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  1. I plan to release a “quick” updated version somewhere next week. The new version with the UI will take just a bit longer as I expected it would be easier as it actually is. It will happen though!
  2. I know it starts to take a very long time, but I'm still working on it guys. I have made some good progress on the new plugin so IR will not be needed anymore soon. This should fix the above bugs as well.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I'm learning as I go (I have some minor python and C# experience so its a lot of fidling, but I'm enjoying it so far). Thanks. The baby is doing fine! He still won't let me sleep though
  4. Hi Avalon, At this moment, with the sparse time I have available, I'm mainly focused on creating a seperate module for the arm so it is independent from Infernal Robotics. This is quite a lot of work and the progress is a bit too slow for my taste. When this is done and I have updated the module in this thread, please feel free to remind me of this request so I can consider it then.
  5. Things are going great, thanks! Yes this is something even Doomsday Peppers can't prepare for
  6. The baby was/is asking more than I estimated. I am slowly picking up working on this again. It won't take long from now on.
  7. Not yet. Its a little bit delayed unfortunately due to my wife and I having a baby. Its progressing slowly but it won't take long.
  8. I am trying to get a pre 1.2 craft to load in 1.2. I end up with only 2 parts instead of the 15+ parts it should have. Is this a confirmed bug or am I missing something?
  9. I'm almost done with the RO/RSS configs. Now the shuttle has the real scale, OMS doesn't burnout in 15 sec and you are able to reenter and land.
  10. The new module will be released together with the 1.2 update of the mod. It will be a standalone module, so independent of IR.
  11. If I do so, they are still way too large for me. I guess I'm missing something.
  12. Yes unfortunately you cannot collide with self at this moment ingame. Thats the reason you should undock first.
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