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  1. ^Try uploading your error.log (found in AppData\Local\Temp\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Crashes) bud
  2. Sorry for the late reply; Here's my latest error log; https://www.dropbox.com/s/mm5nrk6le90rwr2/error.log?dl=0 As for Mods, I'm running the following major ones:
  3. Love the mod @Nertea; combined with the Space Station Parts Redux I can't play KSP without them. I've noticed one niggle with respects to RPM (1.8); the Advanced Cockpit appears to be in need of an update (for example, selecting cameras on the screen doesn't work at present). Is this in need of address on your end, or more RPM? Keep it up btw! Looking forward to more!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I use Near Future at the minute, but haven't considered the others. Will give them a whirl, thanks!
  5. Not sure if this is common, but I'm finding that the sunflare in my game is disappearing entirely in some atmospheric bodies, near said bodies or near other planets (most notably Duna, but I've even seen it near the Mun in some scenarios). Is this a known Scatterer issue?
  6. I hear you; I'm currently exploring the inner/stock planets while prepping a long range launch vehicle for the upcoming extrasolar planet packs 0_0
  7. PS - I was wondering if the issue had something to do with the amount of VRAM allocated or available?
  8. You have some skill lad. Must say, they look impressive. Now to just wait for Kopernicus before I can indulge =)
  9. All in the title! As we're on the cusp of having Kopernicus brought to 1.8, the inevitable deluge of updates to well loved and popular exoplanet/exosystem packs will begin on the forum. That being said, I'm quite keen on joining in. However, what sort of mods would you lads recommend for someone seeking to reach, say, another star in-game? I use TACS, and would prefer a less time consuming method to reach said places (also to conserve resources). Thanks for your time!
  10. In the title lads. Basically I'm running a modded KSP x64; the game runs fine but I have a random (yet frequent) CTD, and it always occurs when I have a current vessel and click "Revert to Vehicle Assembly", or when I enter the VAB from the KSC overview. No error, just a crash while loading. Here is the link to my player file; Dropbox Player Log PS - Running the following mods on a x64 KSP 1.8 install; Clickthrough Blocker Toolbar Control Astronomers Visual Pack Chatterer DangIt Continued Earn Your Stripes EVE Flight Tracker All Nea
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