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  1. Thanks to @AlexSheFF, who did the huge favor of creating and sharing the KSPedia version with the map above. See it here. I've also added a link at the OP. @Ruedii I understand what you're looking for, but this is the kind of feature that is playstyle dependant and doesn't belong in the map, imho. There's a bunch of other features that could also be added, but I rather keep it simple & clean. To solve your problem, though, I think you can use the rule of thumb to design your ascent stages with about 80~85% of the node's number on a high TWR, and putting the rest on a lower-TWR engine. I hope that helps.
  2. Thank you so much for doing it, @AlexSheFF. You saved me a lot of work!
  3. That is very much true. I remember someone was making, or had the idea to make a web-based, interactive dV map where you could select your departure and destination, and it would give you the total dV needed. Unfortunately, I can't exactly remember where I saw it, or the link to access it.
  4. This is a known issue, and unfortunately will take a bit longer to fix. I don't use OPM and these numbers were calculated by Misucat, back when all the bodies shown a low-orbit-to-mun path as well. Wrong. This issue doesn't turn the map useless, and it is offensive to call it so. Numbers might be high and non-optimized, but they're still a functional dV map, if the bodies' characteristics haven't been drastically changed since OPM 1.8.1.
  5. I'll correct that. Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks for the winch tip! But yeah, I guess rescaling the garage can be a bit tricky, since it's already done in measure to fit the adapter part, etc. Would be nice if Roverdude had teammed up with Nils while creating the Malemute, to make sure it would fit there in the first place.
  7. Hey @CrashTestDanny, glad you find it useful. But oh boy, this is (and have been) a long discussion. Long story short, there's people who've managed to reach LKO with 2900m/s, and other who can't do it with less than 3600m/s. I had to choose a number, so the map already tells you that atmospheric ascent values are typical, and that more/less efficient ascents are possible.
  8. @5thHorseman I don't use N for anything else. I created translation RCS binds on my numpad to replace IJKL/etc. It's way more intuitive for me and I don't need to change to docking mode to use them; plus each player can choose their brake-hold key as they prefer.
  9. Since the author has been offline for more than a year now, and the license allows us modifying and distributing the mod, I've took the liberty to rebuild the mod for KSP 1.1.2. The core function is working flawlessly; you can toggle the brake key. But currently you can't change keybinds in-game. Only through the key.cfg file. So I've set the default toggle key to B on the cfg file, and changed my stock brake key to N in game. Unnoficial version 1.0.1 here: http://puu.sh/oTijd/f9a414a513.zip
  10. Many things were fixed or tweaked since that KSP 1.0.4 version. See the changelog at the OP for details. The map posted above is just a rearranged fork of the current version to fit in the KSPedia window; it's not replacing the OP one. Although no one will stop you from using whichever version you prefer. Now I just need to create the KSPedia entry itself, but there's no ETA for that, as I still don't even have Unity here. If anyone wants to create an entry and throw that image there, feel free to do it.
  11. @Warzouz The map version @Violent Jeb used there is outdated. Here's an updated version. http://i.imgur.com/BwZpO4f.png @plague006
  12. @Violent Jeb Looks really nice. Thank you for that, and sorry for not having delivered anything so far.
  13. Awesome job, @RoverDude! Thank you and congrats on the release.
  14. Any news on the development? Is anyone else experiencing wobble with this new version, as shown above? Thanks.
  15. That's exactly my plan. I'll make a version of the map specifically for KSPedia, matching its dimensions. I'll make sure to keep all text big enough for any potential low resolution screen.
  16. Checking it now. -- @plague006 I'm assuming you need Unity to open this .ksp file? Maybe post a pic? -- Ninja'd. Sometimes the forums are too slow for our thinking power. I like it, thank you for that! Is it zoomable? Maybe people with lower resolutions will have trouble reading those numbers. I'll see if I can make a version that keeps the window ratio.
  17. @PortableGoogle Unfortunately, I've learned that I need the Unity Engine in order to make a KSPedia entry in game. So, that's gonna be delayed a bit until I download it. Other news: I've updated the thread's title. There's also a few cool words at the bottom.
  18. Nice tool. All the C# is welcome, as I'm learning that as well. If you're using the numbers from that map, that link is outdated. Check the one in my sig.
  19. Thank you so much for the update, @tetryds! I'll uploadi a video to show my experience. For now, I started noticing that weird wobble everyone was talking about. I couldn't reproduce it that often on the previous release. Also, what exactly is the Cruise Flight mode designed to do? It looks like the cursor locking bug has been fixed. I wasn't able to reproduce it so far on the new version. Thank you. -- Had to decrease the bitrate due to poor connection.