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  1. I understood (after googling for a long time) that RSS includes configs for RemoteTech to increase the range of the antennas. I however only found "DNS_Ranges.cfg" and it doesn't seem to do anything for me. Where should I look to find the correct configs?
  2. When playing with RSS Waypointmanager spams the log with "Couldn't find celestial body with name 'Kerbin'." KSP 1.6.1 MM 4.0.2 Waypoint Manager 2.7.5 RSS 16.2 There's something written (that I don't fully understand) about it here:
  3. Kerbalism RO Config seems to conflict with the latest RO update (v12.7.1). KSP stalls during loading. I assume this is the responsibility of Kerbalism RO Config so I reported it there: It took me a while to find the culprit, so I just post this here in case anyone else has the same issue and is wondering what is causing it.
  4. For some reason it didn't apply the radiation module where it should. When I replaced this code @PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[>0],~name[*Cockpit*],~name[Cockpit*],~name[*Cockpit],~name[*cupola*],~name[cupola*],~name[*cupola],~name[cupola],!RESOURCE[RadiationShielding],!MODULE[KerbalSeat]]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = #$../CrewCapacity$ } } with this @PART[*Cockpit*|Cockpit*|*Cockpit|*cupola*|cupola*|*cupola|cupola]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[>0],!RESOURCE[RadiationShielding],!MODULE[KerbalSeat]]:FINAL { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = #$../CrewCapacity$ } } it worked fine.
  5. I also don't get the icon anymore since version (I think). Doesn't matter which toolbar I select in Toolbar controller (I tried all options). I'm using RCS Build aid 0.9.7, Toolbar, Toolbar controller, KSP 1.4.3 and over 100 other mods. I also tried a clean install and there both Toolbar and RCS Build Aid are not working (Toolbar is working in my modded install though). Do you need the log files?
  6. @blowfish Thanks! I'm fairly new to github, so I hope I did it right. I'll probably try to fix it myself on my own install, if it works I can do a pull request, if I can figure out how that works and if you don't mind.
  7. @zekew11The volume ratios for Hydrogen are out of sync with Cryotanks. Where Cryotanks would have 6000, Superior Propellants has 30000. I commented out @Volume *= 5 in BaseFuelTankSwitcher.cfg and edited BasetankTypes.cfg to be in sync with CryoTanks, and multiplied the volumes for the methane tanks by 5. That works. While I was at it I created a patch to add Methane to the B9 Aerospace parts: And I also noticed on my new test setup, that if you install Superior Propellants on an existing save with CryoTanks already installed it messes with existing vessels. Could you make it so that it doesn't replace CryoTanks' LH2 config, but just adds Methane?
  8. @Nertea The new volumes are not applied to the B9 parts. Looking at your patch I'm not sure I understand why your patch doesn't work for the B9 parts. Could it be that the B9 parts start as structural tanks without any fuel in the VAB, and don't get recognised by your patch because of that? For example the Mk1b Fuselage (4m) has 832 LF and 4160 LH, while the FL-T800 has 800 LF and 6000 LH. To make sure nothing else is interfering I did a fresh install with only B9 parts and Cryotanks with all dependencies through CKAN.
  9. It works for me on 1.4.3. There is an issue though with TAC-LS, it relies on minimumCrew > 0 to add lifesupport resources to command pods. I think if you would add :AFTER[TacLifeSupport] to your cfg it will be solved.
  10. I was working on a similar add-on until I found this. This looks great! (And much better than what I have come up with so far) There are just a few things that I would like added/different, and I can change most of that with a few simple patches of my own. So I was thinking of making this mod a dependency of my add-on instead of doing double work. I however use Simple Construction and need to mine ore. Would it be possible for you to change your config (these lines in Stock Drills.cfg: ) !MODULE[ModuleResourceHarvester] {} so it doesn't remove ore when a mod like Simple Construction is installed?
  11. SpaceBori’s resource patches Download: SpaceBori’s resource patches are a set of Module Manager patches to manipulate resources. No new parts, no dlls. Requires ModuleManager and Community Resource Pack. The patches are fairly simple, so it should work with any recent version. Intended to be used with Real Fuels (KSP 1.3.1) or Coherent Resource System (KSP 1.4.2). Also includes patches for TAC Life Support, Near Future Tech, MKS, Not So Simple Construction and Connected Living Spaces. SB’s ISRU Plus Adds water electrolysis, to produce LqdHydrogen and LqdOxygen from water, and Sabatier, to produce water and LqdMethane from LqdHydrogen and Carbon dioxide, to the stock ISRU. (Disabled when Coherent resource System is installed.) Adds water pumps to the stock drills. (Disabled when Coherent resource System is installed.) Adds a LqdOxygen to Oxygen decompressor to all crewed command pods. (Only enabled when Tac-LS is installed) And adds Nitrogen, Methane and LqdMethane as planetary resources. No game breaking dependencies, though quite useless without mods that use those resources. SB’s No LFO Removes or replaces Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer and Monopropellant with Kerosine, LqdOxygen and Hydrazine where RealFuels didn't do that already. Requires Real Fuels, just because the game will be unplayable without any fuel. SB’s crude oil Adds the planetary resource Oil to Kerbin. Adds the option to pump oil to the stock drills. (Crude Oil 90% + Natural Gas (primarly Methane) 10% (DumpExcess = true)) Adds the Oil refinery to the stock ISRU to create LiquidFuel or Kerosine (wth Real Fuels installed). (Input: Oil Output: 15% Kerosine/LiquidFuel + 1% LqdMethane (DumpExcess = true)) No game breaking dependencies, with Real Fuels installed it outputs Kerosine instead of Liquid Fuel. SB's No Rocketparts Replace Rocketparts with Materialkits In Sciencelab when MKS is installed SB's CLS patches Adds CLS patches to the Large Probe, Large SAS and the Large TACLS Recyclers Notes 24.4.2018: I switched to 1.4.2, so I will not test on 1.3.1 anymore, which means I will not make any changes to the parts that depend on RealFuels. TO DO Figure out the correct order and mod dependencies and replace ":FINAL” Figure out how to add fuels to FSFuelSwitch. (Only neccessary for use with RealFuels) Create patches to replace LFO and Monopropellent and add Kerosine, LqdHydrogen and Hydrazine when RealFuels isn't installed. Get the numbers right. Change the composition of Layhte to be more like Titan. Find which mods changes rocketparts to materialkits and submit the sciencelab patch to the mod author. Test, test, test
  12. I'm using around 75 mods, it always gets messy eventually when I do it manually. So I'll just wait until its fixed
  13. CKAN still won't install both though
  14. This all works fine without the compatibility patch. I'm running linux 64bit, so no memory issues. And you modders did a great job avoiding conflicts. And I only install through ckan. - - - Updated - - - I think I can safely delete Star Trek from current save-game so I will get rid of that one, thanks for pointing that out. I'll post my log with this mod installed as soon as I have time.