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  1. v1.1.2 - KSP 1.8.X Update Recompiled for KSPv1.8.1 Changed Target Framework to .NET 4.5 Increased maximum allowable zoom to 200% Added Russian localization (thx @Sooll3)
  2. I just tested HETTN in 1.8 and it seems to work. I might be able to get an official update out this weekend.
  3. v1.1.1 - KSP v1.7.0 update Updated .version file up to KSP v1.7.99. No other changes. So, I've upgraded from a 720p (1080p?) laptop to a desktop with a 2k monitor and noticed that the physical size of the background of the tech tree is too small when I zoom out too far. I tried to manipulate certain members of the current background (width, height, etc.) in my plugin's source code but wasn't able to get it working. I also haven't been able to figure out the source image of this background, or how to change the source path to a different 2 or 4k image. Anyone able to help on this? Although, with a 2k monitor there's really no more need for me to zoom out further than the default 60% anymore...
  4. Yay, but not as a default part. If a part's upgrade can be toggled on/off in the VAB, then yay as an upgrade. If it cannot be toggled, then yay as a standalone. As the other guy said, this upgrade can be overkill.
  5. Will that music play when you use this part in the actual game? lol
  6. @Taki117 Nice timing! v1.1.0 - KSP v1.6.1 update Recompiled for KSPv1.6.1 Added option to manually hide nodes (when enabled, this uses "hideEmpty" from RDNode modules. These can be edited with ModuleManager) Added option to transfer science points from hidden nodes to their children/descendants For those who want to use the manual hide option, here's an example MM script that will not hide the "Orbital Megastructure" node, even if it is empty. Do this AND enable the option "Use RDNode Settings" in the Difficulty Options. @TechTree:FINAL // FINAL should only be used for user MM scripts, if ever!!! { // Hide all empty nodes, initially @RDNode,* { @hideEmpty = True } // Don't hide Orbital Megastructures @RDNode:HAS[#id[orbitalMegastructures]] { @hideEmpty = False } } @pap1723 Kept you waiting, huh? Let me know if this works for your 1.3.1 game (I don't think the APIs have changed since then). I'll make a fork with a working one if it doesn't.
  7. Hmm I think I can work something out. I'll put in a custom field in the research node modules that you can toggle to TRUE/FALSE with Module Manager if you never want to hide the node. Your request is pretty specific, so I think the above is more flexible. In your case you'd just have to toggle the field in the correct nodes yourself via MM. Curious as to why you want the empty nodes? For the science points?
  8. It's in the settings menu (difficulty settings?) when you set up a new game, or when you press Esc and go to the settings in a current game. Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes has its own settings tab. Hopefully that feature still works. I forgot to check for 1.5.
  9. Do you have Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes installed? If you do, you might need to edit the ETT tech tree file. Check here for why. Search for all "_v2" parts, and either put the matching non-v2 parts in the same nodes as their v2 parts, or just delete the non-v2 parts since I think they're obsolete. For example delete "probeCoreOcto2", but keep "probeCoreOcto2_v2". Or put them in the same node.
  10. v1.0.5 - KSP v1.5.1 update Recompiled for KSP v1.5.1 Just a simple recompile, nothing new. It seems to work with 1.5.1. Bug for ETT users: You're probably going to see broken lines. It looks like Squad added new "v2.0" parts, but is still keeping the old versions in their Parts folders (e.g. see "probeCoreOcto2" and "probeCoreOcto2_v2" in Squad's Parts/Command folder). ETT has both the new and old parts listed in its mod. Since both part versions seem to be loaded by the game, my mod will "see" both and not fix the tech tree, but Squad hides the old parts and thus its tech node unless something else that isn't old is in there as well. @Probus can probably fix this by keeping the old and new parts in the same node, or deleting the old name from his tech tree.
  11. @Gordon Dry @Lisias I'll take a look. I see the pull request on GitHub so hopefully that makes the fix easy. Edit: I just got a new desktop, so it looks like I'll be trying out KSP again a bit sooner than I expected My old laptop couldn't really run the game since 1.2 or maybe pre 1.0!
  12. It should work with ETT and Module Manager installed, regardless of when you install this mod. Although sometimes I found that it does not work, but I haven't been able to figure out why. After exiting the game and reloading it works again. I just bought a new desktop and was planning to give this mod an update within the next few weeks. You can check what tech tree was loaded by pressing ALT-12 and looking in the debug log. It should diapay a message there. You can also turn on this mod's option to log extra stuff in the options menu then reload your game and check the ALT-12 log again to see if there were any errors. Also just as a test, you can start up a fresh game with the above mods installed just to see if that works properly.
  13. To clarify how to install this mod, you should delete the original ETT folder before installing this mod's ETT folder, right? And as per the readme you need CTT and MM as well? A couple of bugs: 1) If you Alt-F12 to the debug menu after opening up the Research Station, do you see a lot of errors about missing icons? 2) I tried this with Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes but got an error that says you might have duplicate id fields in your RDNode modules. Is it possible to avoid that? Also, I know HETTN is not going to like those lines intersecting nodes, heh. It auto-reassigns nodes when it sees that situation. As the author I guess I could make that behavior an option instead of hard-coded.
  14. I'm not sure you installed the CCT and Near Future Mods correctly. I don't think there should be any version numbers at the end of the folder names. Check inside those folders for maybe the correct folders to install. It might not make a difference though.
  15. Heavily is an understatement, ha. Nothing stands out though. Could you give me your output_log.txt? I think it's now under "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program". You can upload it to your Dropbox or something similar and share the link. But be sure to enable my Extra Debug Logging option in the game difficulty section under the Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes tab. Please either start a new game with it enabled, or enable it in your current game, then just in case return to the main menu then resume your game again so that everything loads with the option enabled. I need to see "[HETTN Debug]" in the log file.