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  1. The new release makes me moist *Gasp* you said the forbidden words..... "MK4 spacplanes" eeep..
  2. This is so cool, gonna get me a swizzle stick sticker
  3. OOOOooooooooo.... Watching this space intently
  4. I would love to see some procedural adapter parts, or have procedural adapters integrated with the proc tanks instead of the current ones!!!
  5. D'oH!! I totally forgot about that, I have even used it numerous times lol. I blame my month long camping/road trip for the memory lapse.
  6. Gotcha that is what I was wondering and that makes sense, thank you.
  7. Not just modded parts, modded parts that use a whole new custom collider that is added to the game by the mod KSPWheel
  8. This is soo cooooool!!! I don't know what I am going to use it for but it's definitely going in my install. probably help with all kinds of design issues that result in wonky explosions and Kraken summoning dances. @DefiantZombie I am assuming this will handle any Unity collider? Even custom ones like the ones @Shadowmage KSPWheel mod adds?
  9. Neeto!! So on the UI the distances are from the sensor?
  10. Hey @Jimbodiah I made a patch integrating Station Science into SSTU parts (also does one BDB part at the moment) that you are welcome to include on here if you so desire, link can be found in my sig and in the linked post. EDIT: I just got back from a month long camping trip and forgot that a new KSP version and SSTU versions are out, patch was made on latest 1.2.2 build, so as long as no part naming conventions were changed it should still work fine
  11. lol indeed, I love KK and KSC++ is so awesome, but between issues with rescales and such I have never actually used it in a real play through. The only one of my installs (I am currently running 3 separate installs, not counting the old versions that I haven't played in awhile lol) that has it is a stock size Kerbin system that I use for faffing about with BDArmory and making cool planes.
  12. I have zero problems playing with KSC switcher and SD on a 3.2x rescale.
  13. Just an FYI if you install KSC switcher while in the middle of a career game and you are using KCT your save will get pretty borked, it can be fixed by doing some manual save file editing but if you don't really know what you are doing and aren't careful you will bork it up even more. If you start a new save though KSC switcher and KCT work just fine together.
  14. Nice! I really wish the forum supported sub threads, would be nice to have one for this kind of thing, maybe someone could start a thread that shadowmage could link in the OP?
  15. I'm sure it's on the ToDO list but some more specifics as to how this works in the OP would be nice. I have used interstellar before but that was back in the .24 days and i never actually got to the warp drives so I'm not really sure how it behaves. Some things that would be nice are: What do all the various stats in your UI mean/do? What changes those stats and what kind of effects do changes have on the behavior of the drive? How do we generate EM? Is there a "bubble" like the USI warp drive that will destroy parts outside of it if the drive is activated? If so can we overlap the bubbles with multiple drives to allow for larger ships? This looks really cool and I definitely like the fact you can time warp with it, that always drove me a little nuts with the USI warp drive. Thank you!!