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  1. Does anyone know if there are any RPM/MAS IVAs made for the pods/station parts/hubs etc. in this mod? It's absolutely fantastic and can't play the game without this installed.
  2. I'm having a frustrating issue with Sunflares in Scatterer; the ghost images seem to work fine but the actual sunflare itself is always invisible/superseded by the Sun itself. Tried amending the syntaxversion to 1 and 2 but to no avail. Tested it on a clean install and it doesn't work. What gives? Here's a screenshot: https://ibb.co/GscNkh8
  3. AFAIK it works fine with the latest KSP version (I'm using it now).
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies bud! I've added HullCam VDS to my modlist so hope it works! =)
  5. Am I the only one experiencing issues with the JSI cameras working properly with MAS? For example, they don't/can't pivot, turn etc., nor do they actually work properly (appear zoomed in or the image is unclear). Is there an MAS alternative camera mod or something?
  6. One more concern; with MAS the JSI cameras don't seem to work properly - can't zoom in/out, cant move them and the view from them is odd etc. They work fine with JSI screens (as is to be expected as the cams are JSI in origin). Is there a fix? AFAIK I have the most up to date prerequisite mods.....
  7. I will note though; the MK3B Pandora Command Pod has no seats for its Kerbals. Not sure if that's from Nerteas original mod or is caused by this....
  8. Glad to see I'm not alone then; has it caused any problems in your playthroughs?
  9. Love this mod. However when transferring a Kerbal to another cockpit I get a brief freeze then an error message that's something like this: [AvionicsSystems] INITIALIZATION ERROR, CHECK MESSAGE LOG. Game still seems to run fine. Has the 1.12 update borked it?
  10. Should clarify; older iterations showed a clear flare over the stock sun (rather than it being front and centre); for example from JadeofMaars mod; https://imgur.com/2U1t1nO Already tried setting syntax =1 or deleting the line entirely but the central stock sun still ruins the flare. Almost as if it is in "front" of the flare rather than behind it.....
  11. Question; I'm trying to get my sunflare working but no matter what, the stock "sun" seems to shine through the sunflare everytime. I think scatterer is the culprit? Pic for proof; https://ibb.co/MV3V1nb PS - Should note that I'm trying to use another sunflare over Scatterer; yet with the default Scatterer sunflare the issue persists.
  12. ^Try uploading your error.log (found in AppData\Local\Temp\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Crashes) bud
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