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  1. so with the pre-release has anyone else had issues with many of the prebuilt planes/ships not loading? for example the Mallard, the Dove, many others... they show up in the list but i cant get them to load up in the SPH/VAB
  2. what does the "governor" do on the kerbitat living module?
  3. i didnt have to. for some reason it fixed itself when i quit and played again. thanks for tip about alt F12 thing tho. i didnt know about that at all
  4. where is the usi tools download? i dont see it in the catalog
  5. so contract completion can only come from stuff launched out of KSC? damn that sucks
  6. not certain which forum to ask this in since it could be a MKS thing but im currently having an issue getting contracts to see new vessels i build in orbit as "new." i used the mks launchpad with the robot arms if that matters
  7. theres a whole lotta programmers and people who know what the heck C++ is on this forum. what yall consider "easy" can be bewildering to a luddite like myself. i like to pretend im tech savvy because i built the PC im typing on but really i just followed a youtube video
  8. dont feel like reading the ENTIRE thread but im getting the impression that the experimental 1.2.2 compatible FAR build is clandestine and closed to us noobies who dont know how to "compile". is there another similar mod out there that makes airflow realistic and is updated to 1.2.2?
  9. thanks for response. where can i find the documentation for this?
  10. how does the hab multiplier work? so far in my new save ive got two viewing cupolas. one with a hab multiplier of .5 and one with .7. i suspect that the .5 one doubles my kerbals hab duration by halving the rate at which hab is used up. is this correct? also, would this mean that two of those cupolas would quadruple hab?
  11. Im sorry i didnt realize that the notification thing worked like that. I assumed it only notified when FAR updated.
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