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  1. I feel like the problem is likely the fact that you're trying to drill an asteroid. Unless MKS adds Resources to asteroids as well as planets.
  2. Ah. That would explain it. I have two pilots on the base, one of them doing nothing. I'll try shifting them to the Ag module. Thanks!
  3. Yes, the Tundra and Duna modules each have at least 100 Machinery.
  4. There is fertiliser, as it's needed for the Agroponics systems already used to keep the base at a steady level of Supplies. (That reminds me, I need to launch a processing unit to generate more Fertiliser from the minerals and gypsum...) I've tried it with the Duna and Tundra modules set to Cultivate and to Agriculture. Neither produced Supplies.
  5. Me again. The Planetary Logistics is working fine, I now have 30k units of Water sitting in the tank at my main Minmus base. Now I'm confused as to how I generate Supplies. I have a Duna Agricultural Module and a Tundra Agricultural Module. Both are set to Agriculture (S). I have water, I have Substrate, I have electricity. I have an empty Supplies container. I have a Scientist sitting in the Duna module. But my Supplies resource is refusing to go up. Do I need more Scientists/Farmers? One other issue is that I had my engineer set the Tundra module to Agriculture (S), but the right-click control still says "Activate Cultivate (S)". It says above that in the right-click menu that it is set to Agriculture. Am I missing something?
  6. Since I only seem to have small resource drills unlocked, I could send more of those and have my engineer attach them. He'd have to fly all the way from the refinery site, though. I've been letting it do that while I work on my Minmus fuel refinery. Which I have also been having problems with, but that's a Ground Construction issue, not MKS.
  7. Ah, thanks! ...maybe I shouldn't have used a 3.5 metre tank for the mining rig... It's gonna take forever to fill up.
  8. Hi. I'm confused about how to use Planetary Logistics. I tried reading an MKS guide, but all it said was that I needed a Tundra Logistics Module (which I have) and a storage part set to Planetary Logistics: On (which I have) and that the Logistics Module would, even when unmanned, "push" a resource into Planetary Logistics. I have a water mining unit on Minmus. It is successfully mining water and at this point I have 4,000 units of it in the storage tank. I have an agricultural base on Minmus with an empty water tank and a manned Tundra Logistics Module. Its water tank is also set to Planetary Logistics: On. I don't see any options on the tank or the Logistics Module for "pushing" resources into Planetary Logistics. The menu on the right hand side comes up with tabs including Planetary Logistics, but it doesn't show resources like the Local Resources tab does. Please could I get an explanation for how I am supposed to use this function? I'm very invested in this mod in my current playthrough, and I'd love to keep going with it, but this is a wall I've slammed into. My only alternative would be sending an entire water tanker lander out to Minmus and shuttling water around, if I'm unable to get Planetary Logistics working. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks, that... kind of works. The symbol is tiny, has an even smaller hitbox for recognising when my mouse is over it, and only changes colour very slightly to show when my mouse is in the right place. You've been helpful, but whoever designed the interface definitely wasn't. It wasn't at all obvious that the deployment symbol was a button rather than just a notification of readiness to deploy.
  10. When I try to place a deployable experiment, the game acts as if I am trying to move the experiment from one inventory to another. It doesn't show the object in position and the options menu that is supposed to appear. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? All the information about the Breaking Ground DLC talks about how placing experiments is a feature, but none of the articles or videos I could find explained how you were supposed to do it.
  11. None of the lift fans were showing up in the part editor. I looked at the cfg files and I thought the problem was that they were listed as "category = propulsion" rather than "category = engine", but changing this didn't seem to do anything.
  12. Can planes fire fixed weapons behind them? You know, for when they've got an enemy on their tail.
  13. Looking at what I did last night, seems like the problem might be I used the wrong download link. I didn't see the link on the releases page and tried downloading from PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory. I think I've found the correct link now and will try running that instead. Sorry.
  14. I'm having problems. First, the BDArmoury tab shows up as grey when it didn't do that in earlier versions. There are also important parts missing such as the radomes (they aren't in other tabs, I checked). I followed the installation instructions including downloading Physics Range Extender. I placed the entire mod into GameData like it says to do. What might be causing these issues? I tried google searching it, but only found one instance of someone else having the same problem and they never got answered.
  15. Thanks! I wasn't sure where it was supposed to go. I haven't been on the forum in a while and was logged out, so I may not have seen the right sub-forum.
  16. Using Extraplanetary Launchpads and a few other mods, I built this. Workshop, smelter, reactor, rocketparts silo, metalore mining unit and one launchpad were sent from Kerbin, but the rest of the base was built by the base. I've been using it to launch Duna and Eve missions, and when Minmus gets into position I'll be using it for an asteroid capture mission too. Aside from specialty equipment like reactors, electric engines and spacecraft that are required by contract to have been built at the KSC, I am now building pretty much everything here. Those Duna and Eve missions (which will both be setting up ore mining facilities and fuel converters at their destinations) barely put a dent in my 8,000,000 Vessel Funds. This being my first Extraplanetary Launchpads base to actually work, I'm really pleased with it.
  17. The author knew exactly what he was doing. Its a case of without the dust storm, there is no story. Personally I'd have preferred that the dust storm was a problem for the reason stated at the beginning of the book - that the MAV was a spacecraft, and that too much dust would destroy its delicate systems. This would give them a time limit to abort the mission in, without the unrealistic thing of it tipping over. Of course, then you've got to work out how Watney gets left behind without having a communications antenna sticking through him, and for that matter, how the communications antenna broke in the first place.
  18. Note the "Fusion Industries" logo on the left. At least according to the Wikia, Mr Fusion Home Energy Generators were available in 2015.
  19. Supposedly neutrinos had "mutated" into a form that interacts with other forms of matter more often, resulting in the Earth being heated up.
  20. Sorry to be off-topic, but I had to respond to this. The NHS only uses homeopathy for palliative care - in other words, to make someone who is already dying feel better. It is not used in lieu of actual effective medicine.
  21. If there is one, I can't find it.
  22. Just tried this. KSP just closes without asking if I'm sure.
  23. I want to go back to 1.2, but I can't because there's no download on the KSP store page. The Tracking Station is majorly bugged. Its not listing any of my vessels, even though I can see some of them orbiting Kerbin, and my comsats still have the relay lines. The "Leave Facility" button is not responding.
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