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    I see some good explanations here about docking that will surely help you in making docking easyer for you. learned docking from watching mechjeb's autodocking. If you watch what mechjeb does and learn it that way, you know exactly how to do dock. Also for Hohman transfer orbits, if you watch closely to the manouvers that MJ makes, you can teach it yourself only by watch and learn. Otherwise you can always watch Scott Manley's youtube channel. His videos explain a lot about "how to'" do things in KSP, he's got a few about docking. Here is one about rendezvous and docking
  2. Aluminator


    My first time of docking, I had no idea I needed RCS trusters to do it. So I had to turn and twist and do small burns to allign. But after 45 minutes of trying, I finally got my vessel aliigned and docked. Rendevous was a little tricky, but not the biggest issue.
  3. Launch your rig in parts and connect them together just to start with and keep it small. If you are bad at landing stuff install Mechjeb. I use it all the time because I became to lazy to land stuff myself all the time.
  4. I would say, install ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads and KAS and KIS,and PlanetaryBaseSystems. Without these mods it's a painstaking job to launch all the parts and drop them at the location you chose. If you played KSP as much as I do than the easiest way is the best. Build a simple and light rig to build a bigger one on Minimus, as you like.This way you can easily build a base on site and have the mining and parts building attached to it or next to it I did this to make an awesome base on VALL, that lagged the game a little bit. But after detaching a lot of unnecessary parts it was awesome and good to play. Someday I will build more of these bases in the Joolian system.
  5. When every picture or video you watch you try pressing the right mouse button and move the mouse, trying to change your point of view for a better look. But the picture or video just sticks where it is.
  6. KW Will be my old favorite, I use the mod since KSP 0.18 so it feels like treason if I don't install KW. But I never have enough engines so I install engines from the SpaceY mod (and other mods) that suits my rockets, probes and landers nothing else. So if you like you could only add the parts you like, isn't it. SpaceY has a lot of parts that I never use. From KW mod I use almost all the parts, the ones I don't need will be removed.
  7. I would like to see an all new game that has realistic graphics, with real astronauts and real existing planets with all their moons, real looking parts to build rockets, sattelites, probes and landers. And build on CRYENGINE. That would be sooooo COOL. But a DLC based on just looking a bit more realistic like RO/RSS and make it more stable for x64, would be cool. I think I would pay some bucks for it.
  8. Finished my VALL-HALLA Base. With place for 52 Kebals in 13 - Habmodules and 7 Greenhouses to feed them . Thanks to Mechjeb, KAS, KIS, KJR, EPL and KPBS.
  9. YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!! Thanks Ferram4!!!!!! I had no noticeable issues with the dev-build but now installing the new release.
  10. I always use MJ and KER both. KER while building so i can see my TWR, weight and thrust instantly. MJ for ascend and landing, because after 10000 launches and landings its boring to do it myself. Soooooo handy that MJ can do it for me. Also the Dv stats are usefull while launching and landing. And not forget the transfer orbits an change Ap or Pe is unmissable. Can't imagine playing without these two mods.
  11. Building my enormus VALL-HALLA BASE My JoolianKerbalHotel.
  12. I will make mickey mouses on the Mun with it No just kidding I think you could use it to pimp rockets, or stations or make landinggear with it in combination with Infernal Robotics. Can you make more simple shapes and add other textures, textures like the rocketparts of my mods like KW, FASA.