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  1. I was just about to ask the same question, I've been having problems with science too. I have no idea what is going on.
  2. Hello, Kerbonauts! I haven't been playing Kerbal Space Program recently due to a lack of interest and time, as well as various tech problems, but now that I have time and there is 64 bit, I can get back into playing it. The only problem remaining is interest, and probably "noobishness" too. So, how should I get started again? Maybe suggest something I should build, a easy challenge, or something.
  3. Annnd... Still doesn't work. I made a folder in gamedata: Gamedata/Custom Flags/ Flags but it still doesn't work. Heck, some of the flags I deleted(not agency flags, regular flags) are still there when I load the game. My mods work fine, I installed KIS and all the items are there. All my flags are 256x160 png images. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: It works, nvm. Solved!
  4. Sooo... @Devious, do you just create a new folder in Gamedata and dump all the flags in?
  5. Hello again, Kerbonauts! I got back into KSP after watching Vaos' entire Solar Nations series(definitely worth a watch), and being myself, I had to do roleplay and Space Racey things. So, I made some nice flags, and plopped them in the >Gamedata>Squad>Flags folder. I load up KSP. No new flags, but I have all my flags I added from 1.0.5. Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is it a bug with 1.1? Also I have Hyperedit, CxAerospace Space Station Parts, Kerbinside/KK, Taurus 3.75M Capsule, and some other base part mods.
  6. Nice! I like it already.
  7. The glorious doom turtle, now in Kerbal form! I really should build that space Tiger I always wanted to build. Huh. Here, have some rep.
  8. I think I'm several weeks late, guess I'll have to use the grappling hook to hold on to the hype train! Woot woot! Overdetailed landers with 1000+ parts, coming 1.1!
  9. (Cues first post after another break due to obsession with pixel tenk games) Finally, with the new update, I might actually be able to TEST the thousand part lander launch system+constellation lander design I created without crashing the game!
  10. Happy New Year, KSP dev team! Also, DO not change the game to suit the happiness-and-rainbows view of PEGI. Fight against censorship.
  11. I finally made a new one! Flag map coming up. Then Duna.
  12. Sad to hear that the old one is down, but fortunately, you preserved the text. Love the story so far, hyped for the next chapter.
  13. Great work! Hope it's not just me, but I actually enjoy the new one more than the old one.
  14. New Profile Pic! Based off this: [img]http://i.imgur.com/nt6F532.gif[/img]
  15. Added new version! Should I comics or artwork next?
  16. Can I have my username changed to Rolanvorxariat(Don't Question how I got that name). I decided Chiken1880 was a ridiculous name. Thanks! It took 10 minutes to shorten the name Rolanovorxotauriateng
  17. Since I've gotten back on the Forums, I decided to do some artsy-things with my new artsy hobbies. So, I decided to make a planetball map of the Kerbol System. It's nothing fancy, just a simple drawing, but if I ever do individual celestial bodies, expect better quality. This took roughly 2 hours to draw. Made in ProCreate on my iPad. Oh, and I also might do something like Commissioner Tadpole, the original creator of the Kerbal Planetball (Kerb-ball?) Komics, with the comic strips. EDIT: new version up! ( mistake there- by "Bop stronk", I meant "Pol stronk". Bop is the Kawaii kraken thingie. Also,for some apparent reason, the "Add a poll" thing that I normally see is gone. Huh. EDIT: My new profile pic,based off the iconic Polandball "Of Happenings". Also, Flag map of Kerbin and Some Planetball Art, coming soon Finally finished with a artwork! I drew Laythe because it is Laythe. Jool is glaring at Tylo, so his eyes are not in it. Feel free to give feedback! Added new one! I really
  18. First thing I did, create a test craft that consists of a mk1 cockpit, mk1 passenger compartment, mk1 LFO tank, and a vector. No parachute, just two airbrakes. Boy, I am loving the new bouyancy.
  19. Eh, probably a Laythe Space-shuttle-style cargo seaplane.
  20. Time to make giant unfeasable floating fortresses.
  21. No, I'm saying new parts. I've been trimming down on mods lately, but there's just a few part mods that I need (for the cargo planes and whatnot) that I don't need anymore.
  22. This is VERY well done, MajorJim. Have some rep. Edit: Dang, I've been gone for months and it still says I gave you too much rep lately.
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