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  1. I finished my first mission to Joolian system with SVE installed and I must say I'm super impressed! Here are some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/c5D4K
  2. I learned that the difference between a Jool probe and a Neidon probe is just 236.02m/s. Thank you gravity!
  3. I just pronounce the names using my native phonemes (Polish) as approximations of what I think they should be pronounced in English. Which must sound quite funny, now that I think of it. Spelling - pronunciation using IPA (some explanation) Kerbol - kÉ›rbÉâ€l ("É›" and "Éâ€" are the sounds often represented by "eh" and "oh" in English) Moho - mÉâ€xɆ("x" as "ch" in Scottish English "loch") Eve - iv or É›va ("i" like "ee" in English) Gilly - dáÊÂili ("dáÊÂ" is a sound somewhat simillar to "dÊ’" or soft g) Kerbin - kÉ›rbin Mun - mun (u like "oo" in English, but short)
  4. I have a similar issue and found it happens usually to ships with densely packed/clipping parts. It's already on the bugtracker - http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/5181 - so maybe try posting your craft/reproduction steps there. As far as I know there's no solution/fix yet.
  5. There is a bug that causes some part combinations to overheat and explode for no reason. It may/may not be orientation and clipping related. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/5181
  6. Thanks for the answers. After futher testing I thing it might be some bug, because it's not happeneing to every craft. One of the crafts I tested was only affected for half of the orbit! Unfortunetaly I have too many mods, some of them messing with controls, to test this fully. One day I'll check it on a fresh install but for now I'll just leve it be:)
  7. I always thought that when in space on SAS or on warp the craft will keep it's direction with respect to the celestial sphere (skybox) just as all the orbits do. But recently I noticed something odd. When I'm in a equatorial orbit and I point normal or anti-normal and go to warp, my craft keeps it's direction and just rotates around normal axis, returning to the same attitude every orbit, as expected. However, when I tried the same thing with a polar (90deg) orbit I noticed my direction spiraling farther away from normal with each orbit. When I looked at the skybox with camera in locked mode i
  8. Makes sense, I can finally get some sleep now:wink:. I guess the same thing is responsible for those strange ridges at Duna's poles. But if this is unfixable the name should be changed to Polar Highlands:D.
  9. Begin rant. Recently I installed SCAN Sat and noticed that Mun's Polar lowlands actually have the highest elevation of all the biomes! I've searched the forums, KSP subreddit and did a general google search but found no explanation. Am I really the first to notice this? I find this extremely annoying. Not only the name is worng but it's also unrealistic since the equatorial radius of rotating planetary bodies should be larger than polar radius. End rant.
  10. Hmm, strange because I tested it just with stock and stock+DREC... Guess I have to do more thesting then. EDIT: Okay. After a bit of additional testing of IDENTICAL rockets and IDENTICAL targets in IDENTICAL conditions (save for the presence or absence of DREC) I have to say collision damage has a lot more to do with the angle of impact and the part that hits first than with DREC. My first conclusion was too hasty and resulted from having too small sample:blush: Guess as a scientist I should know how to properly set up an experiment but it turns out I left the scientific method in my office
  11. Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I've found an interesting side effect of using DRE. Crafts became much more resistant to craft-craft collisions (i.e. being blown up by missiles). For example on stock a M-Beam 200 I-Beam (375kg) impacting at ~200m/s is enough to completely destroy a full Kerbodyne S3-7200 Tank and some parts attached to it. With DRE I had to use a full FL-T800 (4500kg) impacting at ~500m/s and the only effect was broken joints with no parts destroyed. I think the reason is the way DRE models G damage. So my point is: If you're using DRE an
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