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  1. Just a question as side note: is there a way to make the cities really black at night and only show the detaildark.dds image - or is it a bug that the detaillight.dds is always shown as basic city with the the detaildark image on top of it in the night? I replaced the detaildark.dds with an all black, no transparency dss and still had the cities visible: Tried to get only lights of the cities shining through - but Kerbin look more like a fly agaric at night
  2. Me too, got it for Kerbin. Switching to KSP and back to vessel solves it. Switching to map view and back was not enough.
  3. The flag bug is still not fixed ... loading a flag set in 1.0.5 will cause the flag "jump" out of the surface after 2 seconds and fly around/fall to the floor. If the flag was set on a mountain it'll fall all the way down ... sad that they coulnd't fix it before going away
  4. MUST ... HAVE ... THIS ... GIVE ... US ... PLEASE
  5. Open the file '<KSP>\GameData\BoulderCo\Atmosphere\clouds.cfg' in notepad or something similar, find the line "alphaMask = ALPHAMAP_B" in the Kerbin object (should be line 17) and replace the '_B' by '_A'.
  6. Ah, so all those planets & objects are actually flares, got it And as nice as it sounds for all the stuff in orbit I learned it the hard way not to have to much stuff flying around or the save game will go crazy one day So I better be a nice space hugger and clean up my orbits.
  7. Yes, but for me OpenGL causes shadow issues and DX 11 is crashing instantly when try using it with 64 bit. So Scatterer using the higher DX stuff is nice to have for demonstrating DX11 on 32 bit, but not when you actually want to play with some mods on. Then you need 64 bit and that's only somewhat stable with DX 9
  8. Now I'm outing myself as never understanding what these flare things actually are. Could you explain/show what you mean with these flares? And now, I'm activly working against nearby space pollution of Kerbin by burning any unnecessary stuff back in the atmosphere. Currently only my space station, a scanner satellite and my interplanetary explorer mothership are in Kerbin's orbit.
  9. Sorry, it's not bringing back the multiple Kerbin cloud layers, just the atmosphere layers by adding more blue the higher you get when looking back at Kerbin. Using ALPHAMAP_A instead of ALPHAMAP_B in the clouds.cfg already gave me personaly enough clouds. But it should be also possible to get them back like Duna's duststorms.
  10. Great Gobzooks, the sandstorm lives. Works great, many thanks. Cheers You're welcome
  11. I managed to get the Duna duststorms back and also add the old Kerbin atmosphere layers. Just extract this zip into the GameData folder: http://tekener.com/KSP/BoulderCo.zip
  12. Are you using 1.0.5 or 1.1? I'm on KSP 1.1 with Mods up to date for 1.1, using CKAN to stay up to date. Once I deinstalled KKS and went back to my daily save game backup things were fine. Adding KKS again gives the mentioned issues.
  13. Same here as everybody else when KKS/KIS installed: - Kerbals on EVA can enter the craft but a clone is stick outside the craft, blocking the entrance. Kerbal can't get removed anymore. - docking ports don't seperate anymore, even when "undock" is selected the parts stick together. - my save game was ruined due to these both bugs, so I had to go back prior KerbalKrashSystem
  14. My 1.1 bugs so far: - With 1.1 all my flags from the old 1.0.5 save game are "unstable". When I "fly" one of those flags or come close them they fall to the floor and bounces around. None of the old flags is actually fixed to the ground anymore. - The reaction wheel of the Mk1 Command Pod is soemhow too strong. Simply just pick the Mk1 Command Pod with Jeb and proceed to the Launching Pad. There you can speed up the pod with W, A, S, D to kind of insane speeds running over Kerbin ... - When you edit a craft inside fairings In the VAB the green hightlightes parts behind visible fairings are disappearing instead of being shown green. - The Gigantor XL Solar Array is not compatible with old 1.0.5 saved crafts. Loading any such craft with these Solar Arrays will show the arrays not correctly attached to the craft and being visible through the craft even when on the other side. - The UI is not well balanced in size. I fully agree with Tainted_wolf: the Navball and other graphical UI things are way to large, while at the same time the menu font is way too small. scaling the UI does not make any sense, because scaling to 80% where the nav ball is kind of "ok" (still larger than all the years before), the menu font is unreadable tiny. Scaling larger than 100% is also useless because the nav balls is getting way to big then.
  15. 1. edit "GameData\BoulderCo\Atmosphere\clouds.cfg": for the Kerbin cloud object change "alphaMask = ALPHAMAP_B" to "alphaMask = ALPHAMAP_A" 2. in the same file in the Duna cloud object change the "_Color = 150,150,150,255" to something that fits your wish. Try "_Color = 175,100,75,128". I don't know how to get back the sandstorms however, at least the ideas I tried didn't worked. Maybe someone else can help to get them back, please? I miss the sandstorms ...
  16. It was indeed the install, but not the module manager. Something was working odd when upgrading my old KSP 1.0.5 version to 1.1. With a fresh KSP install und step by step module installation all is fine Thanks a lot! Old save games working again now
  17. Just a small quite rare bug and two stupid questions if you all don't mind (I'm running EVE1.1-1 with KSP_x64.exe 1.1.0 ). Rare bug: - Minmus night side happend to show quite rarely Kerbin's citylights. Questions: - how can the amount of clouds on Kerbin get increased? I would like to have at least 30% of Kerbin coverd by clouds, for me it is about 10% at the moment. - where is the location of cities/citylights defined? I can't seem to find it Wasn't that defined by a graphical map once?
  18. Whatever I tried, the current version from GitHub or latest dev version isn't working. it's not rescaling anything when trying to build a new rocket - and the existing ones are all broken now, because the parts are not rescaled. Unfortunately I can't code, so I hope someone will soon offer a working TweakScale for 1.1.0, so I can continue playing my savegames.
  19. [quote name='Thourion']If you stage exactly like you do, but keep the throttle at 0, then raise it gradually, then you will not have any explosion. Especially if you do it in normal flying mode (aka during launch or during orbit), in which you normally get a bit distanced from the lower stage, and not while sitting on the pad.[/QUOTE] Unfortunately that's not correct. When I do exactly as you described, throttle to 0 and decouple while sitting on the launch pad all is fine - that's true. But as soon as the smallest percentage of thrust is set for the engine you get the explosion. I tried several times, in 1.0.5 even a sneeze will let the stage explode.
  20. [quote name='Alshain']Yep, explosive decoupling was around before, it just broke in 1.0. In fact, I know you are quite wrong because explosive decoupling didn't exist at all in 1.0.4, if you lit an engine that wasn't decoupled it would just burn where it was without destroying anything or decoupling. If you didn't see it, you probably just don't remember, but it was there. This is intended behavior and I think newcomers understand that fire makes things burn, so I don't think there would be a lot of confusion. As for waiting for the stage to move away before staging the next engine, it will have very little impact on your ascent, I do it all the time on purpose, and so do real rockets.[/QUOTE] Well, since 0.25 I'm using a decoupling staging with immediate start of the next engine. I play KSP every day and I know very well that for the last 2 years my rockets never exploded when I decoupled and started the next engine. Since 1.0.5 when decoupling and starting the next stage engine the previous stage goes up in a boom explosion. This just never happended before. Please look at my screenshots, I'm not starting the engine to cause the old stage getting decoupled... ;)
  21. Maybe, then it never had an effect on my rockets. Any rocket I load which was working without explosions before (up from 0.25) was using decouple and instant engine starting of the next stage - and none of them ever showed an explosion when those explosions were added. Up to 1.0.4 it was perfectly working and with 1.0.5 it is suddenly playing a boom explosion when decouple and next engine is starting. I do not complain about the explosion in the first place, I do complain that it was not that way before that my rockets play an explosion when decoupling stages... The explosion is caused by the starting engine, not the decouple - would be wrong anyway if a decouple would cause a giant explosion... But any newcomer with limited parts will get that issue: they don't have large tanks to get to space in one stage, they will need to switch stages while ascending. When they decouple and wait for the craft to get away from the stage their are in trouble, as Kerbin will drag the craft back without it instantly firing the next stage (of course). But with 1.0.5 doing this a large explosion is the result - even though not causing damage it will shock any newcomer and leave them scratching head what it means. Therefore I request that decouplers getting hit by an engine thrust must not explode - as it was in all versions up to 1.0.4!
  22. Well, it's not fine. You can decouple without the engine and everything is still fine. The moment you ignite the enginge just a little bit the empty structure will cause a giant explosion (luckily without doing any damage).
  23. This is just too much and feels wrong, it never has been this way and should not be this way when decoupling stages:
  24. Try this in the ascend phase and your craft won't get away from the old stage far enough to ignite the engine without explosion If this is really meant to be this way by Squad they must update the decoupers to stronger push the craft away - otherwise this explosion thing has to get removed. Maybe you like it or think it is correct, but is feels just wrong.
  25. But they are not meant to be used for decoupling