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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I feel the same way about fingerpointing at this point. It might just mean the blames lies squarely with me for loading so many of them. But yeah, I've not had this issue in the past, so it's possible it's a mod. This is a brand new save, so I might just dump it and start over. I haven't really done anything major yet that I'd be afraid to lose.
  2. I've got a goofy little problem that I'm in the middle of troubleshooting right now. I'm not in full blown "HELP! HERE'S MY LOG!" mode yet, because I'm not discounting the possibility that I've got some kind of mod conflict going on. I've got a space plane that's pretty well balanced in terms of mass distribution and RCS placement, and with an airlock/docking bay done up like the space shuttle at the front of the cargo bay. The spaceplane is built with parts from the latest release of the OPT Space Plane mod. Historically, I've never had a problem with Mechjeb and OPT, along with the plethora of other mods I tend to have installed at any one time. The behavior I'm getting is that as the ship is running through the docking autopilot maneuvers, it yaws back and forth in excess of 45 degrees from center in both directions, and will not settle on a bearing throughout the docking maneuvers. It's like Mechjeb can't find its heading. SAS seems to hold position just fine. I've also tested manual translation in all directions and the ship stays stable without any wild oscillations. So at this point, I'm just wondering if this has been experienced by others as a result of a conflict with a particular mod, or if there are any known mod conflicts as of the latest version of Mechjeb. I appreciate any suggestions anyone may have. I'm not particularly married to my current save and am not above starting over if necessary. I'll try a few more things and if I get no joy, I'll post a log. Thanks!
  3. I am an unapologetic MechJeb user, but I also have KER installed for one reason: Easily targeting rendezvous objects. For me, a lack of time and utter boredom with the routine has me letting Mechjeb do most of the flying for rockets. SSTOs, I manually fly. Back in the early days, I did everything manually, but the scope of my gameplay has gotten such that I plan out and execute large scale ideas, and I find having to handle every single launch and maneuver by hand gets old. I respect those who do choose to do it all by hand, but I get irritated when people turn it into a contest over who's better at KSP. I get particularly irritated when it's full time streamers who have 12 hours or more a day available for them to play the game.
  4. Well there's no sense getting all crappie about it. The fish is there to serve a specific porpoise.
  5. This is just an idea I had while doing some EVA KAS work on my station earlier. I'm not a modder myself, but I figured I'd toss this out there as an idea. KAS allows us to take smaller parts and make them a part of larger parts. As far as I know, it's not related to docking or anything like that. Frankly, I have no idea what voodoo Kospy came up with to make it work, but those of us who swear by it can attest to how much it adds to gameplay. Anyway, one of the problems of on-orbit assembly is dock lag. It seems like the more parts you have docked together, the more it lags. I've tested this myself by making two assemblies-- one made up of segments docked to eachother, and the other using the same amount of segments, but node or radially attached together in the SPH and sent to orbit with Hyperedit. The one assembled all together was significantly less laggy than the one docked. Now KAS got me thinking... Would it be possible to take that same functionality and scale it up? Rather than, for instance, an engineer with a wrench, you had an engineer piloting a "placement craft", that would then assemble parts together in orbit? I know large parts can be KAS attached with a team of engineers, so it's possible in theory. In order to avoid out-right replacement of docking, limitations could be put into place, i.e. making placement permanent, or perhaps a limit of 3 placements in order to tweak positioning. I don't know if this would alleviate docking lag or not, but I thought I'd at least open the concept up for discussion.
  6. Mine slide too. I'm not yet ready to make an "official" bug report or support request, since I don't have all my log and mod ducks in a row, but I figured I'd do a "me too" in support of the OP. The quick and dirty of it is that I've got a Mk3 shuttle made with Cormorant Aeronology parts and using the medium landing gear, and on flat, level ground it starts drifting off either side, even with the brakes on. The shuttle is usable, since it'll be taking off vertically and I will be recovering it as soon as the wheels come to a stop after landing. I only discovered it when I strapped some SRBs to it to take off on the runway for an approach and landing test. I tested the behavior again without the SRBs just to make sure it wasn't some weird effect of having the extra weight of the SRBs on the wings. Worth noting is that this problem wasn't present in 1.1.2. Here's a series of images showing the slide. Note that brakes are on. Mod list:
  7. True, but I always get tingly feelings every time I see someone ignorantly declare someone else wrong, and then get unequivocally told, so along with the mod itself, this thread does in fact deliver.
  8. Huh... Well, I am truly at a loss. I just removed all traces of Steam from my machine, rebooted, reinstalled Steam, and reinstalled KSP. Still looking at 1.1.2. I'll try switching over to the Windows partition and see how that fares. Not too excited about having to run Windows to play the latest KSP, but if I must I must. EDIT- Solved it. I did a "why not?" integrity check, and that pulled the updated files over. Still odd that it's behaving this way, but the main thing is I have 1.1.3 now.
  9. So my Steam is apparently gone goofy. I can't update to 1.1.3. I've deleted KSP from Steam, made sure all local files and folders are gone. Restarted my comp, restarted Steam, installed, and it's still on 1.1.2. It's set to always keep KSP up to date, and I'm opted out of pre-releases. If it matters, I'm using Linux. Any other Linux user having this issue?
  10. Honestly, I use MechJeb because I'm lazy. I understand the value of it or folks who have difficulty doing the fingertip ballet on the keyboard to make KSP work, but for me it just comes down to not being bothered to manually do things. I mean, I still do from time to time, and there's nothing that I ask MJ to handle for me that I couldn't do myself if Sarbian decided to just hang it up. The other reason is because I know some people really dislike it, and it's fun watching them get all apoplectic when I mention my MJ use in their Twitch streams.
  11. I believe it is optional, though I've never tried RO without it. Someone else may have more to say about it.
  12. Yes. It makes every craft you build, no matter how protected, burn up into a fiery ball, causing you much grief and rage quitting. . . . . . Kidding of course, though on a bad day, you might think that's true. DR makes you have to really plan your re-entry in terms of speed, attitude, and thermal protection. It's very challenging, but when you finally suss it out, it's very rewarding.
  13. KSP introduced me to Linux. I frequently saw people mention Linux Mint and good performance on KSP. Since I'm constantly trying to break KSP with an overabundance of part mods, getting CTDs from running out of memory in Windows became a way of life. I decided to see if I could dual boot, which I could, so I got Mint 17.1 at the time and was pretty amazed at just how easy it was to set up. Before this, I had this preconceived notion from the old days that GUIs were rudimentary and everything must be done from the command line. Mint is one of the best distros for newbies, as I am a perfect example of this. KSP now runs great for me. I have never once had a CTD from running out of memory. In fact, I haven't had a CTD in KSP, period. Performance is really nice, and with a little tweaking, I've got OpenGL looking pretty snazzy. Since Mint comes with a host of extras, like a full office suite, and since games are more and more becoming Linux compatible, I too have made it my "daily driver". I still have Windows that I can boot to for the occasional non-Linux game, but I find that becoming less and less. One thing about it, though, is I rarely mention I'm now a Linux user, because some people seem to take great offense to that. I never understood why, but my philosophy is "Use what OS serves your needs in the best way that works for you." For me, that's Linux at the moment. Oh, and TL;DR-- I'll be sticking with Linux for KSP.
  14. I'm poking around in it, but honestly, it's not that big of a deal right now. My gameplay style has evolved around certain specific part types, and the stock game feels too lacking. This isn't casting aspersions on Squad by any means, more that I have become spoiled by mods and my gameplay has shaped itself to them. I'm speaking of things like Realism Overhaul, or for the non-RO, procedural parts, space planes, etc. So with that in mind, I'm just going to stick with 1.0.5 until 1.1 is declared release-ready, and the modding scene has caught up. Fortunately, this pre-release is allowing the modders to do just that, so the good news for you non-Steam players who like mods is that there's likely to be a pretty good library of them ready to go when you're able to update.
  15. In addition to the suggestions above, look for stuff from Necrobones, such as the SpaceY packs and Real Scale Boosters. Solid mod packs for most of your lifting needs.