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  1. @mindseyemodels you should always be aware that with every KSP update chances are high that a mod breaks and can't get back to work. There is no guarantee that you can continue playing after an update if you have a modded game. Due to this reason I always do a full backup of my KSP dir before it is getting updated so I can still play (which I currently do on 1.2.2) while I wait for the mods to work again with 1.3.0/1.3.1. And when some mods can't get back to work or the modder stops working on them you have to start again - so far already started 3 times from scratch in the past 2 years
  2. Thanks! Will try out. In the meantime a warning: Never ever EVA a crew member from the Eagle. You can get out, but never get back in... Poor Jeb...
  3. I already have it installed - the joints on the Eagle are just too weak to start from kerbin, which is a shame as the Eagle is especially designed to do that in the show When I try to put the eagle on it's legs on kerbin the cockpit just falls to the ground Üsigh* Does anyone know how to improve the joints strength of the parts beyond KJR?
  4. Thanks so much for that link. Installed and stareted the game, build an Eagle One ... but I don't get it really to fly Launching as the Eagle would launch will make it lose the Cockpit - it just falls off. Launching like a rocket is at least stable standing - until you start the engines and notice that the "up" and "forwad" ones are burning the same time Ok, disabled the engines by hand and only used the main back thrusters - but not enough power to lauch. And then the fuel was out and that's it then. Guess I'll have to edit the savegame by hand to give the Eagle much more fue
  5. I doubt that - the delta V needed to get into a near Kerbol orbit is much much higher than flying to a near Mun orbit. It's impossible to do this with the tech available when you just reached Kerbin's orbit.
  6. Indeed, ouch, poor guy @Ateballgaming Just for the understanding: KSP 32 bit is save to go with 2 GB, sometimes even 3 GB but becoming unstable. KSP x64 is to use more than 4 GB. If you only have 4 GB with the system needing at least 0.5 to 1 GB for itself, there is no difference between running 32 bit or x64 on your side and that's why it keeps crashing since it is running out of memory
  7. It's three particle images in one, each one using a gray scale channel mapped to the three color channels red, green and blue.
  8. I have the same, but didn't found the cause yet. It sems to happen when you come back from "outer space" to the KSP. At least I'm pretty sure it is a Scatterer issue, as without it I never experience this polar melting. Rebuild oceans doesn't fix it, but switching to a vessel in outer space and bck to KSP mostly fix it.
  9. I'm having an issue with KJR 3.3.1 and KSP 1.2.2: Vessels seems to be quite unstable according their center of mass - it's like the center is shifting/wobbeling around, causing vessels to rotate without reasons/reactions wheels. Simple example: the stock tutorial "Go for Orbit" isn't working anymore, since the stock rocket on the launch pad is increasingly wobbeling around until it falls. When KJR isn't installed the rocket is stable like a rock and everything is fine.
  10. Yes, already replaced the dll and the shaders only. Another question: how do I activate the feature blackrack showed early November to have clouds shine/glow orange/red in the dusk/dawn? Did I missed some sort of settings or is this feature not active yet?
  11. It seems like the "Modified scatterer with ring shadows (recompiled to be sure)" release is not good, because it disables scatterer for the whole Kerbol system. The provided planetsList.cfg in this release is featuring such strange planets like "Earth", "Mars", or "Jupiter", which I never heard of here on Kerbin...
  12. Maybe I misunderstood you, yes, but for me "blury" is not what the atmosphere is doing. It does distort objects like the ones you get when looking at a hot street in the summer casuing the effect of a Fata Morgana. A blurry effect like used in the DoF is not what is happing. That's actually the only reason why Hubble was put into space: to get away with these distortions. However science advanced and nowadays earth based telescopes can not just reach the same clearness of Hubble's pictures, they do even exceed them by using adaptive optics which corrects the distortions of objects. That's
  13. Actually you are not correct. Even in the atmosphere things will not get unsharp in the distance. Stars are still sharp spots when looking through the atmosphere (otherwise it would be impossible to watch them from earth). It will get foggy, but contours and shapes will always remain sharp in the atmosphere. Under watre is a different thing, but this is about space flight and not diving This is how nature looks like, you will blend over the colors and lose details due to the fog, but objects will always keep their sharp edges/contours. Using binoculars will always show you a clear visi
  14. I hate DoF and always disable it. Humans are no technical cameras - the stars are always sharp when the eyes focus further than 3 meters. There is no reason why someone whould like this option unless he's used to view the world through the eyes of a camera ... So I agree with you, DoF is completly unnatural and the first thing I disable in any game. I think the images afre more than perfect - at least to me, I find them comppletly natural and they look like the Cassini images (org image from NASA):
  15. I can confirm @TheKurgan's issue with the whitecaps: they are gone and no matter which setting I try they don't appear. I still have a screenshot with the settings of the whitecaps I used to have, so I don't need to remember the values - but they are not working anymore, all I get as "whitecap" is a slightly brighter blue than the ocean itself. I tried turning on/off the accurate sky reflection but nothing changed, the ocean looks still the same without any white Edit - what I noticed when actually comparing the old and new images: And actually the sun reflecion on the water is ne
  16. Yes, no orbits or gravitational values changed
  17. Hmm, SVE is crashing Scatterer for me in CKAN - when I try to update Scatterer, no matter if I try to update the default config or the SVE config it breaks with this error, somehow related to the SVE configs available, even if I don't select them: @Galileo, @Waz - any idea what that could be? Is this just me or does anyone else has this issue?
  18. Just make it simple @blackrack: Without you and your dedication KSP wouldn't be KSP! Your efforts makes KSP what we love, a believable nearly realistic looking foreign system of planets. And those sunrise/sunset clouds are looking that amazing that I can't wait to see them on my own in the game!
  19. Sounds normal to me. Vanilla KSP does not support clouds, otherwise they would be in by stock, so EVE & scatterer, which SVE is based on, trick the usage of voluminous clouds by using many many particle effects which need a lot of GPU power. The more voluminous clouds you have the higher the impact on the framerate. It's an either or thing: either you want a high framerate, then remove the (voluminous) clouds or you want nice graphics, then you must get used to the FPS drop.
  20. A long, long time ago... I can still remember How that planet used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dream And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while. ... (imagine the well known music to it)
  21. I would say he wants to show how great Kerbin is looking now and that all is well - or?
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