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  1. What is exactly your question? The Realism Overhaul Installation guide states that it needs KSP 1.8.1: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.8.1 Anyway if you want to try it on 1.10.1 anyway, you will need Kopernicus Bleeding Edge: The old Real Fuels seems to work fine on 1.10.1, just ignore that warning. Keep in mind though that if you do not install RO exactly according to the installation instructions you can not ask them for any support.
  2. AFAIK it is not possible to combine the different fuel modules on one part. And switching out the USFS module for the RF module proved to complicated for me since the fuel types and amounts all seem to be tied to US Mesh Switch. This is a job for someone more patient than me. I made some simple patches to change LFO and monoprop to Kerosene, LqdOxygen and Hydrazine though: https://github.com/codebori/RealSolarFiction/blob/master/GameData/RSF/RSF_Compatibility/RSF_USII.cfg It's far from perfect or complete but it is playable I think.
  3. @[email protected] How do we deal with patches that concern RSF as well as LRTR? Sirata is doing pull requests to RSF, but some of those, like the Tech Tree patch for B9 Procedural Wings, could also go to LRTR. Should we do pull request to LRTR instead? This probably means that we should fork LRTR as well and playtest with the fork. I am very new to this part of git/GitHub though and will probably mess thing up. Or should we just put them in /GameData/RSF/Tmp/Tmp_LRTR/ and Pehvbot will take from there what he wants when he wants it?
  4. Ah, I had no clue it was the RP-1 science model, I though it was from Kerbalism. That explains why the Kerbalism patches for other mods also don't do anything. I'll have a look when I find the time. Thanks!
  5. I added Known Issues and a Changelog on Github and copied it here: Known Issues: [] "DMagic Orbital Science" is incompatible with LRTR's Kerbalism Config [] "OhScrap!" overlaps with Kerbalism functionality [] SXT LV-405 Vanguard still has Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer for its additional RCS engine [] "Restock" Oscar B tank volumes are inconsistent with the stock one [] Procedural Part Tanks are to big at the start and too small later on [] TantaresSP Zircon RCS Series require Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer To Do [] Write installation instructions:
  6. @Pehvbot I had some more feedback as well The latest LRTR (v1.4) overwrites the config file, which is fine but maybe there should be a warning for those who edited it. There are a lot of empty Tech Tree nodes and the Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes mod seems to break stuff. Did you have a plan for that? Is there a way to hide them without breaking stuff? Or do you want to move stuff around to fill them? I would prefer the latter. There are no available Strategies in the Administration building, is that as intended? Dmagic Orbital Science doesn't seem compatible with Ke
  7. There is a beta version for 1.7 which supposedly works in 1.9:
  8. You can turn it off by editing the last section of GameData/RealFuels/RealSettings.cfg, change true to false: Ullage { simulateUllage = true limitedIgnitions = true I don't know for sure if they perform the same, but I assume they do.
  9. Great mod! Thanks! However now I'm suddenly getting random crashes when deleting craft. Everything worked fine for weeks, but since today I'm getting these crashes. I also don't know how to get out of the error window, so every time I have to force kill KSP and restart. I attached my logs to the existing issue on Github: https://github.com/Sujimichi/CraftManager/issues/14 Most helpful right now is if someone can tell me how to get rid of the error message and keep playing, thanks.
  10. @Gordon Dry Are you still writing new configs for RealAntennas? I wanted to look into writing some for Near Future Exploration etc., but not if you are already doing that ofcourse.
  11. In sandbox on my install all stock antennas have the RealAntennas options.
  12. I thought it was supposed to support all stock antennas. I am quite early in my career and so far all my stock antennas have the RealAntennas options. I'll have a look in sandbox later. You can check your log to see which mods do what with which parts. You can use the PartInfo mod to easily find the name of the parts.
  13. I installed the latest version through CKAN and manually downloaded only this one file https://github.com/DRVeyl/RealAntennas/blob/master/GameData/RealAntennas/RealAntennas.cfg from GitHub, and replaced the installed one. So far it seems to work.
  14. The issue with procedural fairings disappeared by itself (I probably changed something I don't remember I did ). I created a patch for RealAntennas upgrades: https://github.com/codebori/RealSolarFiction/blob/master/GameData/RSF/RSF_Tree/RSF_TT_Realantenna.cfg While I was doing it I realised that RealAntennas has a config for RP-0, so there's probably an easier way to do it than how I did it.
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