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  1. Manwith Noname

    KSP Loading... Our New Dev Diary!

    [Insert "leave Britney alone" meme] They don't need to touch any of the Porkjet MK1, MK2 and MK3 stuff. This include the Goliath. Leave them alone....leave them alone!!!
  2. This is because I have not released an update for KSP 1.5 and Squad have used the same part names for those tanks as they used previously while moving the parts to a new folder, so, the configs are looking for textures in an old directory path which no longer exists resulting in them not being found. Even if they were still located as they once were, the paint scheme would most likely be misaligned and largely inappropriate. With the latest version of TU, some part icons will still display blue-ish with certain shaders, most notably, the new bump spec mapped. It's known as in one of the files there is a comment about it.
  3. Manwith Noname

    Black Chute cords?

    Alrighty. I've downloaded the mod, put it in my install and loaded the game. For me, the chutes work and display correctly without any changes, well, the one I tried which was the "red" one based on what I saw in your screenshot. I guess that something you have installed is interfering with them. My first hunch would be anything that is capable of modifying textures and shaders like Textures Unlimited or one of the many Texture Replacers. Do you have TU configs other than TURD?
  4. Manwith Noname

    Black Chute cords?

    From what I can see in your pic, everything is being rendered correctly with the exception of the bits that should be transparent so, I strongly suspect this a shader issue rather than texture. You most likely just need to ensure that "shader = KSP/Alpha/Cutoff Bumped" is applied to the chute, which you can do inside the variant section of the config I believe from looking at other stock parts with variants. I've had similar issues when trying to adapt the stock chutes to use textures unlimited shaders.
  5. Manwith Noname

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Yeah, that wasn't 100% intentional, I changed some values as a test at one point then never went back. You can simply edit the value for smoothness in the metal textureset config, higher values will give more shine. The main idea with the metallic config was to give people a starting point to create their own sets just by copying the files, renaming them and then editing certain values and texture paths. Open the standardised switching config, then using find and replace change.. currentTextureSet = Stock_Default to currentTextureSet = Alternate_Stock_Metallic That should work...hopefully. That was kind of the plan with how things are structured in their names anyway. I've already done this in my local configs as a result of the conflicts that came up with Station Parts and Ven's.
  6. Manwith Noname

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    The other parts that need changing are the texture set entries in the texture switch module. From... textureSet = sometexturesetnamehere TEXTURESET { name = sometexturenamehere } It means, placing the TURD folder inside the GameData folder of your KSP install. You should end up with the following... .../Kerbal Space Program/GameData/TURD/...
  7. The one on the left. Edit: Also, is the bloom and depth of field configurable?
  8. Manwith Noname

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    I can understand that. If there was a way of hooking in so that a texture set could specify the "GAMEOBJECTS" it would be handy though. This will hopefully visualise what I'm explaining very badly... It could just be some weirdness with how I have everything setup but essentially, all inputs are the same for both shaders. The left is TU/Metallic, the right is SSTU/PBR/Masked. Edit: this is the TU/Metallic shader on the SRBs. Both are recoloured but one is just my usual RGB scheme to visualise things and the other I altered the colours to look like the stock part. Note, it's not using the striped texture, the diffuse is all "white". Reminds me of the old saying, red and green should not be seen without a colour in between. Another edit:...and I'm going to improve the "wear and tear" so it doesn't look like someone blobbed a round pencil at the edges....
  9. Manwith Noname

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Only in so far as I remove the Stock system and replace it with the TU slider for textures. That's what you see in the pic, each "variant" becomes a texture set. The only snag with this is model switching and the issue with converting the configs to nest TU settings in variants is you can't recolour from the GUI. Here's what hilarity ensues when you remove stock variants from the new rovemate... I downloaded the dev build yesterday and have been playing around. The first thing I note is there appears to be some sort of issue where mask "layers" meet. If you've only checked this out on parts like the MK2 cockpit it would be easy to miss since all "layer borders" are in between the parts "panels" of the main texture (dark bits). This is using the TU/Metallic shader without normalisation right now.
  10. Manwith Noname

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Progress report....The (not so) leaning tower of Kerbal...
  11. Well that's a nice update. It sort of heads toward something I've been desiring for a while. I don't know if it is possible or not but what I'm after is a way of finding out more information about meshes when drilling through parts. Mainly, it would be nice to be able to read the texture filename applied to the mesh, with a path if possible. Most of the time I've been able to figure things out just by looking and with stock parts, it's not that complicated but some mods distribute files over various folders and depending on the thought process of the author of those parts, sometimes I can follow their logic, sometimes not. I realise, if I expanded my toolset I could probably find these things out, I'm just dreaming about seeing it all in one place. That place being in the game where I'm mostly grabbing the information from. Edit: Oh, I also realise it might well be possible to do this already and I just haven't found it. If that's the case, let me know.
  12. Yeah, I sort of figured this out after posting as I went to bed. "Why am I getting reflections when noone else is?" kind of thought, then guessed that even though it's not using TU shaders, it's picking up the reflection mapping somehow. I haven't put the whole project in to 1.5 yet but I had started planning for new part... Edit: Oh, be wary of this... ...go look at the HECS textures I think it was. They don't have information in the alpha...well they do but it's "1" everywhere. Another edit: It's the rovemate textures I was thinking of. HECS doesn't currently have separate textures.
  13. I'm inclined to say there's "real time reflection" going on. I stuck a sputnik and a QBE in orbit and you can see the faces updating and the "reflection" matches the colour of the planet below.
  14. Manwith Noname

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    @bvsveera Alright, turns out not all part patches change the author to Ven. I didn't fully test it (clearly), just made it quick and checked some parts, then removed it. This "should" grab anything that has a model from Ven... @PART[*]:HAS[@MODEL:HAS[#model[VenStockRevamp/*]]]:FOR[zzzzVSRPathPatch_1] { !MODULE[KSPTextureSwitch],* {} !MODULE[SSTURecolorGUI],* {} } Also, you are correct, just paste it into a cfg file anywhere inside GameData. I'll just say though, remember where it is because you might want to remove it some time in the future