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  1. @tg626 This is an assumption, but I believe each class (0-5) is directly related to the antenna rating. Following the table found on the wiki, we have this: I believe that: C0 = 5k; C1 = 500k; C2 = 5M, and so on.
  2. @tg626 If you right click an antenna icon on the part list at the VAB, it should tell you its class. I hope I got your question right.
  3. @tg626 Antenna classes are like levels. The higher, the more powerful, so they can reach further distances. More info here.
  4. @Dafni You can find a KSPedia version on the OP, so you can access the map directly in-game, in case you don't want to hold any papers.
  5. @Dafni Thank you for the message, I appreciate it. The ASL gravity info for each body can already be seen in-game at the map view, under "Physical Characteristics". Since there's a big cluster of information on the map already, I'd rather keep only the essential data in it, to keep it as clean as possible.
  6. Hey @Voodoo8648, Unfortunately, I'm currently out of time to start another map from scratch. Maybe I can get some planetary data from the KSS author, and that would make my life way easier when acquiring numbers. But creating the image design itself might take a bit of extra time. I'll put that into my to-do list for when I finally get time.
  7. I wonder, what are you people's solutions to bypass the signal requirement in order to control these probes? Now that all unmanned crafts require antennas for control, I tried sticking an antenna on the transponder, but they can't be extended in flight (before decoupling), else the atmosphere makes sure to break them. Do you just stick an extra probe core there that has an internal antenna in it? @taniwha If there's no better solution, I'd like to request/suggest the addition of an internal antenna on the transponder core in order to fix that problem. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your support over the years, @Stavell. It's much appreciated, and it provided many hours of good fun.
  9. Thank you. It was Snark's decision to keep Moho and Eeloo out of his calculations. Quoted from Snark's post.
  10. The OPM version hasn't been updated to v2.5 yet. Currently, only v2.4.1 contains an OPM (outdated) pdf.
  11. @Leo_G. Done. V2.5 released - Updated to KSP 1.2.1 - Updated Geosync altitude - Added Relay Antenna Comms values (Thanks @Snark and @Malah!) - Added icon for Return Window Cycle - Additional Subtitles regarding the two items above - Updated credits Here's the KSPedia image version for anyone who can create a .ksp file. Sharing that here would be much appreciated. http://i.imgur.com/9rigH5x.png
  12. Found it. MechJeb is causing it. Imma ask @sarbian about that.
  13. Windows 7, KSP x64. I changed it to F, but the issue persists on the default keybind (P). It works perfectly on a clean install with MAF only. I'll re-add the mods little by little to find the culprit.
  14. Heh, most of these mods are either single/few parts or tiny/light changes to the game, so it's not that heavy. I've removed Vessel Mover, KIS, KAS, Action Groups Extended, Distant Object, Navball Docking Alignment Indicator, Protractor, Portrait Stats, Throttle Controlled Avionics and Waypoint Manager; No luck. The issue persists. I'll keep fiddling around.
  15. Thank you so much for the update. The EVA prevention works like a charm! Regarding the cursor, here's the output log: http://puu.sh/stvz5/137a8529ff.txt Here's my modlist: Thanks for the support.
  16. I haven't seen anyone at the gaterunner recently. Is this still alive?
  17. Thank you so much, everyone involved in this project. You guys rock!
  18. I'd like to report that MAF is being detected while on EVA as well. I changed my MAF keybind to F (closer to G, B, and generally easier to hit, etc.) (who uses the Hold SAS command anyway?), and that was conflicting with kerbals trying to grab ledges. Oh, and even not using BDArmory, my cursor isn't disappearing when MAF is activated. Instead, it flickers locked at the center of the screen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Go figure. As always, thank you for the effort put into the mod. I love it!
  19. Between all the visual enhancements out there now, this fits exactly on my needs! Thank you so much for the time and effort put into this, @panzer1b! It's much appreciated.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. I did use the Kerbin-Auroras template, and just started removing lines that I assumed weren't essential, due to other objects not having them either. Thanks, @panzer1b! I'll take a look.
  21. Sorry for the double post. I've figured that, on Better Atmospheres, all the author did was creating an entirely white texture and set it to show up at alt 20,000 and 45,000 as a tinted blue cloud and with certain alpha, thus embracing Kerbin on that blue tint. I'm trying to port that to SVE, but I need some help. The code I'm adding to clouds.cfg is breaking and disabling all the clouds. Here's the code. Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. Really? The result I'm looking for would seem to have more filter instead of less. Just to make sure, It's the one on "A." for "After". The B. ("Before") is the one currently active on your mod. @Waz I do see a reddish tone on A., but that's my bad image editing skills. All I did was add blue hue to the image. This is kinda what we had on Better Atmospheres, before we had Scatterer. For reference, Here's what we had on the old Better Atmospheres mod. http://imgur.com/a/udmCk
  23. Hey, @Galileo. I'm trying to tweak the configs to slightly increase the blueness on Kerbin, but I'm faling miserably. I took the Kerbin pic from the OP and added a bit of blue hue into it. This is the result I'm trying to achieve: (before/after) Would you be able to help me pointing some directions? I've tried using the Scatterer Config Tool and followed instructions, but the result in the software varies a lot from the in-game's. Thanks!