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  1. so i was testing a eve base landing on the surface.... My test base landed upside down... so I figured just hack gravity and flip it. Tried that and... nothing happened...and then the game crashed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2584099232 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068718066/screenshots/ help? is this a bug?
  2. Solved it on my own if you get this check your trajectories mod see if its on and if so turn it off as thats what this was ^ for me.
  3. I got these odd lines in my game and I only updated kerbal engineer recently....
  4. It used to I know it did ..... so the monoprop doesnt count? ah well i cant have infinite fuel on because thats to much cheating
  5. okay I got all the updated moduel manages ...but my rcs thrusters arent showing nor are they working..i have no monoprop but infinite rcs is on yet still nothing I am running a modded 1.0.5 KSP and here are my mods xscience toolbar light adjustment antennarange asteroidday contact config and packs contracts window distant object DM science DP sound FX docking sounds raster prop mod KAS KISS real chute spacey lifters stage recovery todi tools KAC transfer WP and vessel view got some weird moduel stuff under that but...not sure if they are important... [Error]: Cannot find an InternalModule of typename 'DPAI_RPM' is what im getting now...oh my... ^ fixed this and I found out that infinite RCS no longer works....hmmmm
  6. I am having a hard time with the docking washer...what can and cannot dock to it...can two docking washers connect? sighhh....
  7. Well all I know is I got an update checker and before the game starts it also says KAS KIS is not compatible with 1.0.4 but I have had no problems yet.
  8. My update checker and thing gives me a message saying it wont work...but your right it might be wrong...damn im stupid... right? ill try it to see if everything works
  9. My trajectories arent working...I have a ship coming into the sphere and it doesnt show anything idk what I am doing wrong I got 1.0.2 KSP
  10. I get multiple april fools chut options thingy o.o. Ugh wish I could explain it better but I am getting 3-4 of them <=D
  11. at least full return to orbit around eve capable. Also got your eve ship dont have all the parts just yet unlocked in my career. thus why i was hoping for some low tech eve version or some tips on a rocket only ssto :/
  12. I have been looking everywhere it is like the only planet I have not been to with a kerbal :/
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