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  1. @OnlyLightMatters From what you have shown here it was hard to understand what wasn't working as you expected. I noticed your post in the main TU thread though and I think I can perhaps shed some light on what is missing. The black area of the colour mask takes metallic and specular values from another texture. This can be defined in a number of ways but I highly suspect that the texture being used for this contains no alpha layer. Or perhaps more importantly, the alpha layer has a value of 1 in the areas where you are seeing reflections you don't want. If you're following the texture set
  2. @Weak Player I don't know if you're getting things mixed up but reflection resolution doesn't matter, in fact I would recommend not putting it above 256. The two settings in the graphics options that are important are the rendering quality, which needs to be good or higher and the reflection refresh rate, which needs to be low or higher. If either of these is not met, then things will appear to work in the VAB / SPH but will fail when loading in to the game world. Your second screenshot suggest that the configs are being applied so I would double check the two graphics options if things d
  3. I did at one point consider mucking around with flags but there are a couple issues. 1) They are user defined. I prefer to have texture sets be very specific and define all the textures. TU has an "inherit texture" ability but I prefer not to use it as it can cause weirdness when switching. 2) Some flags use transparency. When you apply the main TU shaders to those the transparency is lost and what should be transparent displays the RGB layer content of the texture you aren't supposed to see. TU does have transparent shaders but these have their own issues which can cause rendering t
  4. @Opus I seem to recall this happens with some builds of pWings. You'll need one that specifically supports Textures Unlimited as the transition from hangar to game world on versions that don't allow pWings own material handling to override TU. Try one of these if you are not already... https://github.com/tetraflon/B9-PWings-Modified/releases
  5. This sounds similar to an issue I was having that I previously posted about. At least, I'm fairly sure I found the same error in the log when I looked. I didn't get very far with debugging it because it seemed pretty random. I had an issue with Terrier not switching correctly, at the time I had removed large parts of my install to help with loading times. When I put everything back, the Terrier worked but later I found that the Spark did the same thing. I meant to get around to checking if this related to how I split the meshes up but didn't always call the texturesetX for certain variant
  6. Look in the 000_TexturesUnlimited folder and find the general configuration file. Under the UV_EXPORT section set exportUVs = true. Load the game, it will seem to hang but leave it be and once it reaches the main menu close it. Go back to the file and set exportUVs = false. Now, inside your KSP install you'll have a folder named exportedUVMaps. Browse through there for the part you want to work with and you'll have a bunch of svg file which are the UVmaps and a text file which lists all the mesh names, texture paths and material properties. It's best to do this with no mods installed
  7. @RadicalSkeptic Good news and bad news. Based on your comment I created a test in my own install. So for me, things work with one exception, the 909 doesn't enable the open GUI button. I know it worked in the past and there's no reason for it to have changed. I had a quick look at the configs and it's not imediately obvious so I'll most likely investigate over the weekend. For your particular problem as I understand it though, there is potentially a very simple reason why these engines may not function for you. These require a very specific version of Textures Unlimited. I t
  8. @Me1_base and @hypervelocity It's not a simple fix. TU targets transforms / mesh by name. Top and bottom of pWings are both named "surface". It could be fixed by editing the model so the top and bottom have different names but this will likely break how the B9 plugin works.
  9. UPDATE The stock recolour pack has been updated again. Now reflects part changes included in the 1.11.1 patch. Short and sweet.
  10. @Apelsin I'm not entirely convinced that is the problem. After reading your initial report I downloaded FUR and tested it as it comes with all my configs. It worked fine, well, the windows exhibit the same odd reflection behaviour someone later posted in the thread. The configs are old and contain things not necessary today (the reflection enable section) but they work as intended from my brief testing. Like I said, it's a common problem for parts configured with TU to show black when they are highly reflective under certain conditions because the reflection probe that should be holding the da
  11. My suspicion here is that you either don't have reflections enabled in the game options or you have the render quality set below good. At least from memory good is the minimum setting for the reflection options to be effective. Hmm, I tried a number of the various forks for B9 pWings and had success with the one I linked. Others didn't stick paint jobs when going to the flight scene. I also didn't install FAR. So, while I may have experienced odd things if I had used the wings in anger (as in used them to fly), everything loaded fine and seemed to function correctly. I'll double check
  12. @Moose Thanks. It's no biggie. For the most part I enjoy doing it, when it gets tiresome I just put it to one side and pick it up again later. No feeling of being forced or guilt because I want it too, even though I don't play so much, it's just something I think should exist, so I make it happen when I can and feel inclined. @Apelsin Thanks. I'll have a look when I can. I haven't really been checking the individual packs so posting things like this is helpful as the mods they cover probably get updated now and then. I have a couple of other mod packs locally but I'm not entirely happy wi
  13. @Wombatlord Hey, glad you enjoy the things that work Your issues lie in the fact those parts were changed by Squad in 1.10 and I have yet to upload a compatible version. There are other similar issues, the grabber is all funky from memory, the kickback too I think it was, struts, fuel lines may also have been borked along with some other stuff. Some good news on that front though... 1.10 Compatible Pack (Completely delete old version to prevent weirdness) That should sort all of it. I may revisit the single bell poodle, not for any major redesign of the masking but to get
  14. @EpicCybertronian I made a post pointing that issue out in the B9 thread a while back when the functionality was added. There's a config buried in the B9 pWings thread that fixes it but I did also make a start at the time with getting the actual B9 textures functional rather than relying entirely on ProcParts. It's all there and working correctly but needs some more finishing. This will require that the bundled config in B9 be removed though. On a related note, if anyone knows of a download to B9 pWings that includes the "stockalike" textures (The ones on the left. I have an
  15. Sorry...excuse me...erm..hi...is it time for an update? I've been somewhat distracted is probably the best way to put things. Aside from general life, Microsoft Flight Sim came along and I've been tinkering with that in my spare time mostly. I can push an update for 1.10 content and may look at the new 1.11 stuff too. I did make headway with 1.10 compatibility but I think the magneto probe thing might want some love still. Accodring to my notepad list which I grabbed and ammended from the KSP patch notes... So, I'll have a look at some point. Not dead...just distracted.
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