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  1. The lag you're experiencing 300m from the craft has been tested and noted by a few of us here already (see a few pages back); it's got something to do with the oceans ingame or something; the current quickfix is to simply add oceans to every planetary body, bar gas giants. AFAIK it's caused by Kopernicus; all your other mods should be fine.
  2. Hey @Poodmund, installed the hotfix for AVP - while the textures load properly now, the advanced ones seen in OPM-VO don't load at all. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  3. Aha get you; by :FINAL you set it as the absolute last config to be loaded.
  4. Hmm. What about simply; @Kopernicus:AFTER[GU] I take it copying the config over to the GU/Kopernicus folder wouldn't help either?
  5. Interesting; I literally installed the GU mod myself. Doesn't GU add several new files to Kopernicus? Go into the file I uploaded (Notepad) and look for the top line; @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] Change it to this and try booting it up again; @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus,GU] I'm not sure it'll work but give it a go and get back to me.
  6. Happy days; hotfix has fixed the textures, yet the addons for OPM aren't working (by that, I specifically mean OPM-VO). Textures for the gas giants are the original found ingame.
  7. What other mods are you running? Have you got the latest version of Kopernicus installed?
  8. I think a temp workaround might be to replace the sunflare for Proksimus; although I still have no idea how to revert the sunflare SCALE back to near vanilla levels. I'll figure it out later - get to graduate my course today so I might be on the drink =P
  9. Well I attempted to revert to Scatterer flares by changing "fullLensFlareReplacement" to True, which worked - the scale of the flares are still much lower, and the new stars (in particular, Proxima) have a mad flickering going on. Oh well!
  10. Updating/increasing the SunAU doesn't appear to increase the size of the sunflare unfortunately - bumped it up by a factor of x100, yet it remains as small as before. How much of a number increase are we talking?
  11. Thanks; see it now. Beginning to make more sense! I take it the Sunflare ingame doesn't rely on Scatterer? I was removing the Scatterer flares and it wasn't changing anything; the file in question being a UNITY3D file.
  12. I should note that I only want to change the Stock Sun; not the ingame stars. I've tried editing stellar objects but can't make sense of the intensity keys. Deleting the sun config file forces vanilla textures.