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  1. Hey! Would it be possible to integrate ScanSat sensors into the near future systems manager, so that it could take into account their ec consumption? Sorry if this is the wrong place or way to ask for this. It's a really useful utility.
  2. Hey, love the mod, been using it for pretty much all my fairings. I noticed a bug (?) however. The fairings don't obey the 'Decoupler: Disable staging ' button from the right click menu when building (the action stays in the staging sequence).
  3. Hi! Is it possible to add Landertron functionality to NearFutureSpacecraft's superdraco-esque engines?
  4. Hi! The issue in this thread might be linked to this mod. This is a version 1.8 setup.
  5. Luckily, I installed my latest mods with some amount of time between them, so by tracking the download times, I was able to narrow it down. After removing DockingCameraKURS, the issue was solved.
  6. Just chiming in, I get the same issue with all my kerbals in the following setup:
  7. I noticed this issue too, after upgrading from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1. My Minmus mining rig that uses Mk2 landing legs became unusable, launching twice it's height upward on being loaded.
  8. Cann you update this mod in ckan? The current version there is 0.1.0.
  9. Awesome, how did you get the converters to work? Kethane works fine for me with tawinha's fix for EL compatibility (unofficial, except for the converters. Everything in EL works. (24.2, 32-bit). EDIT: Okay, converters work, it was my foolish construction which caused the problem. Great mod, great fix!
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