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  1. Is there any way of hiding the biome from being displayed when you are picking a location on the map? I want to use satscan for locating biomes.
  2. As it currently stands, the best way to make rovers is using the modular girder/octagonal strut parts to make up them main body with structural panels. They do the job fine, but their hollow and empty appearance sort of ruins it. What I suggest is that alternate solid skins be made. That way it would be possible to make better looking rover bodies more akin to that of the RoveMate probe core. It would be more believable that wiring to the attached parts are hidden inside them rather than parts working through space magic. Squad has added scanner arms, so why not parts to make actual decent looking rovers for them to go on?
  3. If you read my other posts on this page I outline the whole issue. But effectively this mod has it's own version of boiloff which breaks the CE version, and you can't cool stock tanks either for some reason. If you want those features you need to remove CC and use the b9 fuel switch which is bundled with cryo engines. You might find that less complicated for swapping fuels too.
  4. You can set up the fuel tanks with the right ratios easily. Open up the tank editor, delete the LF and OX, choose the cryogenic fuel option at the top and select max. The tanks will then be filled with LH2 + Ox for cryogenic engines in the correct ratio. I suspect you are just removing the liquid fuel part and swapping LH2 in, which doesn't work because LH2 uses less Ox than the same volume of LF. However currently the actual fuel boiloff element that comes with cryo engines will not work with CC.
  5. A modulemanager patch could easily add a day of resources to each command module. But considering there is a 15 day period you can go without supplies, you can get to the Mun without any supplies on board, and by the time you do actually need them, a days worth offers no benefit. You can change the time before power outage affects kerbals in the life spport settings under EC Time in seconds. personally I have it at 7200, which is 2 hours, the same as TAC life support. As for food, 15 days is reasonable.
  6. Okay that makes sense, thanks for the help, that fixes my headcanon issues. I also didn't consider that it makes for a great reason to build habitat stations. Cheers.
  7. Fair enough, I always assumed that the idea was that you needed to take all your habitation requirements with you on your actual mission rather then just having a stay in a luxury space hotel beforehand. What is the actual benefit of taking habitation with you? All I can think of is that it reduces how often you need to EVA but otherwise kerbals are happy to be cooped up providing they get some fresh air every once in a while? Thanks for answering btw, it's making a lot more sense now.
  8. The main issue is that at the moment, it is definitely 100% possible to kick a kerbal into a rover for months at a time providing there are 2 or more kerbals in it. You can easily go to any planet in a ship with just a 2 seater command pod and no other hab modules if you wanted to, all you would need to do is get a high home timer from a station in kerbin orbit before you started the voyage. After that every so often one kerbal quickly does a 1 second EVA out and back into the exact same ship to reset the other kerbals hab timer. That kerbal then has a refreshed hab timer without ever leaving the ship. So effectively you can last for years by just EVAing each kerbal once every few days. Effectively as it stands the hab timer is irrelevant on any ship/rover/etc with 2 or more kerbals on board. I made the last post about a mechanic change but thinking about it now, the only fix really needed is that the hab timer isn't reset on a kerbal who hasn't moved into a new vessel. I think this whole issue stems from the fact that the hab time on a vessel increases when a kerbal EVAs, any kerbals still inside the ship have their remaining hab time updated and reset along with the ship when in reality JUST the ship hab time should change. The ditching habitation modules as the home timer runs out is also something that wouldn't happen in normal missions either, if anything it would liquid kerbals off and reduce their habitation even more, while it is beneficial currently to shed the mass and EC usage.
  9. That's true but there are some other significant issues that stem from this beyond what I posted as well which I'm surprised are not mentioned more. For instance as home time decreases, you can effectively dump excess habitation modules so that hab time stays in line with remaining home time. Likewise you can just put a load of hab time on the ship and dump it on the launch pad, you effectively have that home time for the whole trip as long as you EVA. I have been thinking about how the system could be fixed and one idea was to have each kerbal have a habitation percentage that drops from 100% to 0%. Hab modules would decrease the rate of decline rather than just adding n days. That way hab time isn't a static amount that can be reset via EVA and if you dropped hab modules or tried stocking up home time, it would have no effect as your actual hab time would depend on how much you actually have on your ship. You also wouldn't need to differentiate hab and home time any more which would reduce confusion. And finally the only way to increase hab percentage would be to use habitats like it currently is. This method would probably require the least amount of rework compared to other fixes, you just need to swap the timer attached to kerbals with a percentage (which in reality would still be a timer) and change it so that hab parts just act as a multiplier to the kerbals percentage/timer rather than adding time themselves. The only potential issue would be after a very long voyage, if a kerbal has very low hab time moves into a reentry capsule, the might end up with just a few minutes of time before striking. But this could be dealt with like supplies and electric charge with a few days grace period after its empty. Unfortunately I doubt RoverDude has much time to do this himself and I am not in a position to take the time out of my day to sift through the code myself to do it.
  10. It has been like this for ages. Infact it was reported here: but was never actually fixed. Have you activated all the habitation modules manually? It should tell you how much actualy hab time your ship can give at the top of the life support window, but you can only see how it is calculated in the VAB.
  11. I'm trying to make an unmanned rover but I'm having issues with the Rovemate body (what a shocker). It's has odd behaviour with the core drill, where the drill doesn't decide if it needs to be angled or not correctly. Is there any way to toggle this manually. Alternatively, what better alternatives are there for probe bodies? Seeing as the Rovemate is fairly small to begin with, are there any better options that could be better scaled up? Also what is the probe body used in the image on the OP in two of the images, the one in the top centre?
  12. So there is some pretty odd behaviour with EVA and hab time which is fairly broken. When you EVA a kerbal, the total hab time of a ship changes to reflect how many kerbals are still inside as expected. However when it does this, the kerbals inside a ship have their hab times reset to the ships current maximum. Effectively by EVAing a kerbal, you can reset the hab timer for the rest of the kerbals in a ship. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because the home timer never resets. HOWEVER If you dock at a station with lots of hab, then you may have a high home time, and with the ability to reset hab time you can potentially last years without actually having any habitation increasing parts on a ship. All you would need to do is EVA when the hab timer is low to reset it. TL;DR EVAing a kerbal resets the hab timer for other kerbals in a ship when the total ship hab time changes which is potentially a broken mechanic.
  13. Sorry I should have been more specific: If you have CC installed, it's version of cryogenics works as expected (as far as I can tell). However if you wanted to use the CryoTanks version of cryogenics instead, you can't as it's own boiloff stops working and you lose the ability to cool tanks in right click context menu at the cost of electric charge which CT adds. The only way to restore CT cryogenic functionality is to remove ConfigurableContainers.dll, as removing Cryogenics.cfg leaves you with both versions of cryogenics non-functional. As for why this happens, I have no idea. Also B9 part switch toggle in the VAB also no longer appears but I am assuming that is intended behaviour.
  14. Thanks for that, after a bit more testing, I think my issues seem to be due to the fact that I also have Nertea's CryoTanks. As it stands you can't use the CryoTanks cryogenics implementation while also having this mod installed, simply removing or modifying Cryogenics.cfg stops any boiloff full stop while the rest of your cryogenics code, I'm assuming, is bundled in ConfigurableContainers.dll rather than having it's own plugin so you can't disable it without breaking CC, which is a darn shame because it's a load better than B9 part switcher.
  15. Yeah I just tested, removing it has given me the cooling toggle and normal boiloff. The annoying thing is that this is a dependency of global construction which itself is a dependency of USI MKS. So if you want MKS, it will install this without letting you know. Just deleting the cryo config alone stops any boiloff at all which is obviously not ideal, while deleting the whole mod could potentially break MKS. Again I need to play around with it and find a way to disable the boiloff without disabling the whole mod. Configurable containers also disables b9 part switch, so this mod definitely has its fingers in a lot of honey jars. But here is the cause for anybody trying to figure out this issue in the future.