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  1. yup, that did the trick Thanks @Melfice And, oof course, thanks @linuxgurugamer. BTW: I did have toolbar controller, but I had the previous version. Last version of Launchnumbering requires last version of toolbar controller
  2. something has changed in this version. I cannot acces the options and I have lost the icon for it (cannot see it it in stock of toolbar). It could be that I have a LOT of mods, but previus version works fine (except the previous bug).
  3. One thing. It seems that the template is hardcoded somehow. Everytime I launch the game I have to select it again. I have changed the template file and modified the default one to teh one I loke (I prefer MK instead of bloc), but It never reads it by defauls and goes back to bloc unless I manually select it. Other than that: great work keeping this alive.
  4. I have found that this mod is incompatible with KRASH: This is the issue: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KRASH/issues/17 It only happens in campaign when KRAHS only allows to sim in plantes/moons you have already visited. Somehow KRASH touches some data there and KRASH is unable to confirm any planets as been visited. Including Kerbin. I spoke with linuxgurugamers and he didn't know what could be. As I said this only happens in campaign (in sandbox they both play nicely together) . Do you have any idea what can it be?, it something workable or it cannot be avoided because it relays on the data that this mod uses? Regards Kaiser
  5. You know it is not fair to show such a great quality work? It just makes me want this more and more you really are making a wonderful job. Have no doubt at all that I will play with this goodies when you finish, they look amazing.
  6. Same issue. Also many mods installed. I guess I will tray to find out which one is responsible. Maybe related, maybe not, but it also happens to me with antennas, they do not show in their windows. I'll keep you informed if I find which one is the culprit.
  7. yeah, @linuxgurugamer, thank you a lot for this hard work in maintaining this (and many other) mods
  8. First the fact. I'm out of the date by 15 hours (sucks to be me). I bought the game 1st of May. It took me a few days to play the demo and decide I wanted this game. Later I found that the final date for free DLC was 30th April. I just didn’t read that on time, So no. We are not entitled to receive extra goodies. We were informed BEFORE the final date that purchases after that date were not covered by that. And while I secretly whish that I get free DLC I know I’m out of the deadline and therefore I cannot ask for anything extra for free. Even more, they said in April 2013 that if they even release a DLC I would NOT be receiving them for free. So I’m not surprised that they are saying the same thing now. Am I’m angry?, of course. But never with Squad, since they were honest about the date, It was that I just didn’t read it on time. So I blame my luck, not Squad. Do I feel that I am entitled to receive the DLC free? No. Even taking into account Mexican hours (I’m from Spain) I was out of the deadline by about 10 hours. Plain and simple. They set the deadline before the end, they were honest. I just didn’t read it on time. My bad. Do I want to receive free DLC? Of course. Who wouldn’t? but I also would want to win the lottery without even buying a ticket. It is nothing more than a wish. If they ever decide to include me I would thank them, It would be a nice gift. But It would be a GIFT, not something they are obliged to do in any way. I do not consider that we are entitled to ask for anything extra for free. Specially for one of the games with the lower $/hour I have spent (less than 5 cents/hour according to steam)
  9. What are the affections of 1.3 to this mod? It was my undertanding that the main changes were in the ui, so that is the part affected? or it is something else hidden that is also disturbing it? Please don't misundertand me, I do not want to sound like I want this mod to be updated now (well, I do, but I undertand it takes works and that people that have life outside KSP) I just want to figure what part of the mods need to be worked on (again)
  10. One other thing: Be careful with the next release and science definition. I think that the file in github is not the good one (it still has the bug about dres). I just updated the OPM science definition, but it seems that this other file (that is included in the release) is not in the good folder within github. this means that in next release it could be easy to replicate the already fixed bug or to lose my corrections for OPM science definitions
  11. Pull request sent. I've created an agency for these contracts. Also I've nerfed a lot because I fell there was too much reward for them. you get more contracts for smaller bodies while you follow more contracts to deploy telescopes in different obits.
  12. Great I will try it this afternoon if I can. I was working on contracts/science this months. I made a few things that I will include in my next commit - Added science definition for all bodyes in OPM (inlcuded all the missing moons) - Added contracts for all the bodies of OPM - Added more contracts to relocate telecopes (only around kerbin, I do not see the point in having telescopes in orbit around other bodies) (increase difficult each one opens more possible contracts for other bodies which I have in 4 categories : Kerbin moons, big/closer planets, small/far planets, moons of other planets. My problem was was that my telescopes keep exploding when pointing at the sun (even with the optin disabled), so I couldn't test it properly. I hope this is now solved so I can test it and send the next version.
  13. small update on the contracts issue: I have managed to solve it, they work fine on my installation (with OPM) but I'm not happy with the actual grouping of the contracts. I want to sort them in a better way and also try to make some thing more easy to update for new planets/moons/experiments. since I'm out this weekend this means that I will not include my commits until next week. BTW: now the contract for putting a new telescope in orbit is only completed once (I think I will include more than one, but the second one in a more difficult orbit )
  14. Don't worry with the contracts. I made the last fix and will fix it soon (tm). I just received and advice that could make this happen very soon (hours rather than days). Once I have them fixed I will send a request in github with the fixes.
  15. I have one question. Is possible to use a boolean to choose between different experiments according top target body? I can do this with no problem for strings with the descriptions using the ? : structure, but If I try to do it with the experimenter names it fails. My try was like this: PARAMETER { name = CollectScience type = CollectScience location = Space experiment = @isMun ? CactEyePlanetaryMun : CactEyePlanetaryMinmus recoveryMethod = Transmit } But it gives error with the @isMun (which is a boolean defined in other structure that works fine) If this is impossible I will have to duplicate the contracts...but with so many planets/moon I want to know if that is the case before redoing all the contracts. EDIT: forgot to give thanks in advance
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