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  1. Hey folks, is it possible to rearm experiments that have been depleted? I'm using KCT and re-used a Ship. Tanks etc. Had been refilled but the Goo-Container haven't been refilled with new material... Thanks
  2. Hey voicey99, thank you for your answer! Janitor's Closet seems to be very helpful, i'll give it a try.
  3. Hello everyone, i really like the Airbag and Floating Tanks of this pack. And while the DERP is also well made i'd like to remove its Parts to reduce my loading time. Would it be enough to delete the DERP2 folder or should i make any other changes? Greetings Sinza
  4. Thank you very much drhay53! I didn't think of this when i read "Single Use Hangar Storage". Maybe the meaning of this sentence should be noted on the front page or the description could be changed to be more clear. When reading "Single Use Hangar Storage" i'd rather think of "using the fairing a single time" even if that is more or less obvius... Greeting, Sinza
  5. Hey Folks, maybe i'm getting something wrong but in my Carrer-Playthrough i just unlocked General Rocketry and wanted to use the fairing hangar to launch 2 little sat's at once. But whenever i click the +1 button to add the same vessel again it says "Payload is already stored". The same happens when i try to add another vessel, even when i'd size the fairing up a lot. In the tech tree i couldn't find any upgrade that would allow me to store more vessels nor could i find any answer in this forum. If this is not a know issue nor has anybody an answer it may be related to a conflic
  6. Thats related to the MM Issue _SeanF_ described two posts above yours. You need to use the ModuleManager Version 2.5.4 that comes within the pack.
  7. Yes, I'm having the the same issue with MM 2.5.6 on windows an 32 bit. Took me some time to find out it was MM that caused this issue. Havent tested it further but if I encounter any problems with MM 2.5.4 I'll let you know.
  8. I recently discovered a problem with the "contract failed if ship destroyed" feature. I did the Luna 2 mission and crashed my ship, as asked, into Mun which lead to failing of my other two (Civillian Tour and satellite deployment) contracts. Or is it thought to work this way?
  9. Hello steddyi, thank you for your response. After some fiddling around on yesterdays evening I finally found out how to work with it. So if someone is interestet in my first "complete" (regarding to launching and landing) script, here you can find the script and the craft: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ln3g3o2l1k3krwr/AAABpRkNyyMdC4kGFRRTSnKWa?dl=0 Any comments are welcome, I would really like to know if I could make something better. PS: Instead of LOCK THROTTLE TO 1. I also tried SET control TO SHIP:CONTROL. SET control:MAINTHRUST TO 1. but this method only worked by executing it directly
  10. Ok, back again I just downloaded the latest Version of kOS but the problem still exsists. I tried to following with a new "clean" install of KSP 32-bit.: SET shipsparts TO SHIP:PARTS. PRINT shipsparts. SET mainengine TO SHIP:PARTSDUBBED("liquidEngine2"). PRINT mainengine. SET enginemodule TO mainengine:MODULES. PRINT enginemodule. but it still returns the problem I reported in my first post http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/68089-0-25-kOS-Scriptable-Autopilot-System-v0-15-0-2014-11-16?p=1547961&viewfull=1#post1547961
  11. Yes, i think i worked with version 0.15.1. I'll check that this evening and report than. A video tutorial with a step by step explanation from someone whos familiar with this feature would be great to see.
  12. Hey together, just tried to use the new module functionality and ran into a problem. I tried to do something simple and wanted to switch on an engine on my vessel on the launchpad. I did the following: SET mainengine TO SHIP:PARTSTAGGED(mainengine). and so far it worked, but when I tried this: SET enginemodules TO mainengine:MODULES. (to be able to print the available modules and to decide which one i have to activate by :DOEVENT) it Returned that the suffix MODULES either can't be used with the get operation or that no ListValue ever has such a one. I also tried :ALLMODULES and he operations
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