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  1. Something that has always piqued my curiosity if it would be implemented. If anyone doesn't know what it is, instead of your ship tumbling through space whilst orbiting a body, you instead always have one side angled at the planet always.
  2. Lack is probably converting all the textures to .DDSs currently, but I can't wait for an IVA for the Marble-8 so I can make a massive passenger plane.
  3. This mod is officially dead. It serves no purpose other than to take up more space and ram on your computer now.
  4. Mk 101. Very low fire rate, the Mk 103 and 108 were electrically primed, Mk 101 was concussed, thus making for a bulkier gun with a lower fire rate. The Mk 103 is better.
  5. mk 103 was an electricly primed 30mm, but built more durable so it had bigger cartriges, could shoot hvap rounds, and was even mounted on a flak tank, the kugelblitz. it had a firing rate of 450 rpm.
  6. mk 108 didn't ever fire armor piercing rounds. it was a purebred aircraft killer, firing some of the most lethal high explosive rounds in existence. the mk 103 was multi-purpose.
  7. I've been gone a while. I saw a salyut 3 & 5 thingy. Were those almaz panels ever made?
  8. This cockpit right now looks like a caravelle. Can we get some cabins with rounded traingular windows, and a cockpit that looks like a DC-8?
  9. Spitties are great. If you're the one fighting in them. Their only problems are they are kinda lacking in speed, and they are weak. A zero is essentially a japanese spitfire, with the speed problem remedied. Those things are so freaking fast they can outrun my La-7. That's insanity.
  10. Yeah, and if you play war thunder, there's no more OP of a plane than a spitfire. Well, except a friggin zero.
  11. Beale, are you gonna at least update the textures on the other vega parts? They look really ugly when coupled with the new module.
  12. Ahhh. DDS files. The last(and only) game to have those files used that I've played was FSX. A great game.