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  1. Great news, @IgorZ! Thank you so much for keep on maintaining @KospY's great mod!
  2. Haven't tested this with the 0.5.8 version now but only with the test dll, so sorry if these are "known issues": - having two vessels on a surface connected (docked) via a cable and selecting "Retract" on the winch will start retracting the cable. When not able to retract further, because the vessels are not moving, the message "Connected parts not alinged! Locking impossible." appears. After this the winch is broken and selected actions will behave strangly, like "Unplug" can sometimes release the cable head grafically, but the winch still reports to be plugged in. - retracting the cable while it is held by a Kerbal results in the same result. Either the Kerbal is moving and getting retracted "into" the winch displaying the not aligned message - or the winch is ripped from the vessel and "launches" itself in direction of the Kerbal. - Selecting "Eject" on a surface can cause the cable to be fired away but then start to swing straight upwards to the other side. Besides this doing normal stuff like plug it, transfer fuel, unplug it and such things are all working fine.
  3. Great job, first tests are positive. I was able to grab the cable's head again from the winch, plug it to the connector in the other vessel and establish a docked connection. Fueled up the vessel and then diconnected it again. Unlike the earlier bug I had on Minmus and Ike the head just fell to the floor and lay there motienless. When retracting the cable with the winch it was just pulled inside - unlike before the head was just pulled behind and wasn't moving like a snake over the floor, so this is an improvement to 1.1.2! Will continue testing ...
  4. @IgorZ, I would like to test as well. I'm currently (once more) sitting next to my fuel station on Ike, but can't even grab the connector of a winch The button to grab it is not working.
  5. Thanks so much, that would be fantastic! Yes, we (and others) will surly want it, if you're still around and want to do it then. It's been years that this Eagle flew the last time, so a few months more shouldn't matter. I will ping you early September then!
  6. Great! And the flag thing is pretty easy: go somewhere and plant a flag, the lower the gravity the better (tested on Mun, Minmus, Ike and Duna). The flag mostly end up being awry, but it stands. Now switch to something else somewhere else, KSP center, whatever, do something else When you go back to the flag, either directly by the Tracking Station or by landing next to it or by switching to a vessel near it, the flags will pop out of the ground, fall aside and when they were planted on a hill or so, sliding all the way down. No flag is steady anymore.
  7. How can you ask for letting something like the Eagle go? That's one of the most beautiful spacecrafts and full of childhood memories There are old mods that are taken over by new modders, I just hoped that could be possible here, too. And since these things are not for earning money the license shouldn't be an issue as long as the original author is honored and a current free license is added. Well, yes, I know, let me dream on ... thanks for taking your time looking into it. /cry2
  8. I just hope 1.1.3 will fix the "spitting out of the ground and slide away" flags Don't dare to get anywhere near my flags as they all fall too the side when getting to them. And hopefully the changing orbits even with rcs thrusters and engines disabled are getting fixed like the ever laughing EVA Kerbals...
  9. Is there any Modder here who could update this mod for KSP 1.1.2? I would give Jool away to have the Eagle ...
  10. This is already an amazing difference, as it would mean that we can extend the volumetric clouds visibility much further with a good computer. KSP has lived years without particle clouds, I'm sure it can wait a couple of weeks more
  11. But using Particles instead of GameObjects internally in EVE shouldn't have an effect on Kopernicus, or?
  12. I am not into the coding, just always looked and played around with the textures and maps. But I don't think there is a real reason to do it by GameObjects other than maybe "it was easier to do it this way" or maybe Unity 4 didn't offered a good enough ParticleSystem. In my eyes, if you can get it working directly with Unity, you'll be everbody's hero
  13. Also sent you the latest raw kerbin1 layer.
  14. Just wanted to let you know that so far no strange things occured with the connectors. Had several fuel transfers on Minmus and Ike so far and always the connector correctly just fall to the ground when unplugged instead of going crazy.
  15. Holy ... it's working like it used to do! When using "Unplug" the connector just falls to the ground instead of going crazy. Thanks so much! I'll test the dll to see if any other issues arise from it. If not, I would guess it's a good intermediate fix until you found the real cause and fix it.
  16. Sorry, forgot to reply to you Yes, I did. I even tried extending the cable from the winch by another 10 meters, but except the length counter it didn't cahnged anything. The cable goes nuts right when you unplug it, even when being much more extended than necessary, and not when it runs out of slack.
  17. I'm glad you see the same effect, was already getting worried, but of course I'm not glad that it is happening at all ... I hope you'll have a good idea to be able to fix it soon!
  18. Roger that: - "Kerbal Space Program" deleted - "Repair Files" on Steam used to get a clean fresh installation - 2,640 Files with 4,621,037,925 Bytes received (KPS v1.1.2.1260) - "ckan.exe" only copied over and started it - "KAS 0.5.7" and "Module Manager 2.6.25" installed via CKAN - copied the provided savegame from "save_kas.zip" into a fresh created savegame directory - started KSP.exe 32 bit (windowed mode, all default) - touched no settings at all, used full stock default settings, directly started the copied savegame - "Unpluged" the connector - it instandtly tilted around like crazy and even pulled the Ore Extractor to the ground while the cable was still swirling around: Continued testing: - installed "TweakScale" via CKAN - copied the savegame from "save_kas_tweakscale.zip" into a fresh created savegame directory - started unaltered KSP.exe 32 bit and loaded the savegame - unplugged the connector again, same result: swirling around uncontrolled - when retracted it could hit a landing strut (happend after 3 tries) and exploded like in the video After all what I have tried the result is always the same. Would you mind to do the exact steps as I did and tell me if you get the same result? Thanks!
  19. Searching from the root dir "Kerbal Space Program" with the removed mods of the test I provided reveals no KIS.dll and one KAS.dll in "Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KAS\Plugins", version for KSP 1.1
  20. Well, I guess it's save to expect that still some light will make it to create a rather diffuse shadow. Seems it's ok to have all bodies in the Kerbol system create a diffuse shadow with a black core shadow in EVE like moons are causing them currently, rather than the hard cut black hole shadows planets do at the moment.
  21. Ok, even with all mods except KAS removed it is happening. I made a video of the effect (sorry for the bad quality). I also uploaded cleaned savegames using KAS and TweakScale as well as using only KAS. The KAS only savegame will let you unplug the connector and see it swirling crazy around, but you can't retract it since un-TweakScaled parts are blocking the winch. The KAS & TweakScale savegame will let you unplug and retract the connector, this is also where my video is from. It turned out that the fatal outcome only happens once in a while, when the connector exactly hits a landing strut feet. Had to try a few times to reproduce the outcome from yesterday.
  22. Not much at all that would have an influence. Nearly all mods are for visual and helping mods. Only mods with real effects would be BZ-1 Radial Attachement Point, Kerbal Joint Reinforcements, TweakScale, KAS, and KIS. Will try to get that savegame "cleaned up" by removing unecessary vessels and also disabling mods to make it as simple as possible to reproduce it.
  23. Oh dear, you're perfectly right. It's of course not only the atmosphere but also the relative size of the object. The Sun and Moon are nearly same sized from Earth, so there is light shining from slightly different angels "around" the object - but the effect lessens the farer away one is. I honestly wonder how the shadow if Saturn looks like to its moons? Does anybody actually know that? Is Saturn's atmosphere scattering enough light "around", as the effect of sun's size should be negligible? Or do the outer planets' moons experience pitch black eclipses?
  24. Hi, I'm having an issue with the Winch IW-50 in combination with the CC-R2 Connector Port. I have an ore mining and fuel refinery on Ike. I landet next to it like I used to do in 1.0.5, EVAed, run over the Winch, grabbed the connector, pulled it over to my lander's connecting port and connected it as docked. All fine and fuel got transfered just like always. When I unpluged the connector the hose instantly started to lash about and couldn't got grabbed anymore. When I started to retract it at the Winch it worked well - until the connector hit one of the landing struts: instand explosion, strut and connector/hose destroyed, vessel tilt over to the surface and exploded as well, killing Bob Kerman and destroying the lander Reloaded the savegame and tried several times, always with the same result. I can't get the connector unpluged without going crazy and destroying things. in 1.0.5 it worked perfectly. What can I do now?