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  1. Of course you can ! There no more recent toturial as the mod did not change, if you have any question, feel free to ask. 2 hints : - If you want contractors to deliver full grown civilian, you will need a "Civilian Contractor Dock" and allow delivery (contextual menu of the part). - If you want young baby kerbals to be born, you will need any civilian part, at least 2 kerbals (one female, one male) and allow them to breed (contextual menu of the part). Enjoy !
  2. I made some tests and it looks like the mod work properly. I downloaded it using CKAN and all was fine. Civilian are breeding and giving funds. I will start a game using it to do more deep validation. Let me know if you detect some problems, I will try to fix them. I fear it also needs balancing, I play with TACLS and will check this out, if you play with other life support mods that needs balancing, let me know I will try to update it as soon as I can.
  3. I am not sure how DeepFreeze work, but as Civilian Population keeps tracks of the age of the kerbal on it own, DeepFreeze won't prevent them to get old and finally die. What I am almost sure is that as civilian kerbals are just regular ones, they should stop consuming resources when frozen. By the way I am a little bit late and should thing about upgraing this mod to latest version. I hope I will find some time soon !
  4. No update for USI yet, @Bogen, if you want to make a pull request, the figures are given in the part description. They bring supplies for ~10 days per supported Kerbal, and should be able to renew the suplies provided the population does not exceed the supported population. About the university, I just tested with 1.4.5, it worked properly : put your civilians in it, click, all your civilians are now either pilot, engineer or scientist (You may need to switch to another vessel and back to see the difference).
  5. Hello, and my apologizes to @Kepler68, I did not spent much time on KSP those days. I will try to have a look during next week end. @Bogen: I did not made the rebalancing fot UCI-LS yet but had the same style of behaviour for TAC-LS. Feel free to submit a pull request once you have find the right tuning !
  6. A new version is released : - Improvements in the UI. - Should work properly on all platforms. - Performance improvements. - Few bug fixes. I will now work more on balancing the parts, starting with TACLS.
  7. You should stay on the SNAPSHOT. I will make a release as soon as everything is stabilized.
  8. You mean the button of the addon is not displayed ? Or when you click on it the window does not pop ? Can you provide me the logs ?
  9. What I can see in logs ia quite weird ... You seem to have some crew in your ship wich is not detected into you whole population... Anyway, here is another version that should work better : http://nexus.amis.tv/repository/maven-snapshots/tv/amis/pamynx/ksp-civilian-population-mod/2.1.2-SNAPSHOT/ksp-civilian-population-mod-2.1.2-20180615.183549-6.zip
  10. Great, provided there is no more problem reported, I will make an official release for 1.4.3.
  11. I am not done yet but this version should improve performances : http://nexus.amis.tv/repository/maven-snapshots/tv/amis/pamynx/ksp-civilian-population-mod/2.1.2-SNAPSHOT/ksp-civilian-population-mod-2.1.2-20180612.220907-5.zip
  12. Working on it, I have several ideas but I want to be sure I reproduce this lag caused by CivilianPopulation before making modifications and kill it. How much kerbals and ships are you playing with ? Are you playing with many part mods ? Do you think I could use your saved game ?
  13. In the crew UI, the filter is for any field. So if you type the name of a vessel, the crew will be filterd on this vessel. Also I exeprimented this little freeze. In order to avoid it I modified the addon so that it only will only activate once every hour. Such a freeze should now be perceptible at high warp speed. Can you try this new version and confirm the freeze is not a problem any more ? http://nexus.amis.tv/repository/maven-snapshots/tv/amis/pamynx/ksp-civilian-population-mod/2.1.2-SNAPSHOT/ksp-civilian-population-mod-2.1.2-20180610.160506-4.zip Thanks !
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