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  1. Just downloaded the mod but should be all config edits. Config applies blanket settings to all engines but has some exception parts due to your exact problem, too bright or not bright enough. Here's an example. // thuds' emissive is too bright by default @PART[radialLiquidEngine1-2]:FOR[EngineLight] { @MODULE[EngineLightEffect] { %engineEmissiveMultiplier = 0.9 %lightFadeCoefficient = 0.6 %lightPower = 1.2 %lightRange = 7 %emissiveRed = 0.1 %emissiveGreen = 0.0 %emissiveBlue = 0.0 %emissiveLogRed = 0.2 %emissiveLogGreen = 0.0 %emissiveLogBlue = 0.0 %emissiveQuadRed = 0.6 %emissiveQuadGreen = 0.2 %emissiveQuadBlue = 0.0 %emissiveOffsetZ = 0.7 %exhaustOffsetZ = 1.1 } } You just to use those as a template and add your own.
  2. Having an issue and haven't found it reported elsewhere. Running KK with KSC++ Continued, KerbinSide Remastered, and Kerbin-City Restored. Loads fine at game start but whenever I leave the VAB it all disappears. Running KSP 1.7.2
  3. Just got back into KSP from a 3+ year break. Holy crap the Critter Crawler lives. Linux thank you so so so much for getting it working, came back before it was updated and just couldn't continue without that goofy little rover part.
  4. Yeah I didn't see anything in the log either but figured I might have missed something. Here are two craft files for example craft. CrashTest_PP_Stock loads fine for me, I didn't have a lot of time to try different parts but the PP LFO cone and stock truss seemed to work fine. CrashTest_PP_PP however did reliably freeze upon loading. If it doesn't freeze on your end I'll try and see if I have any conflicts. Also give removing TweakScale a try.
  5. This may have been addressed before but I couldn't find anything on it specifically that wasn't over two years old. I'm running KSP 1.2.2 with PP version 1.2.10. Whenever a PP part clips with any other part, loading that craft will cause the game to freeze on loading. Clipping a part so that it connects to the same node, IE the bottom node of an adapter and a fuel tank connected to probe's top node, works fine. If either of the clipping parts are a PP part however it causes the game to freeze on loading the craft. I know this wasn't always an issue because it worked just fine in older versions of the game. So I'm wondering if it's a PP issue or a mod conflict. My output_log.
  6. You're right RD, sorry about that. It was the OpenGL is working fine one day and is broken the next for no apparent reason bug. Having installed Karbonite the night before threw me off. For anyone else that encounters this issue I fixed it with NumberNegative's solution. For whatever reason if having OpenGL turned on for KSP is causing it not run correctly in fullscreen, try setting the compatibility mode in the ksp.exe's settings to Windows 7 regardless of whether or not you're already using Windows 7 natively.
  7. This as an issue much earlier in the thread and I haven't been able to find any other instances of it other than this thread and a Reddit post linking to those posts. I started using OpenGL to render because 32bit KSP was basically unplayable for me due to eventual lack of memory. OpenGL worked like a charm I could play for hours and I had to actually exit the game manually when I was done playing rather than rage quitting after the fifth crash. Which was great because I hadn't been able to do that in a long long time. Anyways, I realize that I foolishly only installed Karbonite+ when I didn't have any of the standard parts, so I installed regular Karbonite and for some reason it and OpenGL are causing the game to behave very oddly. It doesn't crash, not formally anyway. I'll load up the OpenGL client and it'll flash between black fullscreen and my desktop for 15-20 seconds. After that it starts to load normally. It finishes loading the assets and when it gets to loading DLLs the screen goes to black and is replaced with a frozen image of the initial start up Squad logo/loading bar. However it's still loading, but for some reason at this point the game refuses to operate in fullscreen and defaults to windowed mode. It can run in windowed mode without obvious issues, but trying to set it back to full screen hangs KSP indefinitely. Summary: 32bit KSP with OpenGL cannot run in fullscreen with Karbonite installed. 32bit KSP without OpenGL can run in fullscreen with Karbonite installed. 32bit OpenGL can run fine without Karbonite, with everything from RoverDude's collection of mods minus Karbonite. I don't know if the Karbonite.dll is conflicting with something else but only in OpenGL or what. I'm going to try running a fresh install of KSP with Karbonite and only Karbonite to see if it's still occurring.
  8. Could you simply edit the configs and scale everything up to RSS scale? Would that mess with the aerodynamic?
  9. Oh man that looks good, I'm excited. I really can't believe how fast you work helldiver considering you said you hadn't even started the rover two days ago. I'm also very stoked for the LF module and the KAS/Utility module. My moonbase is in dire need of such a vehicle. The Hype buggy has left the station.
  10. I'm having the same issue, crashes during load due to lack of available memory. Updated ATM and switched from basic to aggressive because I was having issues with crashes when loading the VAB, now it crashes during part load. Game's running with the same number of mods as it was before, I actually cut out a couple big part packs and it's still crashing on load.
  11. If you have already successfully installed Active Texture Management skip step 1. Step 1 Download ATM:, make sure you download the version matching the KSP.exe you play. x86 for the regular KSP.exe and x64 for the KSP_x64.exe. Using WinRAR ( open the .zip file, you'll see a folder named GameData. Hit the big Extract To button at the top and browse to your Kerbal Space Program installation folder. If you're using Steam it will be in the Steam/SteamApps/Common folder. Once you've selected the extraction destination hit ok. Active Texture Management should be installed now. Step 2 Download the latest, open it with WinRAR and double click on the KSOS_v311 folder. It should now show two folders (GameData and Ships) and a User Manual and Credits PDF. Do the same thing you did with ATM and extract these folders to your Kerbal Space Program folder. KSOS should be installed and ready to go.
  12. Majiir has granted a temporary (Until an official release) open license to distribute a fixed .dll, it's just no one's really fixed it yet other than some basic stuff like the version checker. I tried looking at why the container module isn't being loaded correctly but couldn't see anything wrong with the code itself. It must be conflicting with something added in .24.1, but I have no idea what.
  13. I'm getting the same error and the same bug, don't know if this is new in .24.1 or not. I'm also unable to reattach KAS containers once I've grabbed them, there's no option. I'm not sure if this is just how that particular part works or not, I haven't used KAS since .22 came out. This also happens with Universal Storage's wedges. Both being unable to remove stored container items and being unable to reattach containers/wedges.