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  1. Thanks for being so gracious. I don't have unity installed either. Does that help? I'm by no means an experienced modder.
  2. what difference does it make? any WHY is ckan down? - - - Updated - - - never mind. deleted the file the old version made fixed it,
  3. would that restrict it from being in a config file though? Also I'm very new to modding. so actual working code snippet is probably what I'll need.....please
  4. Say have a plugin with no 'physical' parts but I only want the functionality available upon a certain teck unlock. How would I go about adding this in to my plugin? Thanks in advance
  5. How do I step through my code at run time within the game. Currently I have no way to debug my code?
  6. That's not how it works. It transfers down from higher numbers down to smaller ones. - - - Updated - - - ok - I've increased the pump levels to 16 but have not implemented negatives as it's not required.
  7. Why would that allow for more flexible management?
  8. yeah....just figured it out as you posted. It's before 10am on a friday. Not had my prescribed intake of caffeine yet. cheers though oh and added ore to the cfg file.
  9. Yeah that's why I did. I love the mod but it looked as though Goodspeed has vanished which left me with the only option of learning how to do a mod. All credit to Goodspeed. Most of his great original code is still in place. I'll keep this up to date for as long as I play KSP
  10. After the Kraken took GoodSpeed away never to be seen again I have taken up the continuance of this mod. I do hope he doesn't mind wherever he may be https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/722/GPOSpeedFuelPump also available on CKAN(according to KerbalStuff site) if you have it. original thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/67163-0-23-5-Goodspeed-Automatic-Fuel-Pump-v2-14-1?p=1887115#post1887115 N.B. REQUIRES modulemanager.dll Licence: GNU GPL
  11. I just really love it. Been meaning to learn to do mods and this gave me the kick I needed. Got it working for me so I thought I'd share the joy.
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