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  1. Your "planned" say you need suggestions, though not really disks... How about pentagon, hexagon, octagon shaped structural plates?
  2. Please do take your time Thomas and work on mods when you want, it is meant to be fun and us users get the joy of your work for free so we dont have the right to complain in my mind. So I for one can wait, also I completely understand the Europe time "problem" always at night squad release things. Really I just want to say thank you very much for all the great work!
  3. Thanks for the update @pap1723 I really enjoy this tech tree, to me it is a lot better than the stock one. One thing I want to ask about having tested a tiny bit, porkjet's overhauled parts, they are not added to the tree, right? Just the parts for me is placed in different nodes than the stock equivalents, but if it is not added I would kindly ask if you can at some point find the time to add them?
  4. True it does fit well with the overhauled 909. I am personally more a fan of the boat tail one, as in the covered 909 with it though.
  5. Thanks for the update! This mod is almost always the core of my stations, I find it extremely helpful in making resupply less tedious. Like it a lot, thanks for putting in the work
  6. Really just want to say... Thanks for this! I have enjoyed using it a lot, made it so much easier to design my lifter stages
  7. Was just odd to me but was an easy chance for me to do in my own game so is what I did. I just was thinking it looked like you are working on a update I would say, I did even download the mod again and checked the .cfg to be sure it was not something I did or a mod, but it was there. Anyway again thanks for the work on the mod, it is some really nice looking parts I imagine a lot of time goes into it
  8. Hi, I just want to say thanks for this mod. It have very beautiful and useful parts. One thing I have noticed though, i dont know if it is an error but I change it in my game as I feel it is. The "Aerodynamic Engine Housing" have a 10 crew capacity, to me that is odd but I dont know if it is intended. anyway thanks for a great mod
  9. I have not seen it in flight eider, but I do see it in the mission control, the contracts vanish and reappear there too for me. Since I play modded it is probably wrong to comment here but, well I did, sorry
  10. I have been using it in 1.2 since without CTT, and so far it is working without issue, so I would have to say yes it works.
  11. Works for me so far in 1.2, but have not extensively tested it. Community Tech Tree does throw an error on load but the parts do show as I remember in the tree and they work in my tests, but I admit i have not extensively tested them. CTT is in the bundle and I think it is needed to show right but it is NOT updated to 1.2 as far as I know, so that is probably why it throws that error, and I of course replaced the Module Manager with the one for 1.2. I did not test without those installed, but the short of it is the parts seem to work but I am not completely sure as I have not tested in a career play through Wow, I explain to much
  12. Can I ask, why? why share the reddit? I mean @sarbian took it down after someone did not get it was Sarbian's mod and posted updates that was not Sarbian's, is it just to make sure he stay liquided off? It is strange to me to do this, I for one would never do as to me it seems Sarbian makes it clear people have to not do that, I get that Reddit people probably dont care but would think the KSP forums would respect the modder a bit more... guess I am wrong, makes sense since it seems to be in his MechJeb post on here someone was... overly helpful... Sorry, dont want to sound rude (I know that I do probably), but just wondering why? Is it some attempt to help and not thinking about it will just antagonize Sarbian even further? And excuse my poor English of course Mads P.S. and trust me I will miss MJ very much, probably to the extend I wont keep playing KSP, or will have to stay on 1.1.3... but that is life... P.P.S. cant ask on Reddit as I dont like that site and dont want to make an account there, yes I am really odd...
  13. Is it meant to not work in science mode? It works in career mode for me but not in the other modes, I can understand it don't in sandbox mode (no need for science after all) but I would have liked it in science mode.