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  1. I'll try to take a look. I think I know what broke, but I've had a lot of irl stuff keeping me too busy to check.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the the pre-release works in 1.11.1? I just noticed the new KSP update. I released what I have to CKAN under KSPv1.11.0, so if it still works then I'll bump the version.
  3. SIMPLEX should work. Any tech tree that uses Module Manager for their tech tree changes should be fine. If you notice anything wrong, let me know. I'll be marking the pre-release for release soon.
  4. These tier nodes are not in your mod yet, correct? I don't see them even with HETTN not installed, so I can't run any tests yet on some code that I wrote to keep those nodes unhidden.
  5. They are in the in-game Difficulty Settings, either when starting a new game or for an existing game. For an existing game, they're found at: Esc->Settings->Difficulty Settings (at the top)->Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes tab
  6. That works! I can use the "tier" field and match them to the IDs for your tier names.
  7. Hmm I think I'd prefer you write a note, but if you want to use MM to add a field called something like "alwaysShow = True" or "hettnOverride = True" or something to the RDNode modules then I I'd be okay with checking for that an not hiding those nodes. Edit: Oh, but if you have those high tier nodes always unhidden, but the player didn't install any parts for those tiers so the relevant tech nodes are all hidden, then those tier nodes would just be randomly hanging on their own... Instead of the above pre-edit post, how about adding a "techTier=##" field (e.g. techTier=5) to each RDNode, then I would not hide the "id=tier##" node if there is any node with the same techTier? That would look the cleanest, but it would certainly be a lot more work on your end to add a "techTier" field to each and every node. I'll leave it up to you.
  8. It would be tough. Since the default value for the "hideEmpty" field is usually "false", I'd need to have an MM patch set them to "true". There's two paths, but it's a bit complicated: Option 1: I write the patch, but it would need to run after the CTT, ETT, KTT, and all the other tech trees. I'm not sure of any clean combination of MM keywords like LAST and AFTER that would ensure the default behavior of this mod. To ensure it works correctly I'd probably need a messy "AFTER[CTT|ETT|KiwiTechTree|etc|etc]" and would need to update it. Then those tech trees need to run their patches after mine if they want to set any nodes back to "false". Option 2: I require all tech tree mods to put a similar patch like the patch hemeac posted into their mod folders. This would be best, but that would be bothering a lot of modders at this point... Thoughts?
  9. I wrote the above MM patch. I guess it made its way to a different post where you were able to grab it. I want the default behavior of this mod to be to hide empty tech tree nodes (the name of the mod!), so I hardcode all empty nodes to be hidden within the plugin's dll. Unless that "Use RDNode Settings" option is enabled, in which case it uses whatever is in the "hideEmpty" field directly. The above patch helps out with that (the default value for "hideEmpty" is usually "false", which I don't want), but the player does need to remember to enable the correct option, too. Any thoughts on a more hands-off approach for the player to get your empty nodes to show? I couldn't think of one. I was afraid of overwriting anyone's MM patches from the many tech trees out there (like if they load out of order), so I've been avoiding relying on any MM patches as part of this mod.
  10. I'll put my vote in for MM! But I was able to get this mod to work with the ETT as is, so there's no actual pressure to change. So now worries. I accidently had the CTT installed at the same time as the ETT during my tests, and since they're incompatible the tree didn't load correctly. Too many duplicate nodes, and my plugin's error checks for that were broken, so the plugin errored out. But if you just have the ETT installed (even with the stock tech tree), then my pre-release seems to work. Just FYI in case it's useful info for you; this plugin uses the MM generated tech tree, and the reason this plugin works with the ETT is just because MM happens to use the first TechTree node that's loaded via a cfg file. Since ETT comes before Squad in the GameData folder, I think that means yours is the first TechTree node loaded. I had to add some special code to my plugin to make sure your Unlocks modules also loaded correctly, though. And yep, the hope is to give the player options. I hated empty nodes so much that I made a plugin for it, but others surely don't mind.
  11. I think something like that only works from the R&D screen. Otherwise the game is telling me the RDController.Instance is null from the KSC screen or in flight. I think you also need to make sure to call other members in RDController.Instance.techTree to get the mod's RDNodes to load properly (like WipeTechTree , ReLoad, and/or SpawnTechTreeNodes, etc.). But the game needs to know the loaded TechTree node while in flight in order to get the correct bonus that you get when you find one of the Space Odyssey monoliths. Is something like the code example below more appropriate? It seems to work for my mod, but if there's a more correct way let me know. I'm not sure of a way to change the Instance so there's no random empty TechTree nodes left by the first for loop, which would happen if there's another TechTree node besides the stock one. // Get instanced TechTree nodes. ConfigNode[] instanceTechTreeNodes = GameDatabase.Instance.GetConfigNodes("TechTree"); // Clear all instanced TechTree nodes. for (int i = 0; i < instanceTechTreeNodes.Length; ++i) { instanceTechTreeNodes[i].ClearNodes(); } // Repopulate the *first* TechTree node with MY_MODS's RDNodes. for (int i = 0; i < myRDNodes.Length; ++i) { instanceTechTreeNodes[0].AddNode(myRDNodes[i]); }
  12. Could you post your log for me to download and look at? You can use Dropbox or something.
  13. For Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes, I have link to a pre-release you can download if you go towards the last page of the posts on the mod's forum page. I guess I should finalize it and put it on the main page.
  14. Ha, I didn't mean you should remove a stock file, but if it works as a hotfix for you then go for it, right?
  15. Yep, as long as a mod uses ModuleManager to modify the single stock TechTree node then I think it'll work. @hemeac If you've noticed any incompatibilities with this mod and Kiwi's Tech Tree Overhaul, let me know and I'll see if I can fix them.
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