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  1. kOS has User Function. Will kOS has User Structure? I want to write PID controller by myself. But kOS's PIDLoop Structure can not be changed.
  2. Can anyone recommend me an IDE to write kOS codes? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Author. I wonder if you will add the support for Robotics parts of DLC "Breaking Ground Expansion"? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Author. I wonder if you will make new IR parts based on the DLC "Breaking Ground Expansion"? Thanks.
  5. Hi, author. I noticed that the IR-Next has been updated to InfernalRobotics_v3.0.0_beta4p1. And the Addons:IR of latest version kOS doesn't support it. Will you plan to support new IR-Next in the next version? Thanks.
  6. Add some new thing in Action Groups? In general, if I press GroupAction "Move +" for two times, the second "Move +" will cancel the first one. So the second operation means "Stop". But it 's so easy to lead to a misoperation. In order to let IR operation be clear, could you add a new Group Action "Stop Move" to all robotic part? Thanks. I find 2 problem about IR_v3.0.0_beta3_p4_for_1.3.1. The first problem is about all Robotic part. The Second one is about Rotatron Robotic part. 1st problem: (I test with Part "Joint Plvotron - Basic") [Step1] Strat to trun left the IR part. [Step2] Start trun right the IR part when rotating. The result: It moved to right limit suddenly. (The button "MoveToCenter" has the similar behavior.) 2nd problem: (I test with Part "Rotatron - Basic") [Step1] Start to trun left the IR part. [Step2] Start to I trun right the IR part when rotating. The result: The IR part stopped forever. And it won't execute any new order. (The button "MoveToCenter" has the similar behavior. Somtimes the game will even crash.)
  7. I find the kOS_v. didn't work with InfernalRobotics_3.0.0_beta3_p7_for_KSP_1.3.1. When I check ADDONS:IR:AVAILABLE, the result is FALSE. Have you the plan to repair this problem in next kOS version? Thanks.
  8. That's great. I think I can expect the next version :-)
  9. I found some strange things when using this mod. (ProceduralParts-1.2.12, KSP v.1.3.0) They are both about the part "Procedural SRB". 1) When I set a large thrust (diameter=2.5m, thrust=about 3000kN) in VAB and lanuched it, the nozzle became smaller (and there has a gap to the next part), and the thrust also became lower (720 kN). It seems that the thrust of the Procedural SRB will never be over 720kN (ASL)... Is it a BUG? 2) First I set "gimbalRange" to 20 in cfg file. Then I found the nozzle action only was responsive to one of pitch or yaw control. It seems that the gimbal is only about one-axis. Is it a BUG of FEATURE? I hope it's about two-axis. --------------------------------------------------- If I want to more thrust and two-axis gimbal, What shall I do? Thanks.
  10. Can anyone help me? I use both IR-2.0.12 and KJR-v3.3.3 in KSP-1.3. But I find KJR works well except for IR PART. The joint looks so soft. What shall I do? Thanks.
  11. Author sir, all the time, kOS lacks some an effective way to get the overheat information of parts. kOS players have no way to get heat alarm. They have no chance to make something to avoid overheating explosion. Please, shall we change this situation? Suggestion: How about adding a new scalar field named "OverHeat" into structure PART ? "OverHeat" stands for a overheat bar of the part. Its range can be 0.0 to 1.0. Zero value means the part's temperature is safe. Also, how about adding a new list named "OverHeatParts" into structure VESSEL ? It will be a list of all parts with dangerous temperature. Thanks.
  12. Hi, welcome. (*゚▽゚*)
  13. I find I can get the position of BDA missile by the order "list targets.". But I don't know how to get the position of BDA bullets. Anyone know something about this? Thanks.
  14. How can I get the Drag of my vessel when moving vertically? Now I calculate the drag value by Acceleration, Mass and Gravity. Has any other way more simple? Thanks.