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  1. I made the config files from that pull request and it's working for me (I haven't tested all engines), if you want to try my files: but it's better to install RealPlume from 0 and them overwrite the contents of the "RealPlume-Stock" folder.
  2. There is already, in GitHub, a pull request by Vladimir-csp to resolve that issue. But in the mean while if you want, I made the config files from that pull request: Just download and overwrite everything, until the official release comes out.
  3. PmThay

    [1.6.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3.5 [update 1/212019]

    I have made one. For mk3 expansion too. I think it is complete. P.S. @KSPNoob the way to resolve the problem with missing textures because of Restock is to create a Whitelist with the textures in question(In this link it explains a bit better how to create the whitelist: The first link,the one from google drive, is a whitelist that resolves that problem, just download it and put it anywhere inside the gamadata folder.
  4. @scottadges Because I like to maintain things organized I put the whitelist file inside de "GameData/ReStock" folder, but I do believe they mean that you can put the file anywhere inside the "GameData" folder.
  5. for who uses the Mk2 and Mk3 Expansion mods and is interested, I made this whitelist (because this mods use some stock textures):
  6. Yes, the mod contains 3 garages that are in the "Payload" tab.
  7. you have to change the flight plans (DefaultFlightPlans.cfg; FlightPlans.cfg) to take in a count the diference in size.
  8. As anyone tried this mod in KSP 1.6.1? Did it worked ok?
  9. PmThay

    [1.3] - Launch Pad Lamp

    It works fine in KSP 1.6.1
  10. This is working in 1.6.1 for me.
  11. Does anyone have the flight plans for the new runway in ksp making history, especially the desert runway? Thanks in advance
  12. PmThay

    [1.6.*] Adjustable Mod Panel, ver 1.5

    for whom is interested, it seems to work ok in ksp 1.6.1.