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  1. This mod really needs to stop micromanaging its updates so frequently. There's a new one nearly every week, now it's 1-2 days apart. Why? The changelog on spacedock is getting ridiculous, the posting dates are indicative of a possible obsessive, attention seeking behavior. You are aware of this, aren't you? Pull back and accumulate the updates over time and release every 2-3 months instead. You don't need to have it out there, it's really annoying
  2. Tokamak, awesome job! You have to look at Goodspeed Aerospace parts, this mod is incredible and is also under the CC license. It hasn't been updated since v0.23.5. The parts are so handy and very different to anything else out there.
  3. I've got this exact same issue but mine is a modded install. I can create the node, no problem, I can drag the node handles (but only one) but as soon as I release the mouse button, the node disappears. I can use the middle scroll button on the handles to get an incremental sizing of the node trajectory but when I move the mouse away from the node to zoom the screen out with the scroll button, it doesn't work. It's as if the node is a separate "window" as it were. So I have to click on the screen awaf from the node to regain the ability to zoom out the view, but as soon as I do that the node disappears.
  4. Just like the actual orion test flight, sans astronauts
  5. you'll have to do a clean install of ksp, put the mods in gamedata one at a time and load the game each time, one by one, till you find it. That's the only way i'm afraid
  6. Yes i'm getting this too, I decouple the previous stage and the camera still focuses on the "center of gravity", despite everything cleanly separated. It even rotates the remaining craft at the edge of the screen in an arc like motion - like as though the mass of the previous stage is still attached. It only seems to correct itself when you speed up the time a bit and the craft returns to the camera center in the middle of the screen again. Sometimes when separating stages as I begin landing the craft, the lander will fall away from the camera and appear to go off in the distance. Again, a brief timewarp will fix this (though not advisable in this instance
  7. There was a conflict with old versions of RCS sounds (v4.4 and below) and the latest module manager for 1.1, it also affected anything that had particles to it like rcs jets as well as decouplers. Just delete RCS sounds if you have it, then download the latest versions of each (rcs sounds is version 5 now)
  8. "3-4 weeks" is an automatic Falcon BMS quote whenever someone asks how long till something is released. Just an in joke with the community. I think it originally came from Ubisoft when they were putting out updates and hotfixes for Ghost Recon Future Soldier and would say "it's coming in 2 weeks" or "the hot-fix is only 3 weeks away" and then kept fluffing up those release dates, it'd always end with the moderators getting flamed because Ubisoft didn't live up to their "release promises", etc. It was an endless cycle lmao
  9. Yep, same effect here, stage separators and RCS are puffing their particles away like crazy. I love this mod