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  1. okay i found it, i'll see if i can manually create a checkpoint to the coordinates on the files, see what happens and report back, maybe some of my other mods messed with this specific contract somehow (i have no idea what i'm talking about)! results: i found the correct coordinates, got there the "entering blablabla" thingy popped up, however the contract timer is not moving... anything i can do other than complete the contract thru the console? reviewing my persistent: per caerfinon's last comment i reviewed my persistent just to see what was there... i noticed that under the parameter "KerbalDeathsCustom", a kerbal is listed that belong to a previous mission, a navy patrol near KSC, i started the mission with the passengers of both contracts, (the patrol had a water landing as an optional objective and wanted to try it...) i ended up doing the patrol mission without issues, but thought about returning to KSC before heading to meeda, as during the water landing a little bit of the airplane was broken, nothing strictly needed... but ksc was on the way to meeda... so i landed and recovered everything, then removed 4 out of the 6 drag parachutes i had on the plane, and launched it again from ksc, reboarded the pax from meeda contract and proceeded to take off... maybe the fact that i "started" the contract with a kerbal from another contract which i didn't take to meeda is messing with it???
  2. Sorry to bother with this... i'm opening Meeda line, but when i arrived at the airport i am correctly "detected as so" however i have no waypoint for the terminal, is there a way i can check for the coordinates on the files?? tried eyeballing it (around the entire base) but no luck... thanks!
  3. I'm interesting in testing this AP, but i don't want to go thru the hassle of installing it and waiting 10 minutes for all my mods to load just to try it out (maybe on saturday if nobody answered by then), does anyone know if it has support for KerbinSide bases? and the added stock bases as of current version? thanks in advance (it looks awesome anyway)
  4. what an incredible mission... 29 notifications for contracts' requests completed, a tiring 2 hour 44 minute flight but Val and Bill managed it just fine for the entire 10000kms, and there's fuel for another 5000kms at least... and the plane performed beautifully, i really liked the idea of using scansat map (even though does not generate a map... but i'll think of something), i'll have to wait (or warp...) till the first scan is done
  5. i guess having the aircraft centered on the map could be a way to do it "ad hoc" much better than just using the map view from stock ksp... i like it, it's not exactly what i'm looking for, but i'm already playing with ScanSat so... (i was planning on doing this long mission while i waited for the first sat to finish the first scans of kerbin :P)
  6. I started a new save with a bunch of mods i never used, such as kerbinside and GAP, which i'm enjoying a lot... however i'm at a point when i'm accepting lots of "do atmo science in kerbin" contracts and i'm pretending to do them all in one go... or most of them at least... i'm trying to have a predetermined route in between all of those waypoints, instead of just going to the closer one and then the closer one to the last one and so on... and even though i imagine my "preplanned" route would more or less follow the exact same route as doing it "ad hoc" i would love to be able to visualize the entire route (just 'cause i'm weird like that) i don't really need an actual map of kerbin, but i was wondering if maybe there's a tool that lets you pick a "center point" and add a bunch of other points at certain distance and angle (in a 2D plane) or heading... and then join them with a "route", i'm doing it my awful way, which is creating the route on GIMP with thin rectangles proportionally sized to distance and rotating them from a "center point (KSC)" after i'm done plotting the points i'm gonna plot a route and see what polygon i get out of it... (again just 'cause) i can't believe i'm not able to find some kind of tool that does this (at least in a more fancy way than the st*p*d process i came up with in gimp...), but i have my doubts about that as maybe i'm not looking for the right terms... and even though i do code a little bit, something like this is out of my range i believe, specially considering my "expertise" is in VBA :facepalm: any suggestion? (i'll upload a photo of what i'm doing when i'm done (while valentina and bill wait on the runway xD hahah), sharing is caring (?)) edit1: i know i wrote calculator... i meant plotter, something visual to admire my routing skills ?)... edit2: yeah i know its absolutely horrible in more ways that's possible... hahah thanks
  7. I just used it to create a 3 satellite network, i checked for your request and to me it seems to be working correctly a synchronous orbit should have a 6 hours period (more or less...) you get 5h:59m:9.4s when clicking the synchronous button, according to the wiki that's (exactly) the sideral rotation period, if you want to deploy your sats behind the "lastest" one you need to have a period 5/4 longer, you are suggested by the app 7h:28m:56.8s => 6 * (5/4) is 7.5, i can't be bothered to get the exact numbers but it seems honestly 100% accurate. this may be resolved by now, but maybe someone else may need clarification regarding your question, let's save someone else's time i guess, at least in part
  8. well i believe i have enough evidence to conclude the flags were the problem... 8km away from ksc, needed SAS because 2 of the 4 winglets broke during launch... besides that, not a single issue... (this is the 20t variant...), tested with the 5t variant and the same result, no issues... (after changing the flags with decals from the amazing mod...) thanks guys, @king of nowhere, @18Watt and @Vanamonde for the support/suggestions, and the least i can do is also thank the guys from Conformal Decals for making the mod that helped me solve this problem by (first) not causing it
  9. Hey guys, i'm having a problem which i believe may be a missuse or misinterpretation, my decals are not projecting over more than one part, i have a vertical decal that i want projected into 2 fuel tanks, but it only appears on the tank that i place it, i tried changing the depth, cutoff and edge wear and yet no luck, what is that i'm doing wrong? thanks in advance!
  10. yeah i made a test with the flags on the vessel and drag visualization active, and they had a tiny arrow, but an arrow none the less on each of them, and then removed them all and tried the re entry again without SAS on, position the rocket in a retrograde profile before entering the atmo and it stayed there while the airbrakes where open until the end... then tried it again trying to compensate for the effect they make on impact point, and managed to land a second time, i need some time to do some more testing but i believe the flags were to blame... i downloaded conformal decals to try and "decorate" the rockets that way... maybe those won't generate drag... seriously the only reason i'm trying to set up this kind of RP (having predefined first stages for different payloads) is to have those named and decorated accordingly, if i can't i might aswell abandon this RP u.u. i'll post any news as soon as i can for closure!
  11. i tried disabling SAS as my game senses tell me it should keep whatever profile it had when entering the atmo, i also tried keeping it on when i discovered it wants to face the stream the wrong way, i also tried different reentry profiles, very agressive, or half around the glob on the >70k:<40k alt, and either way at some point in the thicker atmo below bit tries to face the stream the wrong way... just tried it seems a little bit more stable, but if for any reason i close the airbrakes, everything goes to hell again i wonder... the writing PERSHING is made up of flags in 2-way simmetry, could those be breaking everything? last attempt i managed to made a safe landing 2.2 km from ksc, however it depended a lot on me having fuel to burn at around 20k to bring my actual impact point to that mark (being over 200km away otherwise) so trajectories for some reason is not "detecting" or accounting for the brakes to be deployed or not, the prediction does not change based on that edit: thanks for the help so far!
  12. I would describe myself as an experienced KSP player, probably not even close to a professional, but usually i can pull my own weight around if i may put it in those words... however i can't seem to fully understand what is going on... the thing is i started a new career mode not long ago, i have the last mile to go before unlocking the entire tech tree, so at this point i thought it would be a good idea (a little late maybe...) to start using pre-designed first stages based on weight to be placed in orbit, and might aswell go on and try to recover those stages once they are done lifting the thingy... i started with a 5 tons weight and designed a rocket that was able to put those 5 tons easily into orbit and spare around 1k delta v depending on my ascend profile (yeah i know 1k delta v to spare is waaaay too much, does not matter to the question at hand)... that works fine... but whenever i try to reenter the spent booster and land somewhat close to ksc, at some point usually around 20k mts (or so) the rocket losses all of its "stability" and flips trying to face the air "transversally", doesn't matter if i'm entering prograde or retrograde, with airbrakes on or off... and i can't figure out why, i suspect the CoM has something to do with it but i'm not entirely sure... (i tried moving the fuel around, sitting naturally balanced, all on airbrakes side, all on engine side and it's still the same behaviour) i would assume the brakes should be farthest away from the "front" facing part, so i designed it that way for entering retrograde (engines forward), despite that and despite if i'm reentering forward or backward, at some point it wants to face the air "horizontally" and then inmidiately breaks appart due to aero forces... which makes sense, even if it didn't break i would still find it annoying... I'm using FAR, i know i could try and analize all of its data windows, but what's actually painful is that i can't find "intuition" on what's going on, if i throw a tube parabolically (with one side weighted let's say) how does the tube "likes" to fall, weight forward, or backward? and why does the rocket wants to face "long side" the air stream, how can that happen? i can't rationally undestand that... ^^^^^Fuel towards the bottom^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^fuel towards top^^^^^^ ^^^^^^empty or balanced fuel^^^^^^
  13. 1 is equal to 100%, so you'll have the maximun signal strength possible in the situation you just described. Otherwise if you had 100% between DSN and your Relay Network, and 50% from your vessel to the Relay Network, then the connection strength from your vessel to DSN would be 100% times 50%, or... 1 * 0.5, which end up being 0.5, or 50%. if you also add an unmanned probe in the surface of whatever planet, there's another connection point in that network for you to also multiply: DSN >>>(1) Relay Network around Kerbin >>>(2) Main Vessel >>>(3) Probe landed, in this case there's 4 things connected by "3" connections (">>>" = connection), keeping the same numbers as above you are missing one strength, that is the last connection: >>>(1) strength 100% (or 1) >>>(2) strength 50% (or 0.5) >>>(3) let's say strength 30% (or 0.3) the when the probe is the active vessel you'll see a signal strength of [1 * 0.5 * 0.3] or 0.15/15% or at least that's how i would calculate it based on what's said previously... i always struggle with relays personally...
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