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  1. That's a very neat addition. Thank you for your effort, @AliceTheGorgon. But when I started reading the thread, my very first thought was: "Will it convert KIS' EVA Fuel canister into Monoprop as well?" Maybe a MM patch would solve this compatibility issue?
  2. Yeah, I couldn't reproduce that wobble issue using 3.1.5 either. But thank you for the effort and update.
  3. @tetryds I don't know how can I explain that better, so here's a video: Also, one extra request: How hard would it be to implement MAF with Blizzy's Toolbar? Once the personal configurations are being properly stored, I don't think I'll be opening the MAF window too often, and I could use of some space saving on that stock toolbar. Thanks!
  4. Tweak request: Disable MAF while EVA to prevent locking the cursor for no reason. I personally like to use F as the MAF toggle keybind, but F is also used while EVA. Thanks!
  5. Tell me something I don't know. As much as I appreciate Swash's tremendous effort to make this pretty design, I equally appreciate everyone else's efforts to make this little project possible. As for the Kerbol Escape, that's not a bad idea. I've been thinking about this, but wasn't sure if anyone else would care about it. In fact, I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement that. My guess is that the image dimensions don't quite match the KSPedia window's, and it would need, at least, a zooming/scrolling feature. As I never messed with KSPedia before, I don't know if that's possible or not. I'll lurk around how to achieve this and will let you know. :)
  6. Offtopic: Since there's so many people involved in this project, I'm considering changing the thread's title to Community Delta-V Map. Thoughts? @swashlebucky @metaphor @Kerbas_ad_astra
  7. @Tandoori One more addition to @Businfu's and @jofwu's: The Delta-V map on my sig contains generalized time of flight and time between return windows to help you on the planning as well.
  8. Running the same conditions as my previous post (stock Aeris 4A vessel on SPH): 1. With client, without DLL: 60fps 2. Without client, with DLL: 33fps In fract, I noticed the framedrop since the game was loaded, even before loading the save. Hope this helps.
  9. @ObiVanDamme Just making sure you know, KerbalStuff closed, and was replaced by SpaceDock.info.
  10. @Stavell There's definitely an improvement with this new DLL since the last version. But the problem is still there. With KLF, I'm getting constant 31fps on SPH with the stock Aeris 4A vessel loaded. Without KLF, on same settings, I'm capped at 60fps. As @sidfu said, it's like KLF were capping the game at a lower FPS.
  11. Awesome stuff, @SpeedyB and @ethernet! Thank you guys so much for the effort! @SpeedyB If I remember correctly, you made those new models to fit in the MK3 cargo bay, right?
  12. I know it's not exactly the same thing, but this might be close enough: Have you tried Improved Chase Camera on Free View mode? (check the second video at OP)
  13. I forgot to mention, the icon choice is not being saved either (just like key saving). Not sure if it's the same fix for both, so, just letting you know. Can't wait for the next release! Thank you for the effort!
  14. That's weird. Could be a mod incompatibility. Could you post your output_log and a modlist?
  15. @funkcanna Did you make sure SAS is off? It won't work with SAS on.
  16. @ferram4 Reproduction steps: Craft: Modified Stock Osprey with mavericks, Sidewinders and Browning .50 cal. Action groups: - Alpha1: Next Weapon - Alpha2: Fire Missile Steps: Load the vessel. Activate MAF. Hold Alpha1, then Alpha2. Release both. Deactivate MAF. The cursor is stuck in the center. Press escape to release it.
  17. @ferram4 Log is on post above. Repro steps is to follow as soon as I find out the pattern to reproduce it. Modlist:
  18. @BahamutoD I just tested it again without BDA installed, and the issue persists. So, it's not related to BDA. Nice video, though. Here's a log.
  19. I wonder, is someone else having these minor issues with BDA also installed where, 1. The cursor won't disappear when enabling MAF. Instead, it will be locked at the center of the screen; and 2. Sometimes (still haven't exactly figured the pattern), after switching weapons, the cursor will be locked on center when MAF is off, and unlocked (until RMB is pressed) when MAF is on? Pressing escape fixes this one. I'm not totally sure if any of these issues are there because of BDA. In fact, I'm just assuming this. Thanks.
  20. I actually find this very useful. It allows rapid maneuvers, like a quick 180° turn, instead of limiting the turn degree to our screen resolution. Plus, I personally won't lose orientation since I can watch where the plane is going.
  21. This is an excellent addition, thank you so much for this! Now, I've rebound the toggle key to F, and I noticed it has been changed on the settings file as well. But everytime I load a new vessel, the toggle key resets to P (even though it still says F on the file). Anyone else having this issue?
  22. @Stone Blue Thanks for the tip,but that's a different function.
  23. @amo28 On KSP 1.1, they increased the maximum loaded vessel range from 2.3km to 23km, or something between those numbers.
  24. @BahamutoD With the introduction of KSP 1.1, I finally decided to give BDA a shot (no pun intended) and, dude, I have been missing a lot. So, thank you so much for the update! Your effort is much appreciated. Now, just making sure, you still haven't updated BDAVesselSwitcher, right? It doesn't seem to work on 1.1.