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  1. Hello again, As I just mentionned on the github issue I opened, after a couple of false starts and force-reinstalling a couple of things in CKAN, then applying KK, everything seems back to normal in KSC. I also checked that launching from a GPP-defined alternate launch site still works. Thanks again for your time.
  2. Hello, It is with the deepest regret that I must report that there seems to be an issue with the latest release when Galileo's Planet Pack is installed, where konstructs fail to load (at least in KSC). Reverting to fixed the issue for me. I've opened an issue with some logs on the github Thank you for your work on this great mod!
  3. Still 404 from here, even after cache clear and incognito browsing shenanigans, so I'm upgrading my guess to "cdn issue" and I'll just wait then. Thanks for the update tough, great reaction time here :)
  4. Clicking the download button on the spacedock page also 404s, so either failed upload or spacedock issue?
  5. Ha, it had somehow escaped me that you were the author of Cryo Engines as well as NF... Anyway, thanks for looking at this ISRU stuff
  6. Hello, As Nertea made a patch for NearFuture Propulsion to generate LH2 with the ISRU, I thought of making a variant that generates LH2+Ox in the correct ratios for the Cryo engines, which I'm putting here in case anyone finds it useful. This adds a new mode to the ISRU, and like the stock modes, total mass is conserved through the conversion. To make use of it, save the following in a .cfg file anywhere in your GameData folder @PART[ISRU] { MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = LH2+Ox StartActionName = Start ISRU [LH2+Ox] StopActionName = Stop ISRU [LH2+Ox] AutoShutdown = false GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = true SpecialistEfficiencyFactor = 0.2 SpecialistBonusBase = 0.05 Specialty = Engineer EfficiencyBonus = 1 INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Ore Ratio = 0.5 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 50 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LqdHydrogen Ratio = 8.7589 DumpExcess = false FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Oxidizer Ratio = 0.87589 DumpExcess = false FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } } }
  7. Awesome, that 1.1.5 update hits on many of the small things that irked me, thank you very much! Also, as I understand it, happy birthday
  8. Hello, I've just been trying this mod and version (with OPM 1.5.2) does not work for me: no planets are added (although OPM without Kerlanes works fine). According to the log, the Lyvara biome texture cannot be found - and indeed, visual inspection of the contents of the zip shows no such file. I'm currently trying to load the game with the OuterPlanetsPlus.cfg edited to remove Lyvara's biomes and will update according to my findings, but I've just had to add ATM and this might take a while. Edit: Memory still going way too high after a couple of attempts, so no news on the original issue. I'm probably just bad at configuring ATM...
  9. mciann, this may or may not help, but I suggest you try Claw's decoupler fix, part of the Stock Bug Fix Modules that can be found at
  10. Hello, For what it's worth, I can confirm experiencing systematic EVA Ejection in stock 0.90 while in Minmus or Kerbin orbit. The fix dll still seems to work.
  11. Hello there, Neat mod! Minor glitch though, the "ModuleTestSubject"s on both fuel cells seem to be misconfigured: they have useStaging = True, useEvent = False, and there does not seem to be a staging action for the parts. Edit: oooh, could it be supposed to be tested during EVA? Going to check, BRB. Edit 2: Nope, EVA wasn't the trick. In case anybody hits this particular snag, the following ModuleManager patch should set you straight: @PART[NBfuelCell*] { @MODULE[ModuleTestSubject] { @useStaging = False @useEvent = True } } (You need ModuleManager to use this; copy the above text and save it in a file named WhateverYouLike.cfg somewhere under the GameData folder.)
  12. Hello! Given your past playtime with the demo, I see no reason not to go with what you intend, which I'm not sure is actually that much harder than stock(*). It does require to get to know more parts and their quirks but that's also where the fun is That said, I'm currently running an "Interstellar Quest"-type game, and I can confirm that all your "required" and "maybe" mods work well together with the following few exceptions: - Infernal Robotics works in principle but I've had so many stuck hinges making shuttles unlandable that I've given up on it. YMMV - I'm not using Better Atmospheres after having some issues with it in .24, and I don't think it has been updated since v5 for 0.23.5, maybe it still works though? - DebRefund: never tried, no idea. I use Kerbal Construction Time (awesome, makes the game feel much more strategic) and it includes a stage recovery thing that works quite well and is also compatible with RealChutes. You will definitely want ActiveTextureManagement, I personally like to add GreenSkull's configs in the "GFX optimized" variant (google "greenskull atm 1.1" to find them I think, if they can be found anywhere more obvious or if something newer exists, I hope someone can point to that). You may also want to use the "-force-opengl" option which can drop memory use dramatically (my game is ~3.2 GB on startup with directX, 1.9GB with OpenGL); there may be an impact in performance depending on your GPU/drivers, though I understand it's ok for most. As for RemoteTech, I've used it on and off, but I think I actually very much like the challenge of designing and deploying efficient relay networks (even though I was apparently doing it wrong until recently, didn't know about aiming dishes at planets/moons); it's a bit of a game within the game though so you may feel it distracts from the main stuff. Other than that, I'd recommend a few more "utility" type mods: PreciseNode, NavHud (awesome, that), maybe Action Groups Extended, EditorExtensions and SelectRoot. For flavor, I enjoy Final Frontier and Fine Print gives me lots of variety in contracts. Finally, I use MechJeb (solely for readouts, no automation) rather than KER as I've found the latter to be occasionally very wrong in delta-v calculations (especially with exotic staging and/or multiple payloads). Well that was a bit of a rant but I hope it helps! Cheers Edit: (*) Well, I thought on this and while FAR is not a complete game changer for rockets and TACLS is mostly just an extra thing to put on board, DRE can really be a killer, so it really will be harder than stock Also regarding the RealChutes issues, there is that bug that staging does not deploy chutes and you need an action group. Other than that it works for me.
  13. Doing my first test of the DERP and I'm using NEAR as well. The damn thing is not slowing down, at all! I swear I went nearly halfway around Kerbin with the reentry effects (and I'm still at 1.3 km/s and oh it's going up again). Will try the above config and report. Edit: kinda forgot that "report" thing. Yeah, the above config for NEAR fixed it alright.