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  1. Would you be against a rebalance (increase) of the science rewards? As it stands they kindof wind up feeling like a waste of time because at least for me by the time I have launched such a huge station I have already unlocked more than 1000 science and an additional 50 from plant growth or whatever feels like virtually no progress, let alone being worth the investment. Admittedly, the fuel science modules might wind up allowing the station to generate a lot more value and go some ways to fixing the problem on their own. I could go through the list of experiments and make a PR accord
  2. I have yet to see the mun look like the screenshot that galileo has been pointing to, am I missing something? Does it disable itself if you are missing some kind of graphics card feature?
  3. How do I disable retirement? I have looked around a bit and the code seems to reference a configuration option but I cant figure out where I actually set it. I'd really like to disable it because it seems pretty fundamentally separate from the rest of what this mod does and I do not really want.
  4. Does this run okay on 1.9? I would test myself but its not installed for me right now, trying to put a mod pack together for coworker.
  5. what are the odds that i would check on this so soon after someone saying its being worked on
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qXd5FHgIPQ
  7. I uncommented the functional code for the Reload Contracts button, and it appears to work fine. Is there some reason why this was disabled and labeled as broken?
  8. @nightingale Additionally, if you dont really have time right now, I am a software engineer by trade, so if you could point me to the right code and give me a few hints at whats going wrong, I would happily make an attempt at fixing it on my own time.
  9. Any chance the debug reload contracts button will get fixed? I have a pretty big modpack that requires around five to ten minutes to load, so I can't really make contracts for it if I can't load in contract changes while already ingame.
  10. Still a tourist, its edited to within 23m, and it even triggered a rendesvouz event.
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