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  1. the body sizes as the planets orbits are directly from the orginal 64k, so yes, as you say
  2. same, far should work, but 40km Atmosphere. I'm not 100% certain, since i tried to get the configs to adjust the atmosphere, but nothing happend. My bet would be that you would get a 64K light dV wise. And as dV map concerns Nebuchadnezzar already build one(with far in mind): I guess this mod should have somewhat -1000dV since it has a whimpy atmosphere
  3. Well, at the moment you'll play the 6.4 size Planets with the 1.0 Atmosphere (40km soup than nothing). As soon as i got a new working version of the mod that will hopefully be fixed.
  4. Yes, indeed it is. Basicly it's just a resize of the Kerbal system to roughly 6.4x size of the orginal kerbal system.
  5. it's more a temporary solution at the moment, so i wouldn't recommand to start a play through with it's current state. It was more of an attempt to bring a temporary solution for the restless. Maybe i'll get a new Kopernicus Version runnig these days. That would be much better suited for a play through since it will be just some config changes to a stable 64K. But be aware that i'll stop this little project as soon the offcial 64K is back. (all this running around in configs and looking at code, not to mention the restart loops for KSP, drives one crazy)
  6. Well who can read is clearly in the better :/ I readed that like it was already in the mod, sry for that. I thought since he can change the mesh to an other, maybe there is a way to add a nother facility. (What without a question would be extremly cool )
  7. My question was more like if it's possible to do so, not to do so immediately.
  8. Hmm in perspective for things like a testfacility for rocketengines or other exciting addtions, do you think it's possible to add new facilities?
  9. I'am extremely pleased to see that my 'configs' been used Well at things are NathanKell is hardly working on Kopernicus. Once finished we can transfer the old config to Kopernicus (and hopefully getting a working Atmosphere config with that). Maybe we can integrate OPM than in 64K as well. As the remote tech antennas concerns, that's a thing from orginal 64K so all Kudos to kingtiger, Raptor831 and Mitiya for that.
  10. Can you switch back to SpaceCenter once started? would be very interessting with RemoteTech as "singal relay baloon" or maybe for flying refueling Stations?
  11. Well i did a 'kinda' conversion from RSS to KopernicusTech for 64K as far it is possible for now. (guess it's a pretty buggy, but kinda works) klick here PICS I did a big research on Kopernicus and heavy testing for that, but didn't succeded with the 0.0.6-Alpha or Dev-Versions and had to revert to the Version the OuterPlanetsMod use. The biggest problem for now are the not kompletet implementation of the PQS system and many configs not properly loading or spontanus crashing the game. Well as they say it's still Alpha, but 'in development' would point it better i think. Guess it will take t
  12. [Changelog] - 'told you so' edition - Now with rocketlaunching! - reverted to OuterPlanetsMods version of Kupernicus - disabled Atmosphere-configs (still too early it seams) Kupernicus is still a pretty mess, hope they will make much progress. Till then we'll have to play with what we have at hands.
  13. [Changelog] Well i had to totaly overhaul the howl thing and ended up with kind of an Mod ... I did a whole swoop of research (scrolling code and such) and in the end had to integrate Kopernicus and KittopiaSpace. - All configs changed - integrated Kopernicus and KittopiaSpace - changed to newest possible Kopernicus (dev-version that worked) - added MiniAVC (just in case i have to update again due own lack of testing) - integrated 64K Parts RemoteTech and ScanSat compatability (clouds by Astronomer is not included due licence issue i'll ask him if demanded) - changed config for kerbin
  14. Well, in that case. I slamed a gpl-2.0 in it, hope that works for the forums
  15. I'm a hardcore 64K-player and got somewhat board after fiddling around with 1.0. So i went out there to solve the problem till kingtiger delivere (or a new awesome RSS arrives). And so here is my solution! Basicly i threw the RSS Configs in KopernicusTech and up it goes! It's nothing then the configs for KopernicusTech. It's in the mod since i have to use an somewhat early-buggy-ultra-dev-alpha. For clouds and stuff get the configs out of the latest 64K from Tiger. In case of errors & bugs feel free to post them, but keep in mind that's just an temporary substitut not a mod or release. (Li
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