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  1. Please add new feature: Now KSP supports USER AXIS INPUT. Player can set USER AXIS INPUT to model airplane controller. (Menu-Settings-Input-Vessel-AxisActions) Please add them to Pilot Input (Structure Control). Thanks.
  2. In InfernalRobotics_v3.0.2 + KSP 1.9.1, I find the Robotic Part has angle resolution ( 1 degree ) in KSP Field "target position". I will get 77 degree if I set 76.54321 degree. It's a rounding value. I don't like this feature. I want precise input. Is there any way to angle change the resolution to a smaller value? Thanks.
  3. I find there has "MOMENT_OF_INERTIA" (unit: kg*m^2) in kRPC Documentation. (http://krpc.github.io/krpc/python/api/space-center/vessel.html) It means API including it. Maybe it can be added into the next version kOS ? (unit: ton*m^2) I admit it's difficult to calculate the moment of inertia of the vessel. I designed experiment to measure different parts, but I can't explain all the result by formulas in physics textbook. If there is a way to get the moment of inertia directly, there won't be so much trouble.
  4. I found: // kOS 1.2.1 in KSP 1.9.1 Local Function ppp { Parameter a. Set b to a+5. Local c to a+6. Print "a is "+a. //show: a is 10 Print "b is "+b. //show: b is 15 Print "c is "+c. //show: c is 30 Return True. } Lock a to 10. Lock b to 20. Lock c to 30. ppp( 40 ). It looks that the LOCKED variable have priority over function PARAMETER and Local variable. Is it bug? Thanks.
  5. Has anyone know how to get moment of inertia about vessel? Thanks. I find SHIP:ANGULARMOMENTUM and SHIP:ANGULARVEL but I get a strange results if I divide ANGULARMOMENTUM by ANGULARVEL.
  6. Thank you. Inspired by your reply, I find Ship:Body:Position:Mag-Ship:Body:Radius can tell me the altitude of mass center.
  7. Has anyone know how to get position about center of mass? Thanks. I use Ship:Altitude, but it doesn't work well. It's about position of root part, not center of mass.
  8. kOS has User Function. Will kOS has User Structure? I want to write PID controller by myself. But kOS's PIDLoop Structure can not be changed.
  9. Hi, Author. I wonder if you will add the support for Robotics parts of DLC "Breaking Ground Expansion"? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Author. I wonder if you will make new IR parts based on the DLC "Breaking Ground Expansion"? Thanks.
  11. Hi, author. I noticed that the IR-Next has been updated to InfernalRobotics_v3.0.0_beta4p1. And the Addons:IR of latest version kOS doesn't support it. Will you plan to support new IR-Next in the next version? Thanks.
  12. Add some new thing in Action Groups? In general, if I press GroupAction "Move +" for two times, the second "Move +" will cancel the first one. So the second operation means "Stop". But it 's so easy to lead to a misoperation. In order to let IR operation be clear, could you add a new Group Action "Stop Move" to all robotic part? Thanks. I find 2 problem about IR_v3.0.0_beta3_p4_for_1.3.1. The first problem is about all Robotic part. The Second one is about Rotatron Robotic part. 1st problem: (I test with Part "Joint Plvotron - Basic") [Step1] Strat to t
  13. I find the kOS_v. didn't work with InfernalRobotics_3.0.0_beta3_p7_for_KSP_1.3.1. When I check ADDONS:IR:AVAILABLE, the result is FALSE. Have you the plan to repair this problem in next kOS version? Thanks.
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