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  1. Hehe, yeah, I know. When I say "a while", I'm talking years. It's why i don't currently touch launch clamps, parachutes and...various things I can't really mention right now due them being projects not revealed. Way back in the early days of this thread there should be a discussion about it from memory. I'm sure it's a nut that will get cracked one day. I had revisited a problem with regard to this just recently and I'm gathering more information that might be useful in identifying where things go wrong.
  2. @Agustin I know you want it but it might be best to just wait and see if they give you a link to the download. Essentially someone took the pWings parts and made new ones with different material properties and textures. Kinda like TU does without all the external work but it's worth highlighting, they don't use TU. Can you do something similar with TU? Kinda... That's just a quick hack but TU's translucent shaders are something I have been struggling with for a while now.
  3. @Electrocutor If you're referring to the cabin lights "shining" on to other parts of the pod, it's artistic use of the emissive texture itself.
  4. Heh, not so silly. I'll explain better. Open the configs in a text editor, basic Notepad is fine for this, then use the Find and Replace function (typically CTRL+H). In the find field enter the first block, in the replace field enter one of the following blocks. I suspect, there may be some parts that this doesn't work on for various reasons (mainly those using Part Variants) but manually editing those wouldn't be as much of a pain as doing every single part.
  5. I just noticed something in your screenshots. There's a new button labelled Legacy Textures with the state disabled, you could try enabling them and see what occurs.
  6. We introduced a social distancing policy some time ago. At first, things seemed to be going well but apparently our employees just cannot help but be a bit touchy feely.
  7. @SilverlightPony That appears to be working as intended and is not directly a result of Textures Unlimited. If you want to use the original Procedural Parts textures when Textures Unlimited is installed, you'll need to contact the maintainer of the fork you are using and ask them to integrate them in to their patch which is overriding the original assets. Edit: Or make a patch which brings them back.
  8. If you want to change the default set that appears when you place a part: 1) Open The Standardised Switching config. 2) FInd and replace... currentTextureSet = Stock_Default With either... currentTextureSet = Alternate_Stock_Metallic ...or... currentTextureSet = MWNN_Stock_Paint This should work fine for 90% of the parts. In some cases, I may have drifted away from the naming convention for various reasons and then there's parts set up to use the stock PartVariant module. If a part doesn't work right, you should be able to find the part in the configs and see why just by checking the line where the texture set is applied to the switching module. You'll want to make the currentTextureSet line match the name of the textureSet. For preset colouring, open the Recolour Texture Sets config. Look for the colour block within the MWNN_Stock_Paint setup. Change those to match a preset colour from the Color Presets config in the Textures Unlimited folder or make some of your own presets and apply them. You can also apply colours without presets via directly referencing RGB values I believe but I have never tested this. Note, this is global and these apply to every part when the Stock Paint set is selected. If you want specific colours on specific parts, you would be best writing a patch that modifies the COLOR block within all of the specific sets configured in the main recolour file. Yes, this would take a fair amount of time but having a separate module manager patch that does this would save headaches down the road you would likely run in to by editing the configs themselves. That's not to say the patch will work forever but breakages will most likely only occur when a part is redesigned...hopefully.
  9. @CarnationRED Ok I think I found the issue. @PART[CarnationREDFlexibleFuelTank]:FOR[RealFuels] { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 2000 type = Default } } @PART[CarnationREDFlexibleFuselage]:FOR[RealFuels] { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 2000 type = Fuselage } } By using :FOR, you're setting up a situation where module manager thinks a mod called RealFuels exists. Change it to :NEEDS and it should be good.
  10. I see you're aware of an issue in this area but I thought it might be worth mentioning it's not exclusive to just that mod. It appears that this mod will trigger patches looking for Real Fuels more generally. Specifically, I was helping someone resolve an issue with B9 Aerospace HX parts where the fuel switch would cease to function as a result. Edit: To make that clearer. Flexible Parts is triggering module manager patches with NEEDS[RealFuels] Another Edit: Here's a simple patch for reproduction purposes... @PART[*]:NEEDS[RealFuels] { @title = NEEDS RealFuels Test } You can specify a particular part if you want but this saves hunting for it in the editors to check.
  11. @Agustin Ah, ok. While I have never experienced a crash to desktop from anything related to Textures Unlimited, if you manage to track something down in that area that's conclusive it would be appreciated. The fairings do currently have an issue I haven't got round to investigating but it shouldn't cause crashes to my knowledge and so it's on my list of minor problems to look at when more pressing things are sorted.
  12. I looked in to it and it's bad news I'm afraid. The only part that doesn't mirror textures top and bottom (in terms of shuttle replicas) is the cockpit. Saying that, there's the booster plate too I suspect but cargo bays and fuel use the same part of the texture for both top and bottom on the same mesh, which makes it impossible to do any trickery I have done in the past to get round things like this. Basically, whatever paint is applied to the bottom gets applied to the top. There's a way round it but it's not pretty and involves new models with more meshes and new UV data. Edit: I made this for a visual reference of what I'm trying to explain. I put a single green splodge on the paint texture and this is what occurs in game as a result... I have not checked yet but OPT might be possible and it's certainly a use for the blue layer which has yet to be implemented on most parts. Heh, I've considered every mod that exists, it just takes time. This should still work with RSS/RO. They just change the solar system and other behaviour in parts. So long as they don't rename the PART, all the packs should work. I'm unclear whether what remains is a new problem or the issue you no longer have so I'll answer just to be sure. I imagine what you describe here just needs the reflection update mode changed. Every frame offers smooth reflection behaviour, I have not tested with lower options but I imagine they will produce a stutter type behaviour in the look of reflections because that is typically how the rendering of them is altered to reduce computation and improve performance.
  13. @lk00david This was something that bugged me year ago when the MK3 parts first appeared. I wanted to make it so you could pretty much do that but the manner in which some models are unwrapped, the area of the texture used for both top and bottom is the same. This doesn't apply to all parts though from memory. Fuel tanks and wings are the main ones I remember it on. The cockpit can be done but I'm vague on the cargo bays, I'd need to look at them again to be sure either way. Stay at home Sunday report. The Spark, which I had previously made a bit a mess of trying to work around restrictions has received a revamp.
  14. Stay at home Saturday brought with it a LV-909 Revamp to make use of new features... I wonder what stay at home Sunday will bring?