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  1. Planets without an atmosphere will have a sharp, dark shadow in reality, a moon behind will not be receiving any sunlight (except a bit light from stars, but in realty that's hard do notice from being different than pitch black. However planets with an atmosphere don't have a sharp shadow, and the thicker the atmospgere, the more light is getting "bend" behind the planet. Ike is turning also pitch black behind Duna, while here it should become red (like Mun/Minmus behind Kerbin). Maybe this can be made better, and the pitch black could be turned to become 95% pitch black, but in gernal: yes, moons become as black as space when not receiveing light from the sun
  2. @rbray89, I am using 1.1-2-1, is this the latest release? The city lights are still visible on different moons/planets, e.g. Duna with this version.
  3. Confirming it is still an issue when flying over Kerbin's day/night terminator. I tried the latest EVE (1.1-2-1) stand alone, SVE (0.6.5) stand alone, as well as SVE using the latest EVE shaders. Result is always the same: cities are still bugged and drawn double:
  4. It's really simply copy "BoulderCo" and "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" to "GameData" - that's all. But best would be to use CKAn if you can't get it to work. It's available there for KSP 1.1.2
  5. Thanks, Blacks, for looking into this! I tried the fix from the link you provided, but nothing changed - of course. These are the same files as in EVE-1.1-2-1, which I used. I'll try SVE now as your screens look still much better than the fly agaric like cities I see currently by night ...
  6. @rbray89 There is still something very odd with the cities - could you please fix it? In the new version both images (detaillight and detaildark) are always shown, no matter if night or day on Kerbin. During daytime the streets are glowing in bright white and during nighttime the normally dark parts of the cities are glowing everywhere. During the day only the detaillight image should be shown while during night only the detaildark image should be visible - not both at the same time. Cities with streetlights (detaildark) showing during daytime: Cities glowing in the night (detaillight) during nighttime (even brighter than clouds): Cities as they should look like in the night from space - only roads/lights are partly visible: I did this by replacing the detaillight.dds with an "all black" dds. Would be really nice if this could be fixed. Thanks so much for all your efforts!
  7. Does anbody know where the KSP version for EVE is actually taken from? It was updated to 1.1-2-1, CKAN is showing it also this way, but still said to be for KSP 1.1.0 only. However it runs perfectly on KSP 1.1.2 when installed by hand and I can't find a .version file in the release telling it is for 1.1.0. Is there a chance that this mod could be set to be 1.1.2 compatible in CKAN, please?
  8. Why is the new version still flagged for KSP 1.1.0 and not 1.1.2? And could anyone tell me how to get more clouds on Kerbin? In the old version I used ALPHAMAP_A for more clouds, but this setting does not exists for Kerbin in the new version
  9. It happended once for me too, but since then never again. However the cities are definitly bugged as the night and day images are shown at the same time in Kerbins nights, so the cities glow in the dark due to the light image. I reported that some days ago but it seemed to got lost/overread. Sometimes the cities also appear (as you mentioned) in the air or even on Minmus - also mentioned earlier in this thread from other people. Unfortunately it seems the bugged cities are getting forgotten with all the cool and nice additions we're fortune to see in EVE.
  10. Same here, wasn't able to narrow the effect down, but only graphic mods I use are EVE, scatterer and TextureReplacer. EVE and scatterer using default settings, TextureReplacer is only using a different skybox.
  11. KerbalKrashSystem is on v0.3.3 on CurseForge. Could it get updated in CKAN, as it still reports 0.3.2? The 0.3.3 update is important to work correctly with KIS/KAS, fixing the Kerbal cloning bug. Thanks!
  12. Oh, thought you wanted them. So if you made some for yourself, how about offering your Dune Duststorms to the community instead of just posting pics about it?
  13. KSP AVC keeps bothering me about TextureReplacer only being for 1.1, though it works fine in 1.1.2. Tried the CurseForge and GitHub download.
  14. Not completely, as long as your main download file linked in this thread from github is still marked as max 1.1.1: "KSP_VERSION_MAX":{"MAJOR":1,"MINOR":1,"PATCH":1}} Which is the same as on spacedock.info, the download you offer there is marked as 1.1.1 max compatibility in "DockingSounds.version"
  15. Most likely not as long as you don't update the version itself as well to 0.9.9. On SpaceDock the download is still "Chatterer-0.9.8.zip" and CKAN sees no updated version. CurseForge also reports the file to be 0.9.8 from April 19th.
  16. If you want them back try if this works for you:
  17. Unfortunately not, CKAN still thinks it is v2.1 and only for KSP 1.1.0 Athlonic, it might be because you haven't updated the version number of Chatterer including the internal "Chatterer.version". Though it is working with 1.1.2, your download states it is for KSP 1.1.0: "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":1, "PATCH":0 }, Also the version is still v0.9.8 - so I would guess CKAN thinks there is no newer version as the v0.9.8 that was only assigned to work in KSP 1.1.0: Even if you would update the internal mod version, I think it would need to become a new external version like 0.9.9.
  18. I tried to ask in some mod threads for an updated version on CKAN but was told to shut up So a friendly user suggested I should try here to get them forced updated in CKAN. - "Chatterer v0.9.8": working fine with 1.1.2, would just need a version update for CKAN - "Distant Object Enhancement v1.7.1": working fine with 1.1.2, would just need a version update for CKAN - "Docking Port Sound FX v2.1.1": there is a new version available but CKAN can't find it. The author "tg626" states:
  19. Sorry, didn't knew CKAN is that unpopular. It is just an easy and convenient way for me to keep things up to date without having to manually mess things. Actually I want to play the game without having to study and manually take care of mods. But don't mind, won't bother people again with it.
  20. Confirmed, all fine - just CKAN won't let you install it at the moment due to the missing 1.1.2 version marker.
  21. Is there any chance that this could be set to be compatible with 1.1.2 in CKAN, as otherwise CKAN won't let you install it. Would be great, thanks a lot!
  22. Tried again: - KSP Stock 1.1.2 - 1.1-1 EVE files "AnyCPU-Configs-Release.zip" & "AnyCPU-EVE-Release.zip" directly downloaded and unzipped into GameData, so there is only "BoulderCo", "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements", and "Squad" in it. Nothing else. Started KSP 32 bit & 64 bit (no difference) Result: all cities are shown as the day light city images overlaid partly with the night time city images: Something is broken with the cities, they should be dark with just the lights shining, but currently they kind of glow because the daylight version is used as ground.
  23. 1) No, I did a plain install of KSP 1.1.2 and copying over a 1.1.0 EVE installation done via CKAN to avoid making mistakes by being dumb 2) I tried several dds with various alpha values. I started testing it because the stock delivered night city dds was visible as overlay over the day city dds, which looked strange. So I tried to see what is happening by first changing the night city dds, which worked, but still the day city graphics were visible on the night. And ultimately I made a full black dds with 0 alpha, as I expected it would cover/overlay all the day city images. What you see in the screenshot is the result: daytime stufff is not even fully covered by the night image
  24. Can anyone please let me know what I can do about the visible detaillight.dds in Kerbin's nights and why the detaildark.dds is not covering the same positions/areas as the day city version? Is there something I can change about it or is this a bug?