortcut or maybe right clicking the toolbar icon would quickly toggle it. Is there anything I'm missing?
  2. Well, "automation" isn't really strategically managing anything - it's basically clicking a thing every 10 seconds, which just saves the tedium and UI clutter. Personally I think micromanaging capacitors doesn't have any fun/depth, so if they are overpowered when done right, they should simply have more drawbacks but still don't require babysitting I guess it's an idea for an "addon" plugin then
  3. @Nertea I am cooking up a capacitor auto-discharge solution (toggleable, slightly configurable) for my own needs, would that be something you'd like to take a look e.g. in a PR? Not sure if it wasn't implemented so far simply because there wasn't enough time/resources/demand or they are supposed to stay fully manual in this mod. Some screens so far (gotta play with it for a few days) GUI: Launchpad testing logs with a VASIMR engine (varying thrust over time):
  4. @linuxgurugamer Done, https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/TrackingLights/pull/1 If anyone would like to help testing before release tag (I am playing with it and it's not really super complicated, but subtle stuff can get missed), ping or PM me and I can provide a .zip. I've posted a suggested changelog in the PR if you'd like to see what's changed.
  5. I am finishing up a slight refresh of the mod code, including a fix for that problem and some other minor features I wanted personally, should I submit a PR when finished @linuxgurugamer? Also if anyone else is interested in this mod functionality, I would *love* to help with getting more tracking lights going - smaller "headlamp" types, stack-style with a point light moving around the edge etc. But I have no experience with modelling and Unity scene setup, so probably not going to add anything made from scratch by myself any time soon. Can script it up no prob though.
  6. Hey guys, I have a problem with this mod on KSP 1.9.1 - I only installed it and required dependencies from CKAN, modlist: and it appears that something is wrong with the "station core" pods (Wharf, Pier, etc). I can place one as a root part or attach to existing parts fine, but when it is detached and "placed aside" in VAB, instead of hanging out semitransparent like everything else, it completely disappears. Even worse, if it's just one of the parts in a detached ship section, it makes it all completely disappear too when you just need to set it aside for a second. There's no errors
  7. Is there an easy way to make kerbin not obstruct KSC comms link, like if they had some equipment build all over the planet? I like the concept but would rather pass on setting up a perfect keosynchronous sat network etc. Setting up additional centres in config is working fine but I'm still losing contant on low-altitude drones. I know this is not realistic and all but I would still heavily prefer it, have anyone heard of way to make it happen?
  8. You mean that it makes them even more awesome and auto-staged? Great stuff man!
  9. I think it should be enabled on launch and then disabled once airflow is strong enough to stabilise you.
  10. Is it intentional to not have smoke cloud on launch with KR-2L, Mainsail and biggest boosters? I'm just curious, is there any difference an how these engines would work and if they would produce smoke or is that just because?
  11. @Tabris Isn't simply rotating stuff in editor working? I think it did worked for me It's useful to keep "EPL" versions of craft saved anyways. Like without fuel lines/struts and with endpoints in KAS container (irrelevant if these work now, sorry if I'm wrong).
  12. @endl Jet VTOLs velocityCurve zeroes out at 605m/s, maybe you're not getting thrust because of that?
  13. @PanWieldingMann What engines/plane parts are these if I may ask?
  14. @TheMariner Copy install, delete all mods except for B9 and then gradually add them so you know which one causes conflict. And if you decide to post results here, also post at least your output_log and on which version you play (32/64bit).
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