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  1. You should have 100 liters and you can attach boxes that come with kis to your back to add a lot more. It sounds like something went wrong with your install. Theres also a great manual, im not sure if its on kas or kis
  2. Kerbalism adds a lot of more realistic gameplay while keeping things stock like. If you want total realism then realism overhaul w/ realism progression zero
  3. Unfortunately kerbalism doesn't work with RO. A while back before N70 took it over, someone put in a request for the RO team to look into it but afaik nothing came from it. It would be awesome if that or kerbalhealth were compatible. Having living space requirements and radiation would be huge.
  4. I would really enjoy a newer and deeper version of career evolution. I really like the idea for your vanguard mission too. Recently i did a minmus landing contract and an eva contract in the same launch using an apollo styled lander. It felt extremely rewarding
  5. These look awesome, great job. They definitely look pretty useful. Thank you for making them!
  6. Glad to see Kethane is back. I'll be looking forward to checking it out on 1.0 later tonight!
  7. I haven't played with EPL before so I could easily be wrong. But doesn't it just build rockets that were designed in the VAB? You'd have to add in the ability of designing into EPL. But yeah, I agree with Laythe and Tyren this sounds more like a totally different game. It sounds like a really cool concept but it's pretty ambitious since the game is constantly changing so much with every major update. Will definitely keep tabs on this though.
  8. Well off the top of my head, you might be having problems with the memory leak from the new heat model. Try downloading Temperature Gauge Killer and see if it stops crashing.
  9. Ok, if you really want a wet workshop do the following: *This isn't the optimal way but it works pretty well* 1. Download and install Lunaran Wet Workshop (Thanks for that hab136) 2. Open the wet workshop mod and remove the plugin folder 3. Open the configs in the wet workshop mod and remove the module named ModuleWetCrewTank 2. Download and install Smart Parts 5. Enjoy! When playing just add the fuel valve from Smart Parts and that will remove the fuel inside the part. I realize that this isn't really an optimal solution as the Kerbals can still go inside while still fueled but hey it's somet
  10. After reading the first 30 pages and all the posts on this page, I'd like to put my $.02 in. I see people comparing other ports that were a pretty big success. Now I understand that creating a good port is possible, if the team working on it is talented. And that's the part that worries me and I'm sure a bunch of others. I read several places that the DEVS are really happy so far with FTE and what they've done. But when you look over what they've made, you can tell that they either A) Don't really care about quality or B)Aren't capable of making anything better. I mean those games not only loo
  11. Olsson if you want a harder game or one that requires you to visit more places, you could try doing a new game and lower the science returns to 50-60% or just click on the hard mode. Of course you can change it in the persistent save file if you don't want to start over.
  12. Most of the heat that the ISS experiences is due to solar radiation not the electronics components. Sure those components do add some heat to the station but not really near the heat that sunlight causes. Are you requesting a mod that will cause parts to generate heat from internal components (probe cores heat up from computer chips) or simulating solar radiation (parts heat up from being in sunlight)
  13. Bomoo, Sumghai all ready has an idea of what the mod will be like and why he wants it that way, no need to keep bringing up the same points. Especially because he all ready mentioned having boat-tail bases that will allow larger payloads (within reason). Besides, never had any problems designing craft with the old KW fairings, the restrictions of size made it more challenging and fun. If that doesn't sound fun for you then you can use Procedural Fairings/KW Railgunner, the OP talked about how it'll be different than the KW mod. I've been checking this thread throughout the day since you wrote
  14. It sounds more or less that you want a city building simulation mod to give you the feeling you're running an off-planet colony. I think that's kind of out of the scope of this game. But there are mods that can give you pretty much what you're talking about. MKS, H.O.M.E., SXT(Lack Lusters mods), TACLS, Karbonite, Extraplanetary Launch Pads and there is a mod for creating kerbals. If you used all those that would give you at least some feeling of running a proper space colony, you just have to use your imagination. With Lack's parts you can pretty much make structures that look like buildings
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