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  1. Wow, I'll give it a try for sure! My game is constantly around 3.6+ GB RAM usage by the game alone - and it often crashes when switching screens like going to the Space Center. The 32 bit version is therefore not really more stable than the 64 bit version. Forgot to mention one little thing: I "pimped" Kerbal's clouds from the provided texture by working off some glitches it had, removing foggy areas and most of all increasing resolution to 8192 x 4096 (resulting in a 128 MB png) so you have more natural clouds rather then large "square" clouds.
  2. Oh well, I guess I found the issue. Yes, I'm using some mods - not many, but some are huge. And it seems to me it is a memory thing. x64 is loading just fine (but crashes regulary in the game itself). The 32 bit version is crashing before the main menu screen when loading all mods. Having the soundtrack editor not loaded is working, but also when removing another large mod and load the soundtrack editor instead. Guess it was working before but crashing now because Squad added more stuff themselves ... will have to sacrifice something, and that will be the music then By the way, my mod list (as GameData dirs): - 000_Toolbar - AtmosphericSoundEnhancement - BoulderCo - Chatterer - DistantObject - EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - Kethane - NavyFish - StationScience - ToadicusTools - VOID
  3. Soundtrack Editor worked fine for me - so far. With 0.90.0 it stopped working. Only getting a immediate crash when the menu should appear - I guess the dll is not compatible anymore with 0.90.0. Any chance for an update?
  4. I actually do have the same issue: I do not see any toolbar with 1.7.7 on KSP 0.25 anymore. I had it visible with 1.7.6 on 0.24.2, it was configured and there are mods using it with buttons. The "toolbar-settings.dat" is still there and untouched, as it was before.
  5. Fully agreed! I love flying by hand, but without the proper information it's kind like flying blind.
  6. With 0.25 the cyclotron stopped working for me. No matter if I pause or resume the cyclotrons, they will not generate any Kuarqs and are not using any energy anymore. Only the lights are going on/off. I haven't tested yet if Eurekas are still getting produced or if they also stopped working.
  7. Forgive me, if this is a side effect of the 0.25 incompatibility, but I would like to mention that when having VOID still active (though not working) the ingame ESC menus are invisble. When you fly something and press ESC the simulation stops, but the menu is not appearing, making it impossible to go back to the Space Center.
  8. Not sure what I do wrong, but I installed Kethan 0.9 (the first time using Kethane at all), and I got all the new stuff researched. Now I'm having a probe orbiting the Mun and the scanner is active (I see it moving and following the Mun). From what I learned in the net I should see a hex view on the map screen representing unscanned, empty and Kethane slots. However I do not have any hex patterns on any planet/moon on my map. What am I doing wrong? Where can I enable the hex map?
  9. It wasn't meant to be an offense to your shader work, I just like the original Kerbin terrain more - I'm just missing the citites Clouds are luckily working independently from the Kerbin textures.
  10. Thanks, would be awesome to have these great cities visible without throwing away the Kerbin I like/know.
  11. I confirm, switching between anything like buildings, or spacecrafts and the space center can take up to a minute and KSP is shown as "not responding" in the task list. Anyway, I "solved" it by removing the ShaderReplacer.dll ... And I have a question problem by my own: I do love the cities by day/night but I DON'T like the new ground/mountain/ocean textures. In fact I hate them that much that I removed the new Kerbin textures ... ending up in also not having any cities ... I figured that the cities are only shown, if the Kerbin texture replacements of grass is active. Is there any way to have the cities WITHOUT changing Kerbin's ground/mountains/oceans? edit: of course I ment Kerbin instead of Kerbal - at least it started with a 'K'