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  1. As explained before the shadows are just meant to take away light that is already there - you can't have the aurora light up or shine by using shadows that only make the ground darker. And at night the shadows are "gone" anyway.
  2. Oh, of course that's possible I just said cloud textures can't glow or be applied vertically, with volumetric clouds they just get a bit of "depth" and might appear a bit vertically as you admitted
  3. The question is what exactly you want? Do you want the dust on Mun to disappear, then simply remove the Mun section from clouds.cfg. Berlin added the dust clouds to make it more "alien" and because the real moon has very very thin dust clouds as well. But if you want them to be different, behave differently or appear in other areas that's something Berlin can try if you explain in more detail what you're looking for. Unfortunately casting shadows has nothing to do with glowing auroras. Berlin is not making the shadows, they are generated by EVE causing areas with clouds over it to be darker. Shadows are easily done by reducing existing light (sun), they do not glow or something like that. There is no way yet to make a cloud layer visble at night by emiting its own light - clouds are not a light source and that's what would be needed. Also there is also no way a texture can be rotated. Textures are technically limited to always be drawn on/above the surface. What you ask for would be really great, but there is no way yet to have cloud layers appear vertically instead of horizontally or emit any lights.
  4. Does it mean with this fix the clouds will not case any shadows on the ground anymore? Currently clouds will have a shadow moving with them over the ground depending on the sun light direction - like clouds will do. Is setting the shadow factor to zero removing them?
  5. Or None These "stroms" are vortexes inside the mass of cloud belts rotating around these gas giants. They are just holes in the cloud layer and happens like whirlpools in floating water. Jupiter has a well known one, Neptune a harder to see one and Uranus or Saturn have none. So if you need a storm, put one (1) in, but the "normal" state of gas giants is to not have a big stable vortex. Even Jupiter's eye is already fading. So for me it's still 1 or 3 or best a mixture of those
  6. Personally none of the ones with a big storm (eye) - too Jupiter-like. Maybe a mixture of 1 and 3 I would say.
  7. Is this anything that comes close to what you would like to see? The colors can still be played with, the different cloud layers are rotating and do not have a "big spot" or anything like that which would remind one (at least me) on Jupiter. http://tekener.com/KSP/SkyBox.7z
  8. You're right, that could be a reason, though I never vitnessed this effect here. I had a look at the trees with SVE using atmo layers and don't see anything unusual. (running KSP 64bit without any starting options) The only thing I saw is the usual issue combining trees with scatterer's distance mist, causing it to be in front of the trees: If anybody with the mentioned effect could please test it by removing the three "Kerbin-Atmo..." layer entries in clouds.cfg?
  9. Are you serious? Or is this a bad joke? Please, don't ... it's one of the most liked features for me and the poeple I know!
  10. Yes, I know what you mean I always think of Jupiter being sick, all green It will be possible to achieve something similar like this, maybe I'll try around to come up with a texture like this. Where do you have this picture from?
  11. He planned to update to the Real Sky SkyBox I'm using, but then decided to remove them all to save size and prevent overwriting the SkyBoxes of other users. If you would like to give it a try: http://tekener.com/KSP/SkyBox.7z In case you're using Distant Objects Enhancement please make sure to increase the sky brigthness, otherwise it will be pretty black.
  12. Wait, the little green men I encountered on various locations (even in the space center) are from you? And the ameba on Minmus as well? Great stuff!
  13. As far as I know the sun flares and atmospheric light dissortion is provided by this mod, everything else (textures, clouds, etc. is EVE, SVE, etc)
  14. Ah, that's the important point: "won't land" Because landing just a probe on Eve is something to be learned, it's not as easy as flying through Kerbin's atmosphere. And be careful when areobreaking on Eve as well.
  15. First interplanetary flight to Eve? Pretty courageous I would've started with Duna, piece of cake to get there with Kerbals and back for the beginning.
  16. Scatterer seems to be working, the mountains in the back are foggy as scatterer is supossed to show them. The real ocean water hoewever should be there ...? Since the clouds are only coming from EVE that's not an issue of scatterer. Maybe you didn't installed both EVE components ("EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" and "BoulderCo")?
  17. These cities are not in but on Kerbin, and they are clearly visible by day and night. Also EVE and scatterer are meant to work fine together and they really do, I guess most of us run both parallel anyway - without issues. Either you're using outdated mods or have outdated mod parts still sitting somewhere in your KSP directory, or your KSP installation is screwed and you should delete it completly (not the save games) and reinstall from scratch. If EVE and scatterer are not working together for you and you don't see these cities by day, then there is something wrong on your side, as for all others this is working just fine. These screenshots are done from KSP 1.1.3 running with scatterer and EVE together. If this is not what you see, then go and reinstall KSP and/or your graphic card drivers - but do not blame the mods and the authors.
  18. Besides the fact that EVE != scatterer, where do you think the Kerbals are living if there are no cities supposed to be? EVE/SVE are adding Cities to Kerbin where those green follows live, and they even have lights they can turn on at night. Ever seen Earth from space by night? Looking like what you get with EVE/SVE, actually Earth has much more lights than both mods dare to add Picture from the ISS at night:
  19. @blackrack is there any chance you might be able to update scatterer for 1.1.3 to have the sun flares back? I would guess most people don't need many new fancy things for now, but the sunflares are really missed
  20. I never bring the connector back to the winch Have you tried to unplug the connector and retract it from the winch itself rather than with a Kerbal? Or, once you have it at the Kerbal, try Y to drop it and retract it from the winch - this should work. However I agree returning it by Karbal should also work, but I never use this.
  21. I don't have the 1.1-3 Pre-Release, so I can't tell you. Please feel free to try. If it is not working you just have to restore the BoulderCo config and remove my folder. Let me know if it is working
  22. From time to time I play around with some of the cloud settings. To prevent interfearing with EVE/BoulderCo I set up my own little directory. This is nothing but private play-around, however it is working with EVE v1.1-2-1. It offers more clouds on Kerbin, a tiny bit more blue for Kerbin's atmosphere, a bit more redish clouds for Duna (on Mars the real clouds are also like this, pretty much like white, because they are ice clouds with a little bit of dust), and also the old red duststorms blowing around Duna: http://tekener.com/KSP/TekVisuals.7z Simply extract it to GameData - it will overwrite the BoulderCo/textures.cfg to prevent double cloud assignments with my own texture.cfg.