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  1. The one complaint I have about this mod is the overabundance of Sun orbital surveys that involve experiments from low orbit. Everything else is great!
  2. I'm just bamboozled at how they thought increasing the semi-deployed drag to stupidly high levels was a good idea.
  3. A suborbital flight means you have to go space, but not orbit. Bring your apoapsis up to 70km.
  4. Parachutes seem quite overpowered in 1.0. A typical reentry happens at about 1.8 km/s, right? It seems like I can instantly decelerate from these speeds at dozens of Gs with a single parachute and seemingly bypass the requirements for reentry entirely, with no drawbacks; parachutes neither burn up, nor do the insane G-forces have any adverse effect on the kerbals. Am I missing something here?
  5. This truly is one of the greatest things I've seen put out on this forum. Excellent job guys, you've just made my life so much easier! Thank you and keep up the great work!
  6. Download WaveFunctionP's experimental version. It fixes this issue
  7. Sorry, turns out what I was experiencing is a known bug with STOCK KSP, and has nothing to do with your mod. Disregard my post
  8. Sometimes when I load a craft in the VAB the games starts acting weird on me. It will have all the buttons in top right greyed out and unavailable except for the quit button which is highlighted (but still unclickable). If I simulate the craft, the mouse refuses to move the camera around like it normally does (works fine in map view though). If I go back to the Space Center from the simulation, the camera that is normally overlooking the space center that allows you to select a building is shifted to right next to the VAB, facing towards the runway, low to the ground. The game doesn't crash, b
  9. Any chance for life support integration into this mod? Constantly resupplying a mun base that only pays once doesn't seem appealing to me since I use TAC life support. I'd be happy to resupply it if I got a payout each time I did it.
  10. A+ for the mod magico13. I examined the mod thinking it would be a tiny mod that would do something cheesy like make me wait a week between launches, but this mod is much more than that. It's fleshed out, fun, and adds a new feature to the game. It's a tad buggy, but I'm sure you'll squash them for upcoming releases. There's a bug with starting simulations in orbit for me. Once I configure a simulation to start in an orbit around any body, the first simulation will always be on the launch pad-- I need to restart the simulation at least once to get it into the orbit I want it to be in. Any subs
  11. You said 670s? As in, plural? That might be the issue. Even though your drivers are up to date, SLI can still be very stuttery for certain games. I'd try disabling 1 670 and seeing if that helps.
  12. I'm having 2 issues; one is gamebreaking, the other is minor. The gamebreaking bug is that occasionally the celestial bodies stop orbiting their parent completely. Fiddling with time warp seems to fix it, but I usually realize the issue when it's too late. The minor bug is that sometimes in the map screen, the Kerbin system appears at the center of the galaxy where the black hole should be. Zooming in on Kerbol seems to fix it. The orbiting problem is enough of a gamebreaker that I had to uninstall it. I'll be eager to reinstall once these issues are fixed.
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