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  1. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @martinborgen The only reason elliptical orbit nodes are there are to save fuel when aiming for a planet's moon, instead of the planet itself. So you don't need to waste the extra fuel coming to a low circular orbit. Therefore, planets without moons don't have these nodes.
  2. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @Nicias Sorry for the delay. Regarding the time of flight, they're gathered as explained on the image subtitles. They're done through AlexMoon's Launch Window Planner simulations, using 10 different years of possibilities and taking the average value. Some values will be smaller, others will be longer. In order to cover most of the gameplays and styles for all players, the average number was choosen. For life support players, it's best to have a number that won't kill your Kerbals for being too low. Average Time between Windows is something entirely different from Time of Flight, and it was gathered (and tested) with the help of the Protractor mod and its predictions based on fuel-efficient maneuvers during launch windows. Like time of flight, launch windows will vary depending on the year, and an average time was choosen to be used for the same reasons as mentitoned above. As for RSS and OPM updates, unfortunately I can't update those maps myself as I don't have RSS/OPM; as such, I can't work on those numbers. If anyone is willing to help updating those maps, feel free to contact me via PM.
  3. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @swjr-swis Took me some time, but I finally did it, right? And whoops. Thanks for the heads up. It's v2.6 indeed.
  4. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    Sorry, LostOblivion. I'll let it pass for now. I'm considering it for a future update. But as far as I understand, you want the elliptical orbit 80km X 2.8Mm? In any case. V2.6 released - Updated to KSP 1.3 - Fixed Geosync altitude suffix » From 2863.3 Mm to 2,863.33 Km - Updated Antenna values for all planets (and Kerbin moons) - KSPedia version is now much smoother on your eyes I hope you like it. P.S.: Special thanks to @AlexSheFF for the continuous support with the KSPedia versions. It took me a whole day and 4 Unity Engine versions, but I finally managed to build the KSPedia page from here.
  5. Absolutely, @tetryds. It's your mod, I carry absolutely no rights over this or the file I've uploaded.
  6. Here it is. The zip file contains only the recompiled .dll, not the entire mod.
  7. Given the author's absence, I recompiled the current version for KSP 1.3 for personal use. With tetryds' permission, I'll upload it here.
  8. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @Rayquaza Thank you. Regarding the use of the map, the license is at the OP. As long as that's not disrespected, you're free to do whatever you want with it.
  9. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @Skalou That's really handy. Thank you for pointing this out, and the author for sharing.
  10. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @5thHorseman L1C1 max range is 31.6Mm, while Minmus' orbital altitude is 46.4Mm Therefore, the map is wrong. You would need a Class 2 Antenna over the Level 1 Tracking Station in order to establish direct communication between Minmus and Kerbin. I'll review all these antennae levels for each planet and update the map accordingly. Meanwhile, you can check the KSPedia » CommNet » Ranges page to check the max range for each antenna+tracking station combination, then compare it with the max distance between Kerbin and the target planet/moon. I really miss an in-game label for each antenna (C1, C2, etc.). For what I've seen, you've got to either check the wiki, or check the antenna stats and compare it iwth the KSPedia page to determine that antenna's class.
  11. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @JonathanDahlq Aye, it does. The values are mostly the same to go out or come back. Except you probably won't need to use any engines to land on Duna (or maybe a little bit depending on your design, due to its thin atmosphere. The same goes for returning to Kerbin.
  12. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @maculator The GitHub version is just the source code. It's the raw file for when someone wants to modify it.
  13. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    @maculator You should find the .ksp version at AlexSheFF's post. Just throw it in at the KSP GameData folder and launch the game.
  14. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    Well, at least for me, there's a big "GitHub" link there that leads to my fork: https://github.com/Kowgan/ksp_cheat_sheets ->
  15. [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    I'm sure you can calculate it all from a cozy chair at the Tracking Center when it's about in-vacuum maneuvers. But as we all know, KSP's aerodynamics can really mess one's calculations. So - be amazed - Doing it manually is actually easier in terms of accuracy. At least for me. Also, Hyperedit is a must if you wanna do that. My fork (link at the OP) has the current version. And AlexSheFF's version wasn't ommited; it can be found as the main link on the github page itself.