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  1. A quick apology for not replying to posts over the past two months. I don't really want to make a huge post responding to everything so I'll just continue with the post I came to make. A new pack is available covering the Airplane Plus mod by @blackheart612. I wish to make it clear the pack is not finished but has been uploaded as my attention will shift toward fixing up breakages and covering new parts from the 1.10 update in the core stock pack. If I don't upload it now, it'll just sit around on my hard drive for the undetermined amount of time that it takes to get stock sorted. On that note, the stock pack has been sitting waiting for certain dev branch features of Textures Unlimited to be pushed through to the master branch. I don't want anyone pestering for these updates so while I will not update the links in the main post until then, I'll provide a link in this post, here. This will only work with the dev branch build of Textures Unlimited. Provided you are using the latest public release of TU, simply replacing the Textures Unlimited dll with the one from here should be good for running these configs in KSP 1.9.x. Please don't make me regret doing this, hehe. That means no complaining to anyone but me if something is broken.
  2. @ShallowBowl2717 Correct, the configs are for the original pWings. The pack was created in KSP 1.8 so it should still work with 1.9.
  3. @ShallowBowl2717 The two main reasons for this are settings in the games graphics options. 1) Rendering Quality needs to be Good or higher. 2) Reflection Refresh Mode needs to be something other than None. Exact wording might be off without loading the game to double check them.
  4. Interesting. Looking at the Kopernicus wiki, it seems for stock you might need to make a different config using a template node. I missed that the supplied Kopernicus configs already use this. Edit: So I think it would be something like... @Kopernicus:FINAL { @Body,* { @Template { removeBiomes = true } @Properties { %biomeMap=1biome/1biome.png Biomes { Biome { name = Surface displayName = #autoLOC_900621 // Surface value = 1 color = 0,0,0,1 } } } } } This might break the Sun as you previously mentioned. Then you might need to come up with a way of ignoring the sun body with a :HAS[!name = sun] or something. Would need to look up the proper MM syntax. Another Edit: After reading the MM wiki, I think changing the @Body line with... @Body:HAS[~name[Sun]] ...might work.
  5. I'd need to rummage through a Kopernicus config for complete syntax but some things I can spot that seem off. + is copy but you appear to be using it to add entries. To create an entry you don't need a symbol or you can use % as a fail safe to create or edit. Something else that sticks out but might be correct, typically, sub modules and nodes will be in caps. So things like @Body might want to be @BODY. Same for Biomes. Might be wrong on this also but while @PART[*] is the usual syntax for targeting all parts, for nodes I think you want @NODEname,* Edit: Hmm, ok, referencing the Kopernicus GitHub and JNSQ pages... @Kopernicus:FINAL { @Body,* { @Properties { %biomeMap=1biome/1biome.png !Biomes,*{} Biomes { Biome { name = Surface displayName = #autoLOC_900621 // Surface value = 1 color = 0,0,0,1 } } } } } Try that. Dunno if it will work and if it does, there's probably a more elegant way.
  6. @Count Vitehud VII Two simple things to check: 1) In the games graphics options, your render settings need to be "good" or higher. At least I think it was good, essentially, at lower settings the reflection probe is disabled. 2) If you're using more recent builds of TU and KSP (It does at least look like it from the ground textures), you also want to ensure the reflection update mode (not sure of exact wording but it's along those lines) is set to something other than off. On older builds where TU handled everything externally, you need to edit the general configuration file so reflections are enabled.
  7. @Beetlecat Would need to see the flag itself to say whether it is correct or not but as an example of how reflections behave on curved (concave) surfaces go grab a shiny spoon and check it out. Basically, things get inverted so if the text on the flag as viewed normally is backwards, which is the case on one side from memory due to how the texture is mapped on to the mesh, then the reflection might well be correct. The behaviour on stock relay dishes seemed correct from recollection of my testing. Though saying that, I have seen a mesh in game behave strangely... Edit: Alright, I was bored, so with the aid of some kitchen utensils and a bank statement envelope, plus some awkward backward writing, here's a demo...
  8. @jamsteh The new reworked Skipper and Mainsail will be in the next update along with some reworks of previously updated engines. There's more screenshots at various stages of completion in the previous 2 or so pages of the thread but here's one that saves looking.
  9. @Shadowmage Alright, I'm prepared to do some reading and spitball what I find but this might be no use as I'm not a programmer or shader guru (need that bgolus person from the Unity forums that seems to appear in all the threads I read). I could be completely wrong but I don't think you can make a one size fits all shader. For an alpha cutoff shader you want: // inside SubShader Tags { "Queue"="AlphaTest" "RenderType"="TransparentCutout" "IgnoreProjector"="True" } // inside CGPROGRAM in the fragment Shader: clip(textureColor.a - alphaCutoffValue); ...according to this. Also on that page, maybe, might be worth implementing as alpha to coverage instead so MSAA can tidy things up. I suppose it would be handy to see inside what KSP/Alpha/Cutoff and the bumped variant use as that's what is applied to stock parts like the launch clamps and parachutes plus quite commonly in mods using blur textures. I also found something that hints at ways to improve the translucency shader so that making a part glass like is represented better here. Primarily, the part right at the bottom with regard to using two passes so the back faces should be rendered. I've also been thinking about altering the shadow strength and colour based on the translucency and shade of the part but so far I've come up short.
  10. @Electrocutor Yeah, an alpha cutoff shader is what I've been after for a long time, it's what you really want for the launch clamps, parachutes and other cases. The translucency shaders have their place too though and I've also been trying to use them as intended previously. Here's a composite of the various issues I've encountered previously but with a modified pWings part... From left to right, showing that reflections and spec works fine in the editor. Next slice is to show how the shine is lost in the flight scene. Third slice is to show the disappearance of almost everything at certain camera distances. Last is to show odd behaviour with regard to world scenery.
  11. Hehe, yeah, I know. When I say "a while", I'm talking years. It's why i don't currently touch launch clamps, parachutes and...various things I can't really mention right now due them being projects not revealed. Way back in the early days of this thread there should be a discussion about it from memory. I'm sure it's a nut that will get cracked one day. I had revisited a problem with regard to this just recently and I'm gathering more information that might be useful in identifying where things go wrong.
  12. @Agustin I know you want it but it might be best to just wait and see if they give you a link to the download. Essentially someone took the pWings parts and made new ones with different material properties and textures. Kinda like TU does without all the external work but it's worth highlighting, they don't use TU. Can you do something similar with TU? Kinda... That's just a quick hack but TU's translucent shaders are something I have been struggling with for a while now.
  13. Not currently. Well, at least not one that I know of.