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  1. Sorry if i mised it but will you be able to set missions and goals in carrer mode whit the mission builder?
  2. thanks for looking in to it so fast! and for all the work you put in to maintaining this project. i can wait for the update to come. out my current version of MeckJeb is working fine
  3. Any one know what would cause this error when i try and install mods?
  4. there is a version 2.0.10 for Infernal Robotics. fallow the Github link in the title post on the Infernal Robotics forum page. you will also need the a parts pack either the legacy parts on the same github page or the reworked parts.
  5. I have a request / challenge for any one that knows MM Is it possible to set MechJeb to only be available when an engineer is in a vessel and to have certain modules unlock with the engineers level? What I would like to have is Mechjeb available on probes but only certain modules depending on the probe (I know how to do this part) and make this dependent on the connection to the KSC com network. Then have it available to pilots and scientists dependent on their level and a connection to the KSC. Eg a level 1 pilot and level 4 scientist this representing the ground crew being able to walk them threw programing the computer. Then having the engineer the only one that has access without a connection to the KSC. If someone could give me an example of what I would need to do or send me in the direction of where I could find what I need, or if this is even possible with MM.
  6. I had the solar problem as well. I did some digging and found that the version for the Modular Flight Integrator mod required by Kopernicus is 1.1.3 on Ckan but the current version is 1.1.5. I installed the version off the forum and the panels now work fine. so the version that Ckan installs is a version that's not working with KSP 1.1.3 and needs to be updated.
  7. the programs not finding what it needs in memory so it needs to load it from the disk cash I don't have a craft file for the launcher I build them on the fly but I have a subassembly for the probe. that craft has parts from SCANsat. IR, NF heat management, and theirs a lander under the lower shroud with some Dmagic orbital science parts.
  8. Finally got some images this is the issue in the home position And this is the same probe from a different launch that is working fine http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll174/XilisC/2015-06-17_00005_zpsszuwgrio.jpg' alt='2015-06-17_00005_zpsszuwgrio.jpg'> I've used this probe 6 times the ones around Kebin Mun Minmus, and Eve are fine but the ones for Duna and the one heading to Jool are messed up. I shut down and restarted the game and the Jool probe went back to normal but the Duna was still messed and the Eve started acting up. could this be a Memory thing? I'm below the 3.5G mark but The game is having a lot of page faults when its running Because I only have 4G of ram witch is shared with my Video
  9. it is like that but the gab is a lot bigger. I'll gab some screenshots and post them latter today thanks for helping me out with this
  10. There still physically attached but visually floating with a large gap between the attached member. everything moved and functioned normally in the VAB and during the first launch, it was after a reload that it messed up. I've seen the joints move incorrectly when there on backwards and it dose look similar but wouldn't it have not worked from the beginning?
  11. I have a support question. I am experiencing floating robotic parts. in the VAB everything looks good I launch the craft and use the robotic parts and everything is fine then when I save and come back to the craft the robotic parts have moved or are floating or there orientation has changed. I've used the same craft several times and I was able to reload fine when it was around Kerbin Minmus and Mun but went funny around the Sun and Moho. has any one else experienced this or knows what a fix is? I don't have access to pictures or logs at the moment but I can post something tonight Thanks for the help
  12. Is there a way to delete a ribbon that you accidentally awarded?
  13. Don't know if this may help with the information storing but it might be something for you to look at. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/99018