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  1. hey guys, just wanted to say that i´m still alive. i´m moving to a new city to start my first job so it has been a bit crazy the last few weeks. once i´m settled i´ll try to get back into developing new features and continueing support. for right now the version should be compatible with 0.25
  2. Thank you for the compliments. The one about the update thingy should be directed at ksp AVC . Its a great mod that you just throw in with your own mod and it gives you the functionality you saw. It also has a standalone plugin that gives you a bit more information on all your mods. I´m hoping more people will adopt it, especially since it couldn't be easier to use as the mod author.
  3. I´m to sure about point one yet. The representation is still up in the air but I like your idea. I´ll think about it. Point to is a definite yes, but only one the basics are implemented. I don't want to have dependency's unless they are optional. And a definite yes for snacks:) Not sure about the UI yet. The project is frozen until I see what is in the next KSP version.
  4. update is out. it should hopefully fix orsx compatibility and the linux issue. I´ll work on new features and other fixes over the weekend Thank you to everyone for beeing this patient of the past few weeks
  5. PR merged, thank you! It would have taken me forever to find that bug without a debugger. How did you manage to find it?
  6. The stuff on the horizon will come back once you scan the planet. Scansat on/off is just the integration. I should give the button a better name. If you turn it on you only get the overlay at the spots you already scanned, which is why you don't see it right now. I will try to fix that in the next version. Until then you will have to enable/disable the overlay when you are blow it, at least if that bothers you.
  7. You are right, apparently I'm to tired to think straight:( I also added your license text as a comment to the shader file. The readme on github and the first post here already have information on the files that were not written by me. I hope the changes are fine with you. Sorry for being a bit dumb today. I uploaded a new version that has the correct license.
  8. Ok, the links are back up and the licensing issues should be resolved, I hope. There were no changes in the new version since my laptop can't run the game and I'll have to wait till the next weekend to have access to my pc again.
  9. I will try to get it done tomorrow. I´m stupidly busy with work right now. Might also have to change the license from MIT to CC or GPL for a version or two:(
  10. Hey, I´m sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I had thought I already included a license file for the class I took from you. I´m sorry I forgot about that:( I still have your license in the Window.cs class I included and I will include your License file in the next release as soon as I have a minute off work. Sorry again guys
  11. I'll try to get around to installing linux on the weekend. The only other thing I can think of other then permissions: I didn't put a version of the config into the /PluginData folder, because I didn't want to overwrite peoples config. Did you guys switch from 0.24 to 0.25 or start at 0.25? If you started at 0.25 Linux might not want to write the file if it doesn't exist.
  12. ah now I get what you mean by your first point and it gives me an idea: how about opening the UI on your first time in the game? That way you dont have to fiddle with the toolbar to get it open and you can immediately see all the options you have. for your second point: I'll look into it. Thank you for checking again and giving me a detailed bug report! It is a bug. I'll look into fixing that and adding a description of the options. Thanks for the feedback. It looks to me like the folder is read only, but I might be wrong. I will test it and come back to you once I have a few minutes:) Thank you for informing me.
  13. Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. At first glance I´m not sure how the discrepancy happens. I will have to in the Karbonite code to see how they get their values. My plugin just asks ORS for the value at the given coordinates, so I would guess that I should be more precise, but maybe a bug crept in there somewhere. I will look into it. However, I´ll be gone for 2 weeks on an internship, starting tomorrow and I'm not sure how much free time I will have, so we'll see how fast I can check it out. About the tooltip: enabled from the start was more of a new user thing for me. I thought if i had it disabled new users might not even realize that there are tooltips and you can disable it. After you disable them they should stay disabled even after a restart. Is that not the case for you?
  14. We are transferring resources from one ship to another, so all it does is change the amounts. FSFuelSwitch ignores that new amount and overwrites it "OnStart" with this : "newResourceNode.AddValue("amount", getResource(resourceCount));" . It basically wipes away the transfer. You can see the effect for yourself by changing the Amount in the save file. I understand you have to do that in the "(calledByPlayer || brandNewPart)" part of the if, but it would be nice if you didn't wipe it in the else section, so that manipulation of amounts worked while in flight. Thank you for hearing me out:)
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