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  1. Hi folks! Haven't used KSP or RSS for a while now, but got a hankering... Has the tilted elliptical thing been changed/fixed yet? Is it at all possible that it might?
  2. This is my favourite forum place to be, by far. Who else is itching to get their hands on the texture-switching parts?!?!
  3. Great ISS, you've inspired me to do some replicas in my sandbox save...
  4. Very exciting... Will you be updating or otherwise using the AB Launchers models etc?
  5. Yes! I tend to agree with Curt, the nozzles would benefit from being just a little darker. Looking great Beale-o!
  6. Here's an an unusual query: Is there any reason this will cause problems if used in 1.2.2? I probably won't be updating to 1.3 for at least 6 months, I am more interested in using my usual suite of mods than the small changes brought by the latest update. I'll have a go at it and see what happens... Great mod Well, thanks!
  7. I posted something off-topic in this thread...
  8. This one is from Airplane Plus: And this is from Kerbonov:
  9. I put a couple of shuttle craft together, I'm far enough through this science career now. This is a mun lander for ferrying Kerbals from the Mun to orbit. Has engines for VTOL underneath: A small shuttle, I haven't used this one yet: Fuel carrying shuttle for rescuing stranded craft:
  10. Nothing too fancy here, just liked the composition...