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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I checked again. I hadn't played KSP for a long time. CKAN didn't update Procedural Parts since it isn't compatible with my current KSP version. I updated manually and now it works.
  2. I'm on 1.2.2 and I don't have any controls to change the size of my parts when I right-click. Is this to due to my up-to-date KSP version?
  3. Hey! One things I noticed: Parachutes aren't recognized in the VAB: There is a "warning" in the info popup saying "Parachute missing!". Thanks for this great update!
  5. You can see and download my changes here:
  6. I made a pull request about two weeks ago to the ATM Github repo to preserve a list of toolbar icons and to preserve all icons in /Icons/ folders. Hopefully rbray will be back soon and implement that in the next release…
  7. I downloaded via CKAN and did not change any config files…
  8. Does anyone know if the wird behavior of the RealChute stack chutes case's nodes is a bug in RO or in RC? There always is a gap between the case and the part that it gets attached to first.
  9. as far as I recall it you always have to add the engine first and then add the interstage fairing adapter to the engine…
  10. I made a pull request on Github 9 days ago for that and for preserving some of the toolbar icons. Does anyone know why I have "Memory saved: 0" in my logs?
  11. In my logs I have ActiveTextureManagement: Memory Saved : 0B ActiveTextureManagement: Memory Saved : 0kB ActiveTextureManagement: Memory Saved : 0MB I have several mods installed. I'm running the x86 aggressive on OSX
  12. Thanks for the update! If not known: It's not on CKAN yet *duckingaway*
  14. As I said earlier: I don't know why you would need to go into the above node to go back into the node you already are. That`s why I would replace #$../MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks]/temp$ with #$temp$ That's just the way it works in this example: (from to be safe you could also use %temp = 0 when you first define it.