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  1. Will this break my existing save if I have stuff on planets? I just want to pimp the planet graphics, not add or change anything else about the solar system.
  2. I have a jet on the ground, with no engines on, parking brakes and it keeps gliding on the ground at 0.1 m/s. Is there a way to make it stop moving? It will eventually run into a building. Hmm I time warped for a second then put warp on 1x and it seems to have stopped it from moving...
  3. I fixed it by running 64-bit. Seems it was a memory problem.
  4. Oh okay. I have ran the same mods with 32-bit before without any problems and read that 64-bit was buggy to play with. Will try again then.
  5. Here you go. It crashes after I install one or more USI mods. I installed Konstruction first and then MKS for example. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssj84qd4esq2rkp/ksp_output_log.7z?dl=0
  6. Crash on 1.3.1. Any fixes incoming?
  7. 2.3.3 crashes my KSP. What file do you need to check what is wrong?
  8. Is it possible to use the ground crew models from the VAB?
  9. Did you fix the random explosions that existed in DMP when 2 players were close to each other on the ground (like at KSC)? I believe the problem was duplication of vessels, so they collided with their clone and blew each other up. We came to the conclusion it only happened when 2 or more people were at the same location at the same time, it never happened if you were flying solo. So we made a rule that you couldn't be near another player or control the same vessels at the same time. If this problem still persists I think vessels must be server authoritative so two clients don't spawn the same vessel twice. Anyway will keep an eye on this, been wanting to play KSP MP for a long time.
  10. Is there a mod that can select the type of kerbal model when EVA? What I want is a mod that can use the ground crew model when I EVA at Kerbin. Maybe somehow assign the model to that specific kerbal permanently when you spawn him in game. So the ground operations kerbals do not look like astronauts.
  11. When you relaunch from runway after a crash the steering wheels become inverse.
  12. So anyone got a working build for these parts? I tried 1.8. Spent 10 hours trying to build anything that can make orbit and I just can't do it. My craft keeps flipping in upper atmo for some reason and losing complete control. I tried multi whiplashes, rapiers etc. Nothing works for me.
  13. Please please please. Add the ability to add custom rendevouz point by entering coordinates so they show up on the nav ball! This gives me the ability to go into SCANsat to get coordinates for a certain point on a planet and then use KER to be able to locate it! Thanks for a great mod otherwise.
  14. New great idea, please consider: I find SCANsat to be pretty cool, but the functionality is pretty limited gameplay wise. It is basically a science machine for me right now. But I had the best idea... since this also works with custom biomes mod and you can see biomes inside SCANsat. What if you could click and place a marker and it can show up in your HUD when you are in another vessel? This would be helpful for example, let's say I want to land in Eastern Crater on Mun, but when I am in my other vessel it is kinda hard to know which crater is which... but if I have SCANsat satellite there to tell my other vessel with a hud marker where the location is I can easily find it. It would be very realistic too and a good use for SCANsat and have it be more involved in (at least mine) gameplay.
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