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  1. ok, i'm starting a fresh save (with fresh KSP install too) and was checking version of KSP itself to install rather than trying to get CKAN to install it. If all 1.11 are ok does that mean 1.11.2 is currently working? because my symmetry multiplier and snapping angle selectors were not working and I assumed I probably needed to downgrade to a supported version. Other than reinstalling it again through ckan i didn't try any bugfixing. I'm sure it was working for a short time but i thought steam may have updated ksp in the mean time. tbh I'm just looking to install the max version of KSP supported by this mod and sticking to that version.
  2. What's the latest version of KSP that people are finding that this is working well with? I see CKAN says 1.11 but I can't download that version. Only 1.10.1 or 1.11.1 is available it appears. Can't build without this anymore.
  3. I am having this issue too, the big map doesn't update as things are scanned. Restarting the game seems to update the big map but it doesn't accept any more updates again. The small map seems to be fine.
  4. hmm ok i haven't got one to hand, it's not a particular thing to a certain design, i thought about the strength but if i take over myself it's strength is fine mechjeb just chooses not to use it to align faster than the slow drift. next time i notice it i'll take some shots or a clip.
  5. hey, is anyone aware of a way of making mechjeb a little more aggressive with alignments using only SAS? with rcs it will turn promptly but using only SAS it will initiate a very slow drift in that direction. If you take over you can speed it up but it will always try to bring you down to the slow drift as soon as you stop your inputs. I've only noticed this for the last few weeks so may have changed something by mistake.
  6. Is anyone else getting this error when trying to update "Stock Visual Enhancments-High Res Textures" on CKAN or have any ideas how to fix? The following inconsistencies were found: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements depends on EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-Config but it is not listed in the index, or not available for your version of KSP. * SVE-HighResolution depends on StockVisualEnhancements but it is not listed in the index, or not available for your version of KSP. * SVE-Scatterer-Config depends on StockVisualEnhancements but it is not listed in the index, or not available for your version of KSP. I am running KSP and can use SVE without any issues currently, I just cannot apply the latest update. Never mind I just found this
  7. ok ty I seemed to remember the old thread saying something about deleting certain parts etc from EPL, must be having a brain fart.
  8. Could someone remind me what the current recommended installation method is for EPL integration please?
  9. I've been looking everywhere to find out how the poster of this video got kOS to show the map view in flight. Does anyone know how to do this? https://youtu.be/Enn3WPSjDnQ?t=2m
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