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  1. You've answered your own question by your delta-V stats (although Kerbin orbital speed is closer to 3500m/s). Earth requires a much higher velocity to achieve orbit because it is bigger. If you think of an Evil-Knievel motorcycle jump you need more speed to jump 10 buses than only 3 for a given ramp height. Same with Earth/Kerbin - you need more speed to keep falling and missing with a bigger planet.
  2. First have him make a copy of the game directory (everything inside the "Kerbal Space Program" folder) on the local hard disk and then install mods to that location. Keep the steam copy of the game pristine. Installing mods in the steam directory is problematic since whenever steam updates to a new KSP version, all your mods will break. Once he's done that, there are two ways of installing mods: Manually - 99% of the time, this just boils down to copying and pasting a folder into the Game Data folder. Occasionally there are some more steps involved but the mod hosting site will have instructions. CKAN - This is just a user interface that does the above for you. The advantage is it's easy to keep track of when a mod has an update available and you just check a box and hit apply update when you want to install a new mod. The disadvantage is not all mods are hosted on CKAN and it can sometimes mess up mods if you don't' uninstall and reinstall.
  3. read the entire mission report thus far in Dr. Zoidberg's voice
  4. Recovery of Large Booster Core Shortly before the Trinidad departs for Jool, mission control at KSC directs the two boosters orbiting Kerbin to perform powered re-entry and landing. The funds recouped from the engines and tanks will go towards future missions. The first booster core has 1,017 m/s dV remaining, making a targeted near-KSC landing possible. The second core has only 167 m/s deltaV left in orbit. Mission control decides to attempt a landing anyway, worst-case scenario, the booster burns up on re-entry and nothing is recovered, but at least its one less piece of space junk! After a very warm re-entry, the 2nd core touches down on its last burp of fuel, landing intact in the middle of the desert. I don't envy whoever gets sent out to pick this one up! In total, 115k funds recouped! full album:
  5. I get why KER won't show me the dV for the whole vessel. I'm mostly confused about why current stage says 0 instead of ~2000. The NERV engines have access to over 20,000 units of LF.
  6. I have a minor issue with KER and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a fix: I have a interplanetary mothership which relies on crossfeed through docking ports to reach over 10,000 m/s delta-V. The problem is that KER is not displacing the correct delta-V in-flight. Here is a picture of said vehicle: The NERV engines are set to drink from the outermost Mk3 tanks first, then the inner Mk3 tanks and finally the Lf in the central stack. I will undock each set of tanks as they are emptied. The outermost tanks provide over 2000m/s of dV but KER is giving my current stage dV of 0. The overall vehicle has something like 10,000 m/s dV. It seems that what's tripping KER up is that the decouplers aren't staged so it has no way of knowing the total vehicle dV. However, I don't understand why it's not giving me the correct numbers for the current stage.
  7. If anyone is interested in a mod solution, there's this: I find it's great for rover driving (in addition to flying planes and SSTOs) since you can steer just a little bit instead of all or nothing. Really improves the piloting experience!
  8. Departing for Jool With all system checks completed and in the green, the Magellan 4 make ready to depart Kerbin on their way to Jool. There is no turning back now, as they will be beyond the reach of a rescue mission should anything go awry. Nevertheless, the crew forges ahead, determined to go where no Kerbal has gone before and unlock the mysteries of the Joolian worlds. The Jool transfer burn is split into 3 parts due to the anemic 0.16 TWR of the Trinidad with full tanks. The 1940m/s delta-V needed to achieve a Jool encounter is provided entirely by the outermost saddle tanks - they have enough fuel to complete the Kerbin departure burn as well as a mid-course correction, but will be jettisoned shortly after arriving in Jool's SOI. OOC: This is my second KSP video and it took me many hrs to cut over 2 hours of gameplay footage into this 6 min video. Any comments/feedback is welcome. I will probably do a few more videos but not every time I update.
  9. I think I will have to try something similar to this. I've been meaning to learn Python but I can't motivate myself to start because I can't think of any fun project to do. Automating rocket launches in ksp will be just the ticket. Fantastic thread, looking forward to more!
  10. I don't have a "hammerhead" rover, you must be thinking of someone else.
  11. You mean this rover? here you go: Rover %2B Skycrane.craft?dl=0
  13. I will try to help you via PM. I'd like to keep the thread on-topic tho.
  14. Cetera's suit mod. They are awesome!
  15. Lots of great shots here! It looks like you have quite a lot going on in your career! If you're going to post more than 6 images in a post, I'd recommend either embedding an imgur album or putting the pics inside spoiler tags.