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  1. KSP Version: 64 bit/ What Happens: The mission to put an sattelite into orbit require a part that not exist. I played the german language and it required a part called Frachtraum, in English you would called cargo room or freight room, or bay/dock.. i try every part containing these words. like service bay, hitchiker storage container, science storage container.. nothing.. then i changed the language to english.. everything changed to english, except the Frachtraum as you can see in the screenshot Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) watch the screenshot 2) load the save Fixes/Workarounds: nothing Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: - Images Link: https://imgur.com/a/sFhzB - save persistent.zip
  2. i have seen the same thing often and figured out, that it is not a good idea to change the staging after you put the machine on the lunchpad.. it seems that these moved/changed/touched decouplers magically duplicate themselfs without any visual proof of evidence and if you staging them it looks like they doing their thing in the air and leaving the booster/tank behind.. if this happend, an immediate "hit the spacebar" again should decouple them as intended of course this shall not be the overall solution at all, just a small workaround for the time until this is finally fixed, i am not totally sure that this is a real bug, because i cant believe that i am the only one who recognized that, but maybe i am wrong nad better i put it on the bug section too maybe this will help deaggravating it a little bit for you
  3. same for me, i cant even remember if there was a single crash for me all the time before 1.1, but now its horrible, i mean the first crash a day in a not so important situation is acceptable, keep cool.. restart.. but if the second crash doesnt take more then an hour later and happens as you right now finish your new rocket design or whatsoever.. well then leave it, i leave it for that day totally.. its so frustrating that it doesnt help to start any other game, the day is over, so over that i dont start the game for the next three days no more, to risky to destroy my whole mood i start to consider to go back with my 1.0.5 from today on, there is no noteable performance difference for me anyways, i will miss the new rightclick on any marker in mapview, but its not worth the frustrating crash element
  4. today morning it works well.. i was wondering in steam lunch i had could choose between "lunch..." and 32bit version.. i choose "lunch..." now in steam i can choose "lunch..." and 64bit version again, but booth have very heavy issues.. somewhat like blurring, a purple window frame, and major graphic errors.. like lines from one side to the other, if i start ksp64.exe from folder it is so blurring, its hard to read the words everywhere http://imgur.com/C4N0TLp loading screen http://imgur.com/C4C5WxF mainmenu http://imgur.com/2RllPI5 ingame after restart the machine is gone.. but what the heck could that be
  5. really hope they fix the contract window, really annoying that minimized contracts again open up all the time
  6. dont know if my one was the kraken.. i accepted some rescue missions, one was in kerbin orbit aprox 4mio meters (i call this ship D for now).. nothing special after i make a manned mun landing ship C, and send a second mission with rescue ship B (due to lack of fuel) to mun with an additional satelite mission ship A, the satelite ship A was requested to be in orbit aprox 11,4m m right direct in mun transfer orbit around kerbin.. so with the satelite i used gravity assists to expand and move the orbit which brings me one time very close to the 4 mio meter ship D, finishing the satelite contract takes maybe a half kerbin orbit, maybe one full not sure.. then i switch to ship B to pick up the guy from ship C and burn home to kerbin.. after leaving SOI i recognize the strange thing on ship D, the "to be rescued guy", he had a new orbit crashing into the mun surface, no chance to safe his life i am not sure this is a normal behavior, as if i understand it right the ship D should be on rails until i rendesvouz under 2000 meters and switch over to him (i didnt do it) but how this also change his orbit so devastating that he crash into the mun, i dont think i hit the ship by accident to change his path this strange way kraken maybe?
  7. definitely it looks nice, but if it have no use at all it will become useless for most players.. like watch one or two times and thats it would be really cool if they make new science experiments in future like the real ISS and you have to IVA the scientist to that experiment in order to do the science there, or EVA to the science jr and to put it in the big lab IVA inside and put samples in different experiements.. could be also nice to have a limitation on that lab like 2 or 3 experiements connected to which you could change later if you want
  8. can we expect to leave the station this weekend? like to buy the first class ticket
  9. is there anything to do, to get the beta branch or just the beta marker in steam properties? i mean some games have to have a specific code or "iknowtheconsequences" thing, so opt-me-in
  10. i am interested in your last two pics.. the parts are looking deformed.. really cool.. is this a mod or you just manipulate the picture
  11. pls give us a transferwindow for the 1.1 update please
  12. you promised to keep it secret to the great cipher, stick with that and lie wernher in his greenface
  13. then put a 2 HOT thermometer on your vehicle and toogle the display for me i had started career mode over and over again with newer bigger updates and changes and everytime i do it better, that actually i reduced the payout in funds, science and reputation to 40%