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  1. @Jimbodiah Hey man trying to DL these presets (they are for KSP v1.3.1 right?) and Chrome says there's a Virus detected , any chance you could post a link to the source so I can just copy-paste the color definitions or something? edit - NVM edge(yuck) DLed it just fine
  2. Well I'm running a 3.2x rescale, and yeah I was mostly wondering if someone had already done the leg work of finding some good alternate ksc locations on Kerbin
  3. I'm not sure where else to ask this since KSC switcher is now maintained by you RO guys. Does any one have or know of any configs for KSC switcher for Kerbin? I don't want to use anything like Kerbal Konstructs as I am playing on a re-scaled Kerbin and things just end up all screwy even with Sigma's fixer, and I don't have the requisite free time to spend trying to locate decent spots and set up a config I've already spent 4 days worth of free time building out this 1.3.1 install and I just wanna play!!! If you know of a better venue for this question please direct me there and I will remove this comment.
  4. So random bit of wackiness for those of you using SVE and SVT together. I am currently still playing on KSP 1.3.1 and I noticed that the city lights on Kerbin had disappeared, which is really weird because they had been working fine last night. Now I had just installed KS3P so I yanked that and still no city lights. I reinstalled both SVE and SVT and still no dice. So I created a new testing install of KSP 1.3.1 and only installed SVE, and hey there are city lights, ok so I installed SVT and boom no city lights.... hrmmm, I removed SVT but left kopernicus and hey the lights are back..... weird.... Now this had me really confused as this had been working fine previously and these are the same .zip files I had originally built out this install with. Thats when I realized that I had also recently stopped using -force-d3d11 as I had removed Textures Unlimited, hmmmmm, so I made a new short cut to launch in dx11 and sure enough there are my city lights again!!! I tried -force-opengl to see if for some reason it was just a dx9 issue and they didn't show up there either. TL;DR If you are running SVE and SVT on KSP 1.3.1 it appears that you need to use dx11 in order to have city lights show up....
  5. @Shadowmage regarding legacy shaders, While on my gaming rig I don't ever use them I do still keep an install on my potato of a laptop for when I am travelling, SSTU really helps ease the burden on it's poor slow i3 with the lower part counts. I worry that it would not handle the PBR shaders very well since it lacks a discrete GPU.
  6. Will do!! I hope to get the chance to poke around with it in the next couple of months, between uni and work and all the other games coming out at the moment my free time is sorely limited, haven't been able to rebuild a 1.3.1 install with my plethora of mods, but hopefully your patches will expedite that process! I sort of consider myself quite the cfg/MM wrangler so if I do have any suggestions or patch requests I'll be sure to include a prototype for you to work off of
  7. Sounds cool! It's the kind of thing I always tell myself I'm going to do whenever building a new career install and then never actually get around to doing...
  8. I would like to echo what has already been said here. SSTU has totally broken KSP for me, ever since first trying it out I cannot bring myself to play with out it. I agree with other peoples statements that SSTU in it's current form is plenty stable and more than feature rich enough to deserve a 1.0 release, I know with personal projects there is always something you think you could do better or differently, but this is already far and away better than the majority of mods out there, and the tools that you have created for the community in the process is amazing. So if you do decide that Squad and T2's new tack is anathema to you I hope you will consider placing SSTU into release and sticking around for a bit to at least maintain it. I realize this request is purely selfish in nature but SSTU really has profoundly changed my KSP experience.
  9. @Shadowmage Just some further thoughts on that multi-node docking mechanism (I realize it'll be many months before it is worked on). What about a part that has two docking port type models with a slider that will adjust the distance between them? It could have one version with both ports the same for 'ambidextrous' use and a version where the ports on either end a different (different sizes, or different styles) for one orientation only use. You could also have a version with a purely aesthetic third docking port model that stays in the center, you know just for kicks.
  10. This plus TU is going to be mind blowingly gorgeous!! Before you know it flat-earthers are going to be posting screenshots from KSP saying 'this is a game and it looks more real than the photoshopped pics from NASA!!' hahahahahahahaaaa......... people are dumb and it makes me sad...
  11. I find coding to be quite enjoyable as a hobby, I write some basic Python and MatLab, I learned C++ back in the stone age when I was in high school, but have pretty much forgotten everything syntax wise about it, the main thing I held onto is the thought/problem-solving process when writing/de-bugging, and general design theory. Have wanted to take the plunge into C# for a while now so that I could help contribute to mods but just haven't gotten around to it. I like it because it gives my ADD addled brain something to chew on, it thoroughly enjoys the problem solving process.
  12. Much unexpected excitement!! Thank you for all your hard work for the community Galileo!
  13. It is on the planned features list for RT 2.x, at least it was last I checked and now I can't find the page....... RT 2.x is still quite a ways out though.
  14. Right on! I think I'll take a crack at the Far Future Tech in Nertea's dev thread when i get home.
  15. No worries that is perfectly reasonable, the PBR stuff works just fine under openGL anyways. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, what is the issue with dx11? Is it because the textures are DDS as others have said? Why does that cause an issue? I am a fairly competent Python and MatLab programmer but know almost nothing about shaders and how textures and different texture formats work.