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  1. I'll investigate. Seems like someone else opens a similar issue on the Git. I also need to get back to you on the other issue you opened up. I've been a bit busy IRL but I think I can get to it today or surely next week during my staycation
  2. @Monniasza @theJesuit Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes (HETTN) runs a plugin to hide empty nodes and do other stuff on the tech tree file generated by ModuleManager, so as long as that MM tree is correct then the HETTN plugin shouldn't have a problem. I see your conversations on Git, so I will also investigate. It might have something to do with SpaceY? Another issue on my Git says they have that mod installed. KSPIE also requires the CTT, but I think you said KSPIE somehow suppresses that requirement if TETRIX is installed. Does CKAN not download the CTT if you install KSPIE though?
  3. Are these changes done through a plugin dll, or through a Module Manager config file?
  4. Avoid the use of FINAL, though. That should be reserved for the user's own MM patches, in my opinion. Use FOR[ETT] or NEEDS[ETT] instead. Using nothing would probably make sense for this patch too.
  5. It's a little weird isn't it? I believe ModuleManager replaces the TechTree node reference completely with a path to a new MM tech tree file, which is created using the MM files in this mod. So I'm surprised that the cheat doesn't use the RDNode nodes in the new tech tree. Instead it might be relying on a hard-coded list of node names, or a list that was created before MM was loaded.
  6. Yeah, I remember him saying so. I wouldn't go so far as to make ckan not like when both mods are installed, though. Maybe @Probus could recommend his users to use this mod's option to transfer science points if they are using ETT. The option is there, but I don't want to force a user to do anything they might not want.
  7. @Neevenzz Sure. I don't think I explained it in the OP. "Science Wall" distributes all science points from a hidden node to the next unhidden node immediately after it in the same tech line. Like hitting a wall. If the tech line forks to multiple nodes, the points are divided evenly between them. "Propagate Science" distributes all science points from a hidden node evenly to ALL nodes further down the same tech line. "Default" simply removes the science points from the tech tree along with the hidden node. It will not modify the value of science points of other nodes. I can add a picture to the album in the OP later to help explain it. For added difficulty, I'd use "Science Wall" or "Propagate Science" since they will add science points from hidden nodes to unhidden nodes. Did you mean to post this to the ETT thread? Or did you just switch the two mod names in that sentence? Is there a mod conflict? HETTN (this mod) gives the option in the settings menu to add science points from hidden nodes to unhidden nodes. I leave it up to the user if they want to enable the setting or not.
  8. Hmmm I think unlocking money or reputation points is out of the scope of this mod. I wouldn't know the appropriate amount to give when you unlock the node. I also wouldn't know how to get it to work, code-wise, since I don't have experience with the money and reputation parts of the game. A while ago I added an option to transfer science points from hidden nodes to unhidden nodes, if you are worried about unlocking nodes too quickly. You could also take advantage of the vanilla game's Part Upgrades feature to make existing parts get better specs when you unlock a node. I think Interstellar Extended uses Part Upgrades, if you want to make your own and are looking for an example. I don't know how it works though. It might just need an MM script.
  9. @Sabizos Your ModuleManager dll might be out of date. Try to grab the latest MM version, v4.1.3. If that doesn't fix it let me know and I'll take a look at the problem more closely.
  10. v1.1.2 - KSP 1.8.X Update Recompiled for KSPv1.8.1 Changed Target Framework to .NET 4.5 Increased maximum allowable zoom to 200% Added Russian localization (thx @Sooll3)
  11. I just tested HETTN in 1.8 and it seems to work. I might be able to get an official update out this weekend.
  12. v1.1.1 - KSP v1.7.0 update Updated .version file up to KSP v1.7.99. No other changes. So, I've upgraded from a 720p (1080p?) laptop to a desktop with a 2k monitor and noticed that the physical size of the background of the tech tree is too small when I zoom out too far. I tried to manipulate certain members of the current background (width, height, etc.) in my plugin's source code but wasn't able to get it working. I also haven't been able to figure out the source image of this background, or how to change the source path to a different 2 or 4k image. Anyone able to help on this? Although, with a 2k monitor there's really no more need for me to zoom out further than the default 60% anymore...
  13. Yay, but not as a default part. If a part's upgrade can be toggled on/off in the VAB, then yay as an upgrade. If it cannot be toggled, then yay as a standalone. As the other guy said, this upgrade can be overkill.
  14. Will that music play when you use this part in the actual game? lol
  15. @Taki117 Nice timing! v1.1.0 - KSP v1.6.1 update Recompiled for KSPv1.6.1 Added option to manually hide nodes (when enabled, this uses "hideEmpty" from RDNode modules. These can be edited with ModuleManager) Added option to transfer science points from hidden nodes to their children/descendants For those who want to use the manual hide option, here's an example MM script that will not hide the "Orbital Megastructure" node, even if it is empty. Do this AND enable the option "Use RDNode Settings" in the Difficulty Options. @TechTree:FINAL // FINAL should only be used for user MM scripts, if ever!!! { // Hide all empty nodes, initially @RDNode,* { @hideEmpty = True } // Don't hide Orbital Megastructures @RDNode:HAS[#id[orbitalMegastructures]] { @hideEmpty = False } } @pap1723 Kept you waiting, huh? Let me know if this works for your 1.3.1 game (I don't think the APIs have changed since then). I'll make a fork with a working one if it doesn't.