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  1. I uncommented the functional code for the Reload Contracts button, and it appears to work fine. Is there some reason why this was disabled and labeled as broken?
  2. @nightingale Additionally, if you dont really have time right now, I am a software engineer by trade, so if you could point me to the right code and give me a few hints at whats going wrong, I would happily make an attempt at fixing it on my own time.
  3. Any chance the debug reload contracts button will get fixed? I have a pretty big modpack that requires around five to ten minutes to load, so I can't really make contracts for it if I can't load in contract changes while already ingame.
  4. Still a tourist, its edited to within 23m, and it even triggered a rendesvouz event.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. I have adjusted the settings using the green cube, and the kerbonaut was still stuck as a tourist. I checked the save data and isGrouchy was set to false. I am unsure of what has gone wrong.
  6. I cant seem to disable the habitation effects. I have set both Homesickness and NoEVA settings to 0 for normal kerbals and veterans in the config files "C:\Users\Matthew Adler\Desktop\Desktop Programs\KSP 1.3.1\GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS\Patches\USI-LS.cfg" and "C:\Users\Matthew Adler\Desktop\Desktop Programs\KSP 1.3.1\GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\LifeSupport\Settings.cfg". My kerbal in space however still cannot gain the ability to pilot their vessel, they are stuck as a tourist. I save edited the grouchy flag to false but it just reset itself to true again as soon as I loaded up the game. What gives?
  7. A (I would guess) minor request, could you add a way to disable the Habitation timer in the window that displays colony status? I suppose in general controlling which timers show up in that window would be nice. I don't particularly care for the habitation feature and would like to be able to trim the status window down since I don't use it.
  8. Would you be receptive to a new nuke particle effect? I might be able to produce something fancy and nukelike in nature but I wanted to check if you were willing to look at effects submissions before I tried to do anything (first post says you do most of the work).
  9. e: Pretty dry, but the quality would go down even more if I edited it.
  10. I have read that article in the past, it didnt really help. That being said, if what you just described works then I shall worship you for all eternity. And probably post a cool video of my thing working. e: This would save me much time, do the inbuilt scalar projections produce signed output? e2: Nix that, I went back in and misread the documentation. Looks like ill be using dot product.
  11. I mean like, why does lock steering break when you feed it an absolute direction, for instance. If you just say: lock steering to R(0,0,-90). It will break lock steering. No roll will occur. It doesn't know what to align to for some reason. This is an issue because in my case I kinda want to dock (in a manner of speaking), and if I cant align my RCS thrusters to velocity components then it will be pretty much impossible to do anything useful with them if I'm using linear thrust.